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  1. Freaking everything in australia will try to kill you. Your spiders are so big they have freaking health bars! Original photo so you guys know
  2. Um... What? Why now? How long as Intel been using FinFET and now there is a lawsuit over it? Honetsly, this just smells fishy to me. Tin-foil at side of me says this is a ploy to extort money or possible IP out of the company. Then again, I don't really know enough to properly comment. Source
  3. I have been a customer of Newegg for going on 14 years, both personal and business. Rarely if ever have any problems. I have not had issues with returns. Customer support has been great the few times I have needed. Also, keep in mind I only order items marked shipped by newegg.
  4. Cost is definitely a big part of that. But if somehow it could be brought under control, that would be interesting.
  5. Quotes My thoughts This could be really interesting. Having a PS5 Pro with addition GPU compute or even a second SOC for more power? Could definitely drive the 8K games that these consoles have spoken about. Though, as mentioned, power and heat are concerns but were not outlined in the patent itself. As for the Playstation stick, that has some interesting things going on with it. It would vastly open up consumers to a library of games with a minimal barrier of entry, further promoting their brand, gaining more customers and driving the business. I for one would have one just for going on trips. Just a note: This should be taken as a rumor. A lot of companies will file false patents, so we cannot 100% guarantee this will be the case. Sources Tweaktown Full Patent Patent Images
  6. That is odd. I have one and have zero issues with it.
  7. Something rather interesting to be honest. The fact you can search a database that is encrpyted for data without actually knowing what that data is is... mind boggling. Some really smart folks over at IBM. Any of you get this stuff? My brain broke halfway through. Source
  8. Yeah I can see this being an annoying issue and people cry wolf when their stuff is compromised. Did Experion have this problem? Didn't update apache, paid dearly for it?
  9. I still have my Filco Majestouch 2 from years ago I bought used for 125 bucks. Still going strong and never had an issue. Cool to see them release a new product.
  10. Source Second source This is one nasty thing. I don't really understand how it exactly works, but regardless. This runs in secure boot too! Since Grub2 is so popular for open source and linux sytsems, it is unsurprising to see a vulnerability, but one that is like this is a bit surprising. Luckily there is a patch for it. So, thank god for that. However, based on the info above. It looks like this is going to be an on going process. Patched BootHole systems now not booting
  11. Source Some more info on it from the Telegraph This is just scary. ARM china looks to have been doing some scary things behind everyone's back. Possibly this could be another ploy for china to get more IP? I am unsure. Either way, this is disturbing. If this is the case, this spells out to be a nightmare for the sale of ARM by softbank. It doesn't look good when you have rogue execs causing problems.
  12. From what I understand, Murthy was behind much of the internal power struggle at Intel, plus he had caused a lot of issues at the higher ups. He was also giving Raja a really hard time about various things. If all you do is play politics instead of actually doing your job, eventually people will see through you and you will get ousted, regardless of the talent you hold. No one is irreplaceable. Honestly, having a shake up instead a bad thing. companies do realignments all the time. Trim the fat, get leaner, have new ideas and fresh eyes so they say. Intel has been stagnant for a while. It was about time something happened. Lets also not forget, someone has to take the fall for all of it. Someone has to be held repsonisble. Otherwise shareholders will do some not so nice things.
  13. Summary More than 1,000 unsecured databases so far have been permanently deleted in an ongoing attack that leaves the word “meow” as its only calling card, according to Internet searches over the past day. Quotes My thoughts Um... What? Unsecure databases are just being deleted with the word "meow". This almost sounds like something a 13 year old did it. It is so weird. I am not sure what to really say other than protect your stuff, make sure things are siloed and use protection. Though... um... thoughts? Any idea why in the hell someone would do this? I cannot thing of it anything other than someone being an ass. Source
  14. Source This is rather interesting and honestly it a lot of ways make sense. I for one would love to have a single cable for use. The other fact for this cable is the 600W power delivery... However, the fact that this is a new cable all together, the transistion I think is going to be a bit annoying. Adapters and such are may become be necessary for older power supplies. It will be interesting how this goes. What is everyone's thoughts here? Looks like it is real.
  15. Why not? More power, more better. Not everyone needs a dedicated video card. If you are just mainly doing CPU bound tasks, it actually makes a lot of sense. Also great for system builders, OEMs, etc.
  16. There actually isn't much processing going on and that really isn't how that works. What was mentioned in this article was an amplification technique to take a small attack, use some badly configured things and cause a massive amount of data to come out.
  17. As long as side panel can sit flush it is fine. Though onjestly you can run without a side panel.
  18. You are fine. As stated before the cabels are insulated.