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  1. Those are some AMAZING specs btw. Very premium. I bet you're glad you bought the 1080 Ti while you could.
  2. Will do, its just a pain in the ass, y'know? Considering the fact that the Ryzen APU's just launched, I might do a build with those and buy a GPU later.
  3. Great idea! wait What if the miners take our prebuilts!?
  4. I will definitely keep my eye out. I also considered older gen cards like the GTX 970 or GTX 780 Ti because you can find some REALLY good deals on EBAY but I'm not too sure what I want to do. Those are some sick specs btw.
  5. As you have all heard, probably at least 500 times, ALL GPU's are WAAAAYYYY over msrp, which makes building a PC right now a bit of a pain in the ass. A GTX 1060 3GB, which should be a $200 card, is now $300+... if it's even in stock. So, what do you do in this situation? I'm trying to get a new PC after my old PC with an AMD Phenom II x6 1055T + GTX 670 build practically killed itself. I was going to get something along the lines of a r5 1600 or i5 8400 with a 1060 3GB but these prices are screwing me over. I have, however seen some quality prebuilts that seem like a good deal. A cyberpowerpc I found on amazon comes with an i5 8400, 8GB ddr4 2400MHz, GTX 1060 3GB, and a 1TB HDD for $899. Wait or buy prebuilt?
  6. Thank you, he figured out the problem earlier today and hasn't had any problems so far. I'm not quite sure why it didn't work earlier but it doesn't matter anymore. Thank you for the help
  7. He has tried literally all the ports. Maybe he is doing sonething I'm not aware of? Maybe you can message him on Insta @duck.0n.quack and he can send you a video of whats happening. Otherwise I don't know what to tell him. Thanks for the help tho.
  8. Hey so my friend just built his gaming pc (he probably has the last 1060 6GB in the U.K.) and he is trying to boot inWindows off his USB (he installed the Windows media creation and put it on the drive) and it is just booting him back into the BIOS. Any suggestions?
  9. I was going to buy a prebuilt recently instead of building it myself, because... It's not worth waiting. Cryptocurrency will continue to rise and fall. It won't be stopped... but I realized that most pre-builts include an SSD for the OS and a 1 TB hard drive for games instead of a bigger SSD... and so I looked into it and apparently the only thing bad about the HDD (for games) was load times (of course) and occasional microstuters. Is it that noticeable though? Anyone care to explain their experience with a hard drive?
  10. Have you looked at the inwin 301? What would you recommend?
  11. That is true, don't get me wrong. I looked into it and decided on the r5 2400G but... it's got gt 1030 like performance... it's liveable tho... If I got a gpu, would it fit in those cases? Do you know what airflow is like?
  12. And yes, this is a one time deal. $169? That's an insane deal! Buy it asap, everyone will want it lol
  13. The Ryzen 5 2400G is said to be just as fast as an i5 8400+GT 1030... If she is an esports gamer, the performance will be very nice. I plane to build a small form factor APU build myself.
  14. Seems all good but keep in mind a GPU upgrade would be necessary later in to achieve good performance. Other than that... it all looks fine.
  15. Small form factor would be nice. I could put it on the shelf in my desk.