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  1. gauthiermaxime

    canadian french mechanical keyboard

    I have already found wasdkeyboards.com but I was hoping to be able to get an ISO 105 keyboard around 100$ CAD
  2. gauthiermaxime

    canadian french mechanical keyboard

    Hi, I'm looking for a canadian french mechanical keyboard. As far as I can see, there only seems to be English from the major vendors (logitech, corsair, razer, steelseries). I would like to avoid having to build a keyboard on my own or replace the caps. I would be looking for silent switches (avoiding green or blue ones) Do you have any recommendations ? Thanks in advance
  3. gauthiermaxime

    10gbps server infrastructure

    Sorry, for the delay. He made his proof of concept using X540-T2 network adapters, HP JE009A#ABA and JL386A#ABA switches and MicroTik RB3011UiAS-RM router. He tested connecting the adapters in both switches and was not able to get traffic to go through. While looking at the specs, I realized that both are 1Gbps swtiches with SFP (not SFP +) and the adapters are SFP+. My guess would be that it was not possible to auto-negociate a working speed between the adapters and the switches.
  4. gauthiermaxime

    10gbps server infrastructure

    Thanks for all the very quick replies Here are some precisions on my question. In fact, I just want to be able to use VM on a NAS that provides a connection to the host just as performant as if the VM storage was inside the host (more than SATA 3). This is to to be able to swap hosts in minutes in the event where the main host would go down (power down host 1, boot up standby host 2 that would share the same VM storage location with host 1). I don't plan yet to provide 10gbps to the clients, since we're not having bottlenecks on that part of the network. In the proof of concept of my reseller, he tried to connect his 10gbps switch using sfp+ to the rest of his 1gbps network and nothing worked until he connected a 10gbps router. Note that I have made him swear that both switches were configured on the same subnet and trunked with SFP+. Many thanks for shedding light on that confusing problem.
  5. gauthiermaxime

    10gbps server infrastructure

    Hi everyone, I am considering adding 10gbps networking to our server infrastructure in order to be able to store virtual machines on a NAS. I am planning to have everything on the same VLAN. We currently have 1gbps switches and router. I am being told by my reseller that I would need a 10gbps router to allow communication between the 10gbps and 1gbps interfaces. Since a router would normally bind two different networks together and that the UniFi switch is backwards compatible, I am quite confused as why I would need such additional equipment. Thanks in advance