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  1. My sister got her iphone... 7? activation locked. All i'm seeing on youtube are sketchy looking videos and all i found on r/techsupport was that it is impossible. anyone here go ideas?
  2. Z6197

    Hot Swapable Key Switches

    hey guys, I'm looking to replace a broken Razer Black Widow Ultimate 2016. After talking to a guy i met while looking i am on the search for a keyboard with swappable key switches. After asking r/MechanicalKeyboards I was directed to www.pcgamingrace.com and their custom keyboard. my questions for this forum are: 1) anyone know if this is a good keyboard, i've seen reviews saying keys are not stabilized well. but there are so few bad reviews I don't want to take them too seriously. if i use non pc gaming race keycaps are they better stabalized? 2) i also would appreciate links to any other sellers of similar products. 3) and anything else y'all think i should know about this subject. p.s. sorry if this is on the forum. did a quick search and didn't see anything. feel free to link me to an existing thread. thanks, N00B
  3. Hello, I am new to this forum and have a question to ask. However, I am not sure what topic it falls under, or if this forum even has a topic for it. But... Basicaly, I would like to know where to ask a question about ddos. Specifically if higher spec hardware can withstand attacks longer. Thanks for any referrals to the proper threads!