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  1. Windows95

    Im losing YT subscribers and massive drop in views

    they do those in bunches, not daily for an entire week... its just that my channel got hit by a big decrease in traffic so subs going out are more than in
  2. Windows95

    I may be losing my mind.

    I was feeling better as my youtube channel was doing good and i had some motivation in my life but since the algorithm decided to kill it the other day i have been depressed since then
  3. Windows95

    Im losing YT subscribers and massive drop in views

    Perhaps they don't even know themselves what the algorithm is doing? Im just so f*cking paranoid that my channel has been flagged for some reason and they don't want to tell me. I even thought that they may have done this because I watched Jordan Peterson and Alex Jones videos (with another account but still paranoid)
  4. Windows95

    Im losing YT subscribers and massive drop in views

    Im talking to youtube support and they are at least replying but I don't expect much. It makes me so paranoid about everything, since you never know what's going on.
  5. Since a week ago I went from average 30k of passive views a day to like 4k and started lossing subs. My 2 best positioned videos with millions of views looks like stopped being as suggested. I uploaded a new video and it performed worse than ever, im pretty depressed since it took months to create. My channel has around 250k subs and im lossing like 20 a day. Uploading a video actually made me lose even more subs. Now my channel is going to get repositioned into my old native language audience (spanish) which has the worst CPC possible since most of my traffic is coming from those older videos which still get suggested. Watchtime and CTR on my new video was good enough to at least break 10k views (past videos above 1 million). The video is pretty much dead at this point. I have no idea what the hell happened, I was working on it full time and im going to stop paying social security and give up because im making like 3$ a day now. The content is family friendly and I never got strikes. Comments have not been removed (in relation to adpocalyse 2), there are no real people in my videos. Honestly this is so depressing, watching a channel you spent years growing shrink out of nowhere. It all started a week ago, the graph looks like a crash on the stock market. I have looked up the keywords on my niche and while there are a lot of uploads daily, there is no way that even by putting the first 4 words of the video title it doesn't show up even by searching it, it has been pushed down so much. There are no other content with millions of views and comments with these 4 specific keywords so why would google push my content below and stop suggesting it when it was performing great? Now I don't know what to do. I didn't knew I would be so depressed at this. It has been a week and watching people leave my channel and specially seeing how my new video has made me lose even more subs and didn't barely get any views is extra depressing.
  6. Yeah but I would still need Windows for: Sony Vegas Blender Music software (Cubase, FLstudio...) Unity Playing videogames I have learned those softwares so im not going to use whatever "linux equivalents" and I assume the performance emulating it sucks, so im going to be forced to use double partition i guess, and boot into the other OS when I want to use those programs. A pain in the ass.
  7. I disagree. Prefiltering is key. Look at the amount of shit on the prefilter of this air purifier after 1 month of usage: Without prefiltering the HEPA would have had to deal with all that shit. Btw I think i mgoing to buy the Coway: https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-air-purifier/ Seems like the best deal to me. I will just not click on the ionizer button. And I assume the sensor is unaccurate just like every other sensor on air purifiers, it seems you need to spend bigger bucks for an accurate sensor. Well at least it cleans the air and it doesn't look like a ghetto ass fan from a factory like taking the DYI approach.
  8. https://smartairfilters.com/cn/en/product-category/air-purifiers/ those guys sell just that but i dont know if you can order outside of asia, my country is not on that list and shipping costs are too expensive anyway its also stupid to use a hepa only without prefiltering
  9. Im not really looking forward to moving into NSA-fest Windows 10, but I still need Windows for many programs.. what can i do
  10. Windows95

    Anyone recommends an air purifier?

    If you have suspects of mold and you see those damn annoying silver bugs sometimes then you have some humidity problem and you don't want further humidity.
  11. Windows95

    Anyone recommends an air purifier?

    Those are too expensive and include humidification and other features im not going to use.
  12. Windows95

    Anyone recommends an air purifier?

    What do we know is UV-C is effective at killing some viruses and bactaeria or at least corrupting the core dna. We also know that there's ozone is just out there as soon as you go out specially on the afternoon.. so the question would have been: it's worse to breathe some ozone particles or potential stuff that the UV-C could have killed in case the HEPA was not enough? Im interested in in air quality monitor, however from what i've seen many suck. For instance the ones within the Xiomi air purifiers: https://smartairfilters.com/en/blog/xiaomi-particle-counter-inaccurate-not-control-purifier/ Looks like these guys know what they are doing and they recommend the "Laser Egg" for an accurate reading. Maybe ideally would want one that can measure ozone somehow... so we would know if the UV-C feature on the air purifier is or isn't safe. Im still undecided in which one to buy tbh. What about this one? https://www.amazon.com/Coway-AP-1512HH-Mighty-Purifier-True/dp/B00BTKAPUU/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=Coway+AP-1512HH&qid=1551443567&s=gateway&sr=8-3 I would just keep the ionizer off. It has a sensor but I assume it's shit given what that article says. Replacment filters is affordable: https://www.amazon.com/Coway-3304899-Replacement-Filter-AP1512HH/dp/B00C7WMQTW/ref=pd_bxgy_201_img_2/135-7683986-4649960?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00C7WMQTW&pd_rd_r=26f7f366-3c1e-11e9-bd63-17b75475049f&pd_rd_w=U9vMT&pd_rd_wg=xekUY&pf_rd_p=6725dbd6-9917-451d-beba-16af7874e407&pf_rd_r=4YQFFESRP9R3SBZ56AAR&psc=1&refRID=4YQFFESRP9R3SBZ56AAR So for 40 bucks a year you can maintain it (I would just vaccum the carbon one instead of changin it every 6 months, I would just change them once a year along with the HEPA)
  13. Windows95

    Anyone recommends an air purifier?

    ALso ,at some point, you must ask: What is more harmful, having UV-C that destroys shit that may build up on the filter but may emit a small amount of ozone which decays after 24 hour, or having no UV-C thus having a single point at your home where all of the possible shit like mold spores and other harmful stuff is stored? With the UV-C you could attack and sort of cleanthe filter from those tiny particles using it from time to time I just dont see it
  14. Windows95

    Anyone recommends an air purifier?

    The GermGuardian is sold on US along with others with UV-C, so why are they allowed then.
  15. Windows95

    Anyone recommends an air purifier?

    A forum user here says that it will take 24 hours for any ozone to clean: So im not sure anymore about the purchase I was about to make.