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  1. Ah, I see. That is true. I have the expected growth of the # of users that are going to be accessing this system, and I am expecting a reply from our representative at Great Plains. Also great point. Once I get the recommendations from Great Plains I will be searching for a prebuilt server that matches those specs. @brandishwar Thanks for the reality check and advice.
  2. Yes and no. Like I stated previously I haven't built a server tower. But I have plenty of experience building personal computers. I have built 7 personal machines for myself for gaming, + several more for my wife, siblings, and parents. I have complete confidence in being able to build a computer; but the problem comes in that I have nil experience building a server tower. I don't know what the differences are between building a server vs. a personal machine because (like I said before) I haven't built one. I haven't searched for server-grade parts. I know that enterprise-level parts have redundancy and error-checking (specifically for RAM). But again because I haven't purchased those parts before I don't know what to search for and I don't know what good purchase decision is for the price. Which is why I was searching for recommendations for those parts. That's a really good idea. I will send an email to my boss and ask them for projected growth in the number of people accessing the system. That's an excellent idea. That is also a great idea. I will see what I can do with that.
  3. Okay, I will check them out. Thank you all for your timely and quick responses. I appreciate it.
  4. I hadn't thought about the warranty and support. That's a good point. Any suggestions on brands to look at for a reputable pre-built?
  5. Hello LTT community! At my startup company our main server has slowed to a crawl (it's an 8 year old machine, and has been under heavy load for a while). It's a single tower, and I am not sure what the hardware is for it. It isn't our server that is consumer facing, it's just for internal accounting use. My boss is wanting to just buy a server, but I am afraid he'll make a dumb decision and purchase a pre-built server that is going to cause more problems. I need some recommendations for building a server machine, specifically: - What processor would you suggest for a server build that needs to lean on the budget side? We are not serving media from this machine, it is only running Great Plains software and running a database that is used by Great Plains. It doesn't have to be fancy. - What RAM, motherboard, and other components? again leaning on the budget side. - Tower? We have a budget of about $2000. Also, if it is not suggested to build a machine for that low a budget then let me know as well. Like I said before I haven't done a server build, so suggestions, reality checks, clarifying questions are all welcome.
  6. So your max budget is $5k? Do you need monitors with the system? Do you do anything besides gaming? Dude... like I said, the ideal world would be around $5k, but maybe I don't know what is reasonable to accomplish what I want to build? If I need to spend more than that, then so be it. I would like to start working with CAD, and designing 3D objects to be 3d printed and/or machined. So, yeah I will be using it for more than gaming. The answer to the monitor question: not at the time of the build. I have 2 monitors that run at 1080p right now, and they look great for the time being. Later in the year for my Birthday (in the fall) I will splurge and get myself several 4k monitors. I will check those out. You said "minimum 16gb ram". Would it be better to go with 32gb? or 64? And what manufacturers would you recommend?
  7. 4K for sure. I am already eyeing a few different options for monitors to buy with the build. However I am not sure on the refresh rate. I was thinking 120hz, but again, I am up for suggestions.
  8. Okay, time for some educating. I would really like some help and recommendations. I have been out of the home-built PC world for a long time. The last one I built was when I was in Middle School (a little over 12 years ago now) and even when I was "super into it" i didn't really have a budget to work with (I modded my parent's old computer that they donated to me). I learned how to match RAM and the limitations of the motherboard, and what CPU would work with it and then I scrounged around for a graphics card. But, I was never really in a position to build anything with the raw strength to power through high end games. I was always stuck with Warcraft 2 and Star Wars X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter. (which were great games btw, especially X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter). So, I need some education on several things. What should I be looking for with my motherboard and CPU now in 2018. I am looking at building a new PC and making my own tower for it, custom built to my specifications (going to put it into a desk with a glass top so that I can house my PC somewhere other than the floor. And I am going to style it so that it looks beautiful, with water-cooling and RGB, you get the picture. But I don't know what components really to be looking at or considering. I know that Intel just released it's new processor (and it looks like it kicks butt). However, I don't know what motherboards are great currently that can truly harness that CPU. I don't know what to do with Graphics. I use multiple monitors, and would really like a build that could play well with 3, possibly even 4 monitors. (I recently started doing some hobby web design, and found out how beautiful it was to have more display real estate). So any suggestions would be really great. Especially with opinions about the current graphics card arena, motherboard, CPU. This is my goal with this PC: create something that can run any high end game at 60+ fps. Ideally without spending more than $5,000 on parts. But, the goal is performance, not price. I want quality, and you can't have really good quality without shelling out some cash for it. Anyways, Please let me know!