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    NEMESIS T-02 I was developed by Paris Labs of Umbrella’s European Branch as one of the Nemesis T-Types, an offshoot of the Tyrant Project. The idea behind them was to create a B.O.W. that still had the power of a Tyrant, but more intelligent and able to follow orders. They were finally successful when the NE-T virus was developed, a new virus created by the NE-α parasite. When placed in a compatible host, the parasite caused violent mutation, but allowed them to retain their intelligence and also gave rapid regeneration from almost any injury.

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  1. Best answer 2018

  2. Fuck off is a better answer condescending little cunt.

  3. M300843499

    so how rare is the gtx 760 ti (oem)

    8000 series AMD are also rare.
  4. It is on sale right now, but the Tonor 3.5mm jack Condenser Sound Microphone is awesome for the cost. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00PZMP3Z0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Only issue is that it will pick up everything in the room and not just your voice, but it's clear, no hissing noises, clear to listen to. Great for CSGO or some skype. Mind the cat hairs...
  5. M300843499

    Porn Pass (age verification in the UK)

    ..... i am not prepared
  6. This may be epic news for those of you with a nice little AMD Kaveri build. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=amd-kaveri-2018&num=1 I cannot see this hitting a wide audience, but perhaps this can translate to better performance across the AMD range? let's hope! "For those making use of AMD Kaveri APUs, the latest Linux graphics stack improvements will now yield much better performance -- up to twice as fast in some instances! Here are some benchmarks with Ubuntu 18.04 on the AMD A10-7870K"
  7. M300843499

    Team Xecuter preview the new Switch Modchip, Switch SX.

    WOW Team Xecuter, i run an OG XBOX with a Xecuter 2.6CE modchip!
  8. M300843499

    Porn Pass (age verification in the UK)

    'Forgetting the extra jelly lube.
  9. M300843499

    Porn Pass (age verification in the UK)

    Good luck hiding it from your parents... USB stick with Linux on, easily done.
  10. M300843499


    You won't see any damage until you reach passed 100c on a GPU core, but really it's nice to be under 85c, 75c or lower are golden temps for a GPU.
  11. M300843499

    Porn Pass (age verification in the UK)

    Hey guys i would like it if you do not answer back to me and allow me to fully control what goes on in this thread from now on. -UK government.
  12. M300843499

    Background music has got to go

    Music is the spice of life, as is less complaining.
  13. M300843499

    Porn Pass (age verification in the UK)

    Sorry but i had porn magazines when i was 14 years old so..
  14. M300843499

    My personal experience with Nvidia and AMD

    Drivers have been no issues with my R9, but finding a good driver to OC with it have been a bit of a pain, but it's a first world issue, stock it runs flawless.