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  1. It usually says system service exception or unexpected store exception. It doesn't say what failed. it doesnt always create a log of what happened either. Doesn't state what failed or anything. previously it would restart by itself, but since to me the screen just blinked blue for a second before doing that, I turned on the option to have to manually restart my pc when it gets a bsod. Update: I've reset my windows 10, and wiped out most files, and it seems to be running better, so hoping i dont get bsod again anytime soon. but if there was a way to test each individual component , then maybe i could find out if there really is anything wrong or if something may fail in the near future
  2. I think it ended up being somehow, my usb devices were keeping it awake. either way, it seems to turn off properly now.
  3. I've still getting random bsod with no error code. So far I've -tried restarting -using the sfc /scannow (the first time, errors showed up, but after that using it again is pointless) - updated drivers -reinstalled any and all programs and drivers -reset windows 10, with a new install -I've also tried ubisoft support at first then tried Windows 10 support. It seems to be mainly while Im gaming on AC Odyssey that Im having weird stuttering issues and crashes/BSOD I thought the windows 10 install would help with bsod, but apparently not. What i do know is that, the bsod seems to tend to happen when my cpu shoots up to 90% or higher. I would like to know, how do i test pc parts to check if something is failing? i.e. cpu, gpu, drives, anything else I cant think of at the moment. I have an i5-7600k on z270e motherboard with a 1070 asus gpu. Fanless 600 watt seasonic psu. I have 2 NVME ssd. cpu and gpu is watercooled by 360mm rad. I have samsung magician as well, and according to that, the drives are in good condition. Currently, I would like to avoid replacing any parts if possible until a couple months down the line (looking to build a new pc with 4th gen ryzen and new nvida gpu)
  4. it only shows 2 two for recent. i've had more than a dozen bsod already since june. I've noticed that it seems to tend to happen when im gaming, which also has a high cpu usage.
  5. ok, i have 2 different bsods apparently
  6. i have 2 usb device (and only 2) plugged in. a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard both from logitech. if i unplug both... well cant really turn off my pc the normal way? I have no cd drives, and no internal usb ports attached to anything, but i've also unchecked the "allow this device to wake computer" in power management tab as well. Edit: Im not sure if it was a fluke or not, but it did shut down properly last night, it didnt restart, and fans turned off. Im hoping that it stays like that and the problem doesnt come back Edit 2: Yea. It was a fluke.
  7. To be specific: First scenario - Fast Start Up Checked in Power Management PC shuts down completely, every is off, then next second it turns on. I tried shutting down 3 times in a row, but it always turned back on right after everything sounds like it stops. Second Scenario - Fast Startup Not checked in Power Management PC does not shut down completely. i see the the blue screen saying "closing all programs", then screen turns off. but the fans keep running. As far as I can tell. there is no response to keyboard or mouse usage. In this case, I have to turn computer on/restart then press shutdown again. this time, it will turn off and stay off. Wake on lan did not seem to have any effect whatsoever Also, Ubuntu, what is that and how will it help?
  8. I turned off all wake on lan options for any and all ethernet devices that i could see in device manager. It did not work. I waited about a minute, but fans didn't even slow down a bit.
  9. Lately, I've started turning my PC off at night, rather than leave it running 24/7. At first the problem I had was that immediately after I shut down my PC, It would just restart itself. At first I thought that maybe I pressed restart by accident. But then it just kept running in a loop. I turn the PC off, via the option the normal way, the shut down option in lower left corner, the PC would go through the process of closing everything and turn off. Then it would proceed to boot up the computer completely, without me pressing a single thing. I read on a forum saying that "fast startup" was the culprit. The problem seemed to change at that point. After fast startup was turned off in power settings, my PC would go through the process of shutting down, the screen would turn black / disconnect / etc. but the PC fans are still on. I would have to restart the PC, then turn it off again, and this time, it would stay off. This works so far, but probably not the way its supposed to. If anyone has a solution, it would be appreciated.
