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  1. This is what happens when work replaces all there computers. I am getting more tomarrow. There all working, Windows 10 PRO Intel core i5-7400 500GB HDD There old, and dusty, but work.
  2. DreadCoreTV

    LTX 2018 Announcement!

    I wish i could go. Like really wish i could go.But got stuff to do that is stupid.
  3. DreadCoreTV

    all browser takes huge amount of ram

    I ave had this issue, I reinstalled chrome and it fixed
  4. DreadCoreTV

    Buying goods from Russia

    Not that i know of, Ill do some reserch into it, But i dont know if there is one.
  5. DreadCoreTV

    Anyone mining Burst?

    i am, i orders 20 10TB drives, storinators soon! right now mining with 150TB of external drives
  6. DreadCoreTV

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Alan Walker vs Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend (NerdBox Remix) I own the label, this song comes out later
  7. DreadCoreTV

    So you want to buy a Dell R710?

    I have 3 of these they work for what I need them to do! Boght them off ebay so they were referbish but they worked!
  8. I orderd 20 10TB drives. Gona buy the Storinators later on!
  9. Burst Coin Miner!


  10. DreadCoreTV

    HARD DRIVE Mining? This is getting ridiculous...

    I have orderd 20 10TB hard drives BTW SO slowly gona buy them!
  11. DreadCoreTV

    HARD DRIVE Mining? This is getting ridiculous...

    Im still going to do the things talking about even though its a bad idea. I got 15 10TB drives full of work and things I have. I need better storage, but gona sue half for mining to be cool lol.
  12. Yah its cool to learn more. Still gona do it. but use alot of it for storage. Because the hard drives and crap i have are all full.
  13. DreadCoreTV

    HARD DRIVE Mining? This is getting ridiculous...

    I Love how 1 post from me inspired this insanity.
  14. and I am still gona do it Look at my twitter.