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  1. Thanks bro! I will try it!
  2. So, a little update to the system, first, I have changed the case, from Phanteks P400S to Fractal Design Meshify C, It has lot better air intake than the Phanteks had. I have also changed the cpu cooler from Raijintek Leto to 240 AIO liquid cooler from ID Cooling, needless to say, it has rgb like the rest of the setup, except motherboard. So it's all controlled by controller. I think my next setup will be compact mini-itx.
  3. So, I have made the conclusion that the memory sticks wont necessarily manage the overclock of 1333MHz to 1866MHz. The computer has started to freeze in a weird situations like just browsing the web. When the sticks was at 1600MHz and processor at 4.2GHz there was no problems at all. So I think its just the sticks, but not completely sure about it. I have to some more research.
  4. I don't have any solid answer to that, I will find out about the usage as soon as I have some time to play some games, and about the temps too.
  5. I know, that's why it's good to measure the overall temperature of the case, from the heatsinks, not the temperature of cpu. I know the cpu is hotter than the heatsink.
  6. 60-70%? That's really high cpu load when gaming? Even if it's badly optimized. Games arent really that taxing on cpu.
  7. I know it's not 4K card. Im Very aware about that. But I dont use Highest settings. I told that I use "High/Ultra" and the balance is somewhere in there.. I dont use almost any eyecandy. Shadows are always Medium or high, No V-Sync, (Who needs it, am i right? lol ) But I dont know anything about your problem, maybe your hardware is having a hard time because of somekind of bottleneck and v-sync. I've only tested so far Forza Horizon 3 Resident Evil 7 (No problem at FullHD, but 4K strugles between 45-55) Forza Motorsport 7 Fallout 4 Skyrim Special Edition Counter Strike GO
  8. I think here is everything you need to know about voltages and heat. I don't know about your friend but im not about to destroy my mb or processor.. The sensor of the heatmonitor is between the thin metal plates which makes the processor cooler, sensor and 2 of the thin metal plates make a kinda of "monitor sandwich" lol it barely makes it in there, so the monitor makes a pretty realistic tamperature overall from the inside, it's not realistic heat signal FROM the PROCESSOR, but overall, it's good way to measure, so i can adjust the fans manually.
  9. So I started this project like a year ago. I've been using an AMD processor for some time now, I really got sick of Intel using those high prices, I was a really huge Intel fanatic, And I used Intel processors my whole life, never used AMD, I even remember when I was a kid, we argued which one is the better, Intel or AMD. Oh those were the times.. And Ive had Intel's Pentium 3,4 and C2D (Core 2 Duo) and Core 2 Quad, And latest Intel I had was i3, and after that i switched to AMD. Anyway, I saw this processor, AMD FX 6300, Price was really low, it think it was something around 90-100€ back then, (€uros because I live in Finland) Aaaand that's how i started with AMD, I've been really happy about it too.. Overclocking possibilities are just awesome.. just epic! So this is my RIG. Case: Phanteks P400S Tempered Glass Edition (I modifed it a littlebit.) EDIT: This has been changed to Fractal Desing Meshify C. PSU: Corsair 500W Builder Series EDIT: Changed to Be quiet Pure Power 600W Motherboard: MSI 970A Krait Edition (I typed it wrong earlier, i typed Kraken LOL ) Processor: AMD FX 8300 3.3GHz @ OC 4.2GHz Stable AF! lol (OVERCLOCK is now 4.4GHz! ) It stays pretty well stable at 4.2GHz, sure there was some changes to be made in voltages etc, but it is very stable. I have air cooling so this is the absolute maxium I dare to overclock without liquid cooling. Processor Cooler: Raijintek Leto. Changed to ID COOLING AIO 240 liquid cooler. Memory: Kingston HyperX Limited Edition 1333MHz (2x4GB) & Kingston HyperX 1333MHz Fury (2x4GB) Overclocked to 1866MHz Graphics: Gigabyte Radeon RX 580 8GB Storage: Seagate Barracuda 1Tb 7200 rpm & PNY 240GB SSD For displays/monitors I use Philips 278E8QJAB curved 27" monitor and 65" Philips ambilight 4K TV. Both FullHD and 4K resolutions work out pretty well. Both are used gaming With High or Max settings tho I dont like to use, motion blur, bloom, film grain or any of those kind of effects. I use only max 2 or 4x af, or aa And never go higher than that. With both I can get +50fps and almost never goes below that. With FullHD it doesnt go below 60 fps. OH! And the HEAT, So with FullHD, the temperature is about 40 degrees celsius when gaming. Temperature is measured from the heatsink of the processor cooler. At 4K it's around 50 celsius. I think it's overall pretty good. Idle temperatures are around 26-34 celsius. Any questions and comments are welcome!