  10. If I get another one, I'll remember to take a picture. I keep using my google power, and someone mentioned trying sfc /scannow . That seemed to work for the most part, as the rate of bsod happening dropped by a lot.
  11. I was able to see what the BSOD was about, It says Critical Process Died
  12. Simply put, at this time, it basically either isnt feasible or or it would be so bottlenected it would be better to just go with standard 2.5 or 3.5 inch drives? I thought that m.2 sata was basically the same as 2.5 inch sata drives, aside from the change in form factor. Since there are pcie cards that allow me to attach something like 32 sas/sata drives i thought there might be something similar
  13. Just a random thought I had while working (I get a lot of free time at work). I know there are pcie expansion cards for sas/sata, hence allowing someone to connect a dozen or more droves to a pc or server. But what about a pcie card or equivalent item that can add more m.2 or nvme cards to a pc? Im not just saying add a extra pcie expansion card that gives and extra 4 or 8 slots like the the asus hyper card or the honey badger that ltt had a video on recently. Im thinking some more more like 30 or more m.2 or nvme deives to a pc. If such a card exists, what kind of hardware would you need? Since i think an nvme card takes 4 pcie lanes? And from what i understand, a cpu only has so many lanes available. Im honestly just curious, but a build with 30 m.2 drives could be interesting. Would be cool, if someone more knowledgable than me have an actual answer on whether something like this could even be made.
  14. I was actually thinking something more along the line of having 2 fanless psu (atx or sfx, i saw a video on the o11 mini) to reduce sound. But keep the wattage. Since fanless psu max out at 700 but thats only for atx. Sfx fanless goes to, i think, about 400-450. Which might not be enough... maybe
  15. So if say, i have 3900x on a x570 board (like asus crosshair or some equivelant) with single gpu, plus random pcie cards, its pointless for a dual psu?
  16. Im thinking of building a pc maybe this year or next year, and was intereated in the Lian Li pc-o11D and its variants. I noticed that they stated a possibility of a dual psu system. And was interested in how that would work out. And well, what a dual psu sytem would actually mean. I.e say I have 2 psu, one 400watt and the other 600watt. Does that mean i can have a load of 1000 watt?
  17. Just an update. so far the BSOD has not happened again so far.
  18. also, not sure if this will help. event viewer gave me this error at roughly the time of restart svchost (1032,R,98) TILEREPOSITORYS-1-5-18: Error -1023 (0xfffffc01) occurred while opening logfile C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\TileDataLayer\Database\EDB.log.
  19. so its a bsod thats impossible to solve? I have no idea when it happens, then when it does happen, it goes away so fast, i cant read it.
  20. you mean read the code on the blue screen? if thats so, then currently its impossible. i see a blue screen, then pc restarts. this happens in like a second. its happened 3 times today, and all were like that. 1 second or less. i only, have time to realize its a blue screen error, and nothing else
  21. Today, all of a sudden, My pc started crashing. I'm not sure if its random or not. It's been running fine for days/months, then I started getting bsod, i didn't have enough time to even find out what the bsod said, and the pc restarted. I haven't installed anything of particular note the last few days. what can i do to fix this?
  22. I'll take this to him, and see what he likes, ( since in the end, I'm no the one paying for it) Many thanks
  23. Budget (including currency): $700 Canadian Country: Vancouver, BC, Canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Flight Sim 2020 (only one mentioned) Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): No peripherals needed. Case not needed. (Current case will only fit m-atx or itx though.) Asus or gigabyte preferred Ryzen 5 preferred. No need to add storage drives either.
  24. Alright, ill take your word for it. In the meantime, i guess ill go play with acrylic. Might be easier, ill see
  25. It almost sounds like, ill need to get a bunch of other stuff to upgrade the ender 3 with a lot of work involved. From past experience, doing something like this is not the best route for me. Maybe i should look for an alternative, something that is a plug and play like that prusa you mentioned. Ill still consider it. Worst case, if i cant handle it, ill pack it all up and ask for a refund.