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  1. It's more like euros. Don't know why I put dollars over there. Sorry. I am kinda in a position where RGB and modular cables are the last thing I am looking after. And used PSUs sound like a really bad idea. And I totally forgot about BIOS updates... Thanks for reminding me. One more question: About these memory sticks without heat sinks. Is there any major differences between them and ones with them?
  2. Wow. Thanks for the build! I looked around and it seems there are no Athlon 3000Gs over here. But there is a Ryzen 3200G. Maybe that CPU without the cost of the case and the PSU? PSU was replaced 4 years ago. And unless the space was a problem, the new case probably isn't needed.
  3. Well, I figured that much... Windows booted a few seconds faster when I overclocked it. So it bottlenecks the SSD, too.
  4. My family still uses a computer that is about 10 years old with Intel Pentium E5200 2.5GHz (overclocked to 3.3GHz, although with a stock cooler) and Nvidia GeForce 9500GT. With an SSD, it runs Windows 10 fine, but who knows when will that break. And it is mainly used by my little brother who likes to play Minecraft. So, my question is: Where is the upgrade path from here, but with a budget of about $200-300? Is it better to just start from scratch, even with that little amount of money, or is it better to buy a graphics card and upgrade other stuff later? I would keep the case, PSU and drives. Plus, I live in a country where everything is a bit too late, e.g. we aren't going to see Intel CPUs for laptops with dumb names (ix-10xxxX) anytime soon. Thanks in advance! EDIT: Just remembered I left something out. The PSU was changed about 4 years ago when the old one died. (To bad it didn't fry anything in it.) This new one is a 600W unit, actually, from an unknown manufacturer... At least it's painted. And the SSD I mentioned was bought few years ago when the hard disk died on the other computer. And it still has the original WD Black 160GB drive from 10 years ago. Few bad sectors, but the number of them didn't go up in a very long time. And I do have 6GB of DDR2, but... go figure... EDIT #2: The case is an ATX one. With like 6 3.5" bays. Desktop case? More like server case.