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  1. how the majority of top streamers are just people playing games, somehow are famous
  2. Im familiar with how to grow in youtube... make videos with good CTR and watchtime basically, beyond that is luck that the algorithm suggests your stuff and you start gaining subs. How do you grow in twitch, facebook gaming, mixer and all that?
  3. I have been working for the past 5 years in growing an animation channel in youtube. Its made with a videogame, I use characters from mario, sonic, minecraft, and other games. I was doing better than ever, finally out of depression. Since I learned about how it may all be gone by next year I have been crying and feeling sick. Im 30 years old and with no job experience due having depresion most of my life and i was finally making money doing something i enjoy. I have no following outside of youtube, since im anonymous, people just watch the videos, no one cares about me on other websites, so no patreon and so on. It just doesnt work unless you are a big personality, or you cater for older audiences, or you an huge channel with an original character like odd1isout or something. So i cant really do nothing but ad revenue and it will be gone soon. I just dont know what to do. I cant sleep. Even if none of my videos got flagged as "for kids" by youtube, im supposed to choose between two options: a) select the content as "for kids" and kill your channel since you will have no notifications for subs, no comments, no community tab, no endscreens, no playlists (which will screw up all of my animated series with episodes), no proper ads, no views because the content will not get suggested. its over basically, who wants to work in a dead channel with no community or anything. it warms my heart when i read someone say it was fun or something, and it will all be gone b) mark is at not for kids, and risk $42,000 per video by FTC if they think its for kids. even if my content sometimes has some inappropiate stuff like gun fights, characters killed with a sword, middle fingers, some inappropiate memes like that "what the f**" sund clip etc, none of that really matters, on the surface it looks colourful, and has no dialogs (since i wanted a global audience), its fun/derpy content, so im at high risk that they sue me. what I dont know if they have jurisdiction outside the US to sue me? im in europe. but still, its not a nice feeling. even if they cant sue me, they could file a dmca and delete my channel, and all of a sudden, all my work would be gone. so im f*cked either way, it doesnt matter what i do. i dont have motivation to even wake up anymore. i got lucky with this, , these things dont happen many times in your life. the algorithm picked up my videos, i grew my channel so much, i was on a good track now, and its all over all of a sudden. and youtube puts the onus on its own users when we cannot even collect any private data from anyone, they get rid of any responsabilities doing this, and puts it on regular people, when COPPA is a law that only applies to corporations (which can pay those fees). just a single mistake and you are ruined for life. how im suposed to stay creative like this, i cant work or get anything done. im constantly thinking about this and im just having a mental breakdown. and again dont tell me "just get a patreon bro", "just diversify bro", believe me it doesnt work with this type of channel. i can give you examples, this guy for instance https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCeHnMjq-57OMVKj9Rqb9lA/videos has 300k followers and 44 instagram followers, patreon would be useless. alan becker the king of that content with near 10 milllion subs has 200 bucks per month in patreon only, so yeah, you can scale it back to smaller channels and get an idea. like i said only people with cult followings, or big animation channels with original characters get big outside of youtube. this is why this coppa thing is so damaging for us, we are all going bankrupt with this. the worst part is that this law kills any incentive for anyone ever to create content that could be anywhere near being considered "for kids" which means kids will end up watching inappropiate content since theres no kid-friendly content anymore. forget about dumb elsa and spiderman videos or toy reviews, 99% of kids watch roblox, minecraft, fortnite etc, so when they search for that content, all kid friendly content will be gone, so what will show up is inappropiate roblox, minecraft, fortnite etc with pewdiepie talking about adult inappropiate stuff if not straight swearing. i cant believe the FTC is even considering passing this insanity. this is clearly a job by lobbying corporations which hate that people like the guy i posted gets more watchtime than their expensive studio creations, they want us all gone from the platform so they get all the watchtime. but what will happen is that, once again, kids when they are around 8 or so, dont want to watch their dumb peppa pig etc shows, they want roblox, minecraft, fortnite etc, and all the kid friendly channels of said niches will be gone, thus exposing them to inappropiate content of said niches as thats the only content that will remain since there are 0 incentives to create kid friendly takes on them, or anywhere near it, not even PG, the further you from being considered "for kids" the better. and still, its just crazy, no one is really safe anymore, unless the topic is 100% adult, like business, finance, politics, repairing cars... i dont know, those are the few niches i can think of. im just devastated all of this and have no answers. i cant either go to fiver or something and be a freelancer. im not that good, just amateur, but good enough to entertain in youtube, but i cant work for someone else, it sucks, being your own director is whats so cool about this. having to take orders to get paid peanuts per work, and when you arent even that good, it just sucks, specially in a niche as frustrating as animation, where it takes SO MUCH TIME to do a 5 minute video. i would earn peanuts at that rate. the only reason i stay profitable in youtube is due the passive income i get from past