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  1. I am connected to the Ethernet it just shows a red x on the icon
  2. I have no internet so I can’t go search for them
  3. oh by drive I meant SSD my bad, by slowing down PC I meant how full does the drive have to be to where it will affect how fast things load up / start up etc
  4. ^ what the title says whenever I fullscreen it stutters takes few seconds to do the animation, it becomes even slower if I load in the comments. not sure why this randomly started to happen few days ago the transition used to be instant and my PC is pretty decent. specs i5 7600k 16gb ram 1070 using browser Opera 54.0
  5. When I have any game open I hit the "Start Recording" button on OBS ,it starts the recording but completely freezes my pc for 1-2 seconds then crashes the game and then says "Encoder Overloaded" but the recording continues. This only happens if I use NVENC encoder, x264 one works fine also when this happens my GPU load spikes up from 50% to 100% for no reason (I assume what causes the crash). I've tried reinstalling OBS, updating graphics drivers, and reinstalling graphics drivers. 1070 is a really good card should be able to handle 60fps 1080p. Has this happened to anyone else?
  6. system process takes up around 5%-15% of my cpu whenever i'm playing a game is this normal? I don't recall it taking up this much months before I updated windows.
  7. I doubt its geforce experience. Is your ram single channel or dual? that was the problem for me and a lot of other people
  8. The ram i'm using at the moment is DDR4, so does this mean that any DDR4 ram would be compatible with my motherboard? also will this https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16820232487 be compatible with my ASUS ROG STRIX Z270F GAMING LGA1151 motherboard?
  9. I have hyperX fury 16gb ram it is suppose to "auto overclock" to 2666MHZ but mine stays at 2133MHZ. I have enabled the XMP profile still stays. specs - i5 7600k ASUS STRIX Z270F motherboard