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  1. So my PC just got infected with this shit!! from what I took from Linus's vid about the topic and Acronis, such programs are just for preventing the threat not rolling it back right?, I have the most important stuff backed up but not everything, if anyone knows how to decrypt that thing to get the data back I would be very appreciative I was thinking personally of disconnecting all the HDDS and formatting my SSD and install a new copy of windows on it, get it ready with a good protection software and then connect the HDDs with the encrypted data to try and see what can be done for recovery. Any tips/tricks would be welcome.
  2. Compared to the pics you can find with a quick search on Google, I think this Drive is under-performing a bit, it's plugged it a 6Gbs sata socket, is there something I could to or something to turn on/off? I also have it named H:/ for testing and if all goes well I should be reinstalling windows on it soon
  3. I was thinking of powering all 6 fans from one socket since they are all intake, and have the rest as exhaust on another socket in order control all intake at once and same with exhaust
  4. the fans are already PWM, but what if they are too many? I don't want them drawing power from a motherboard socket in this case. I just want to power them from the power supply directly and have control over the rpm at the same time
  5. I checked many PWM splitters that have a molex for power and a PWM for control, but most reviews say that it offers no control, just displays RPM plus most of these splitters are low quality and will malfunction over the long run, so if you have a fan controller which you tried and worked good or any other idea that works please share