videos. getting paid per-work just doesnt cut it, not worth it unles you are working for huge projects and im just an amateur making derpy animations, and still, the amount of hours and hard work ive put on this is inmense. i cant take this anymore. please help ups stop this insanity before its too late. we have until december 9th to leave comments. this guy is a lawyer and explains the situation and how to leave a comment to the FTC: i dont have much hope, but its the only thing we can do at this point. if nothing changes, its over. f*ck, i was so motivated and earned enough money to finally move from my old ass q6600 into a 3900x. i have been working in animation in a 10+ year old computer, struggling and saving, now that i was ready to take it to the next level i got destroyed, i just have no motivation again if i lose the channel. i always hated i worked so hard per video while gamers and streamers sit on their ass for a minute every day racking up tons of views while i had to work 1+ month for 5 minutes of footage. it was rewarding because after a while i had luck and the algorithm picked it up, if that never happened i would have given up, this niche is SO FRUSTRATING if the algorithm of the platform you are using doesnt properly promote you. and now the entire animation niche is at risk. and they want to include "attractive to kids" in the rule, so not only "directed to kids". so you can't say "just make it for adults". if i start adding swearing and blood on it, it stil is attractive to kids because of the aesthetics and characters i use, they are colorful, and they are known characters from videogames. if i had to work in serious animations i would: 1), not get any views, because its near impossible without using known characters that people like. 2) be impossible, because i dont have the skills to do it, I can only do cartoony stuff/3d stuff but it doesnt look serious = automatically at constant heart attack of an FTC guy seeing your videos and ruining your life. i was finally going to show my family my channel for this xmas because ive been working on it secret and celebrate my big subscriber goal im about to hit. it came in the worst moment. i cant believe im going to lose it all within weeks. PLEASE make this nightmare stop now.
  4. Someone had registered an username I REALLY needed for a business. This someone moved to another account. The username was taken, the page didn't exist. However, after some time, I don't remember how much, it became free again. I was happy when I saw that grey checkmark, so I went for it. I put my email and the username, I click next and I got this message: If I try to re-register it, both the username and my email show up as taken (with the red cross mark). I did not ever recieve any email from instagram confirming a registration. What the fuck happened here? When I try to log in, I get this bullshit: How IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE that I broke any terms if I didn't even got to ever log in and do anything wrong? The fuckers. What can I do? I really NEED THIS USERNAME. We live in social media era, you need a fucking intagram account for your business and you need it to be perfect to rank with SEO. I can't select a dumb ass unprofessional looking username with underscores, dots or numbers. F*ck this. Can I please get my account back? Has anyone got around this bullshit successfuly? I can't find any email to write something to Instagram. I've heard the have a ticket system which is the worst on the planet, even worse than FuckTube. What can I do? I need this username, there are no ifs, it has to be this, otherwise my entire f*cking SEO is over.
  5. i have seen the review by linus and i dont see it as being worth the extra money, im also concerned about extra temperatures and electricity bills.. maybe after the discount post-4000 series, and this always if youtube doesnt ruin my channel, if i have no income i will keep my quadcore
  6. i hate those fucking crooks and their bullshit laws, notice how in their official nintendo etc channels they will still have ads, comments, notifications etc, i hate this scam.
  7. but like I said, I may lose my income because of COPPA, because I do 3d animation with nintendo etc characters, so if they destroy me, its over, im f*cking done, I will not spend money in a computer when I dont need to anymore
  8. very nice, my only concern now is there is a commentary on the amazon page of my country that says "it works, but when i used it with my hdd at the same time my computer slowed down...." what could cause this??
  9. doesnt sound smart considering this: I can survive on my old ass quadcore for 6 more months buying an ssd, then buy a 3900x for $300 or so assuming they continue with the asme discounts they have been doing when they release a newer series. Also, due retarded COPPA laws my entire animation career is at risk since they may destroy my youtube channel, and if that happens im done with updating my computer
  10. can you give me amazon link for the correct cable to connect the samsung to the pci card? i also have a concern: the pci card amazon page says: (1X 4X 8X 16X) Karten für Windows7/8/XP/Server2003/Mac/Linux usw. so it doesnt support windows 10??
  11. interesting, so i just put that card and plug the ssd there? but the connectors remain inside the box or I have to connect the ssd and leave it ouside? I dont like that
  12. I got this: CPU: q6660 g0 MOBO: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-X38-DQ6-rev-10#ov the CPU was released on 2008, so I assume my computer is at least 10 years old Can I install an SSD? im getting warnings of how win 7 is running out of updates by next year, so i want to buy an SSD if possible and run windows 10 there, hopefully it runs decently on my old hardware? I have 7 GB of ram. if so, which SSD would be addecuate? ideally 2 TB.. but maybe its too expensive? i was supposed to update to 3900X this x-mas but due the COPPA bullshit my career is at risk of ending cause I do animated content and apparently you arent allowed to make money anymore on youtube from young audiences unless you are a corporation, so im waiting this shit out and staying frugal until then