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    Tbilisi, Georgia


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    My Grandma Bought it
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    My Grandma Bought it
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    My Grandma Bought it 1866 MHZ ones
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    My Grandma Could Not buy it, was way too expensive
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    I have a CABLE in power
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    VCR TV
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    AIR everywhere
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    Got Clicking Sound
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    I hate Mouse
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    Nice one
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    My Grandma Bought it From Bill old boyfriend

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  1. I can share the menu screenshot if you would like to get into the details etc.
  2. Good Morning, I got a gift 55" 4k UHD TCL TV , as I have found out it's quite different ( I mean menu ) from the reviews etc I saw on youtube. https://allmarket.ge/product/25305/-led-tcl-55140cm_-55p6usms86hs-eu-uhd-smart-dtv-linux-16_9-4k-3840x2160-6_5ms-178_178_-270cdm2-40 This is the TV. I mostly use it to play PS on it, I have not found a game mode option in it ( additionaly it does not have ROKU built in it). Is there possibility to upgrade to different firmware, so it can have additional settings options, Like switching to game mode etc. Would really appreciate if anyone is familiar with this TV and can help me out.
  3. I have tried short cable same, it does not have 50 or 60 hz power changing options, tried other BNC ports same. Could it be that this Hisharp 1080p 2mp not compatible with the h.264 Network DVR?
  4. Thank you for the help , I have purchased Video Balun RJ45, and got this on my screen. Do you know what can be the problem ? Camera or DVR ?
  5. The cable indicates following: Multi-Conductor Plus Coax CCTV (2+1) 2X0, 22mm2 As I understand BNC is premade
  6. Greetings, I am new to this type of thing, I got a DVR and a Camera ( Please see attached Photos). and got a small wire for a testing. can you guys help me to figure out what wire were to connect? I also have 2x Power Blocks 12 W one for camera one fore DVR
  7. Hello guys , got a little bit noobish question In my company we have a Windows 2008 Server is there a particular program to check who is using most bandwich of the internet ? to check who is downloading something etc? from server or from any program ?
  8. Changed that aswell, Disabled firewall completely not to face that issue aswell, when i am trying to check Port number on my IP it says this Port 3389 is closed on (MY IP)
  9. my IP address, public one, and tried with my IP:port, and without port but still same
  10. i have already done that . I am on Window Pro 10 , when i am checking my IP online for ports it says that 3389 port is closed, however i have it enabled from router settings.
  11. exactly that the problem, before they renew the team viewer subscription or whatever it is , i have to use this one
  12. Hey guys, here the thing , I am trying to set up a RDC from my office to my home PC , at home I have a Tenda F3 router , found a port forwarding section and added my IPv4 address there with 3389 port , allowed remote connection to PC, but when i am trying to connect from another network with my public IP i get an error that connection could not be made. Am i doing something wrong here?
  13. There is red light blinking on motherboard what does it mean ?
  14. tried that , still no display on screen
  15. HEy guys i just purchased this M/B brand new and i have i7 7700k , but it wont display anything on monitor screen. even cant access bios , do i need last Generation CPU to flash bios ? so it can see new CPU ?