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  • Birthday 1981-10-14

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    Margate, Kent, England
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    Computers, Cycling, Gaming, Linux and Rock Climbing
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    Smart Engineer


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    12G mixed
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    GeForce 780m
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    House Brick
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    Also an iMac

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  1. Trickster81

    help Floatplane

    The link sorted it thanks and can now see floatplane section on forum I guess since it’s reactivated.
  2. Trickster81

    help Floatplane

    Can log in to floatplane but wants me to subscribe money was taken on 29/4/18 shows on PayPal. Can log in but shows no subscriptions I have to log in through let forum sign in. Floatplane forum bit bit seem to have disappeared on here I’m don’t use forums very often so I could just be being a plank.
  3. Two questions I’m afraid, having issues with the laptop. Has a Nvidia 780m took heat sink off and there is a plastic gasket on gpu leaving a small square in the middle all existing thermal paste is where the gasket is and not a lot on the gpu what does the gasket do and do I neeed it. Also think I’m getting low voltage on the USB as it won’t run the RGB on the steel series apex 150. Works fine on desktop. Asalways any help is appreciated.
  4. Trickster81

    2gamers 1 machine or 2 separate rigs

    That shows promise thanks.
  5. Trickster81

    2gamers 1 machine or 2 separate rigs

    These are way dearer in the UK almost enough to warrant flights, to the USA well an excuse for a holiday the cpu and video card alone are over £884 $1232
  6. Well want some advice want to build a rig for my son and I myself have got back in to pc gaming having used a Mac for 6 years so a new rig is needed. we will play in different rooms but seeing some of Lott videos is it better to do 1 rig or 2 will the costs be lower for 1 rig I’m guessing yes’s but need higher end components . Probably looking at 3-4K including screens and I set of peripherals. Some requirements: needs to be Nvidia using game stream to shield. i prefer steel series peripherals as got used them as one of the only s ones that I could control the feb on Mac. Rgb not essential would like to do one blue /black or white and the other red / black or white.
  7. Trickster81

    Will thermal paste help

    It’s was new 2014 but have original receipt was £1650
  8. Trickster81

    Will thermal paste help

    I purchased off eBay at bargain price.
  9. Trickster81

    Will thermal paste help

    Sounds like a quick and cheap fix what have I got to loose. just need to find the screen where I can see temps not used to where anything is in win 10. then I can post figures.
  10. Trickster81

    Will thermal paste help

    Hi new here. Love the channel. Ok so just done a find on eBay pc specialist/Seager vortex iv i7 4700 and GeForce 780m runs anything I throw at it so far. Had a while away from gaming rigs and daily driver is iMac. Well problem is running fortnite is sounds like a jet will a laptop cooler and replacing the thermal paste help.
  11. Trickster81

    30 foot setup!

    Or a Nvidia shield is a cool option with added usability.