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    New York
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    Gaming, Computer Hardware, Hard Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Quantum Physics, Astrophysics)
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    I am a dude.
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    I work... all the time.


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    3770K @ 4.5GHz
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    Z77 Sabertooth
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    G.Skill 2400Mhz 16GB
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    EVGA GTX 1070 w/ Hybrid
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    CM 690 II Adv
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    1TB Samsung 850 Pro | 2x2TB Raid 0
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    Seasonic X760w
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    Asus MG248 | Acer G235H
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    Corsair H105
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    Filco Majestouch II w/ Reds
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    Logitech G402 Hawken Editon
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    JDS Labs ODAC | Schiit Magni | AKG Q701
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Lord Xeb

    Raid Question

    Keep in mind if you add the 2 drives into RAID, the data on them will be destroyed. Make sure you backup before you do!!!!
  2. The other thing you need to be aware of is some drives encounter issues with their bearings. Seagate 7200.7-7200.11 drives had this issue. The spindle bearing would freeze up but that occured after long hours of use. VERY uncommon but it did happen. I have yet to see a drive that did this from sitting but not saying it is unheard of. Though as what Fitz just said just store it in a dry place where it isn't going to get tossed around and it should be fine.
  3. Lord Xeb

    HELP - drive not appearing in bios

    Good job man. Rule of thumb: try the easiest thing first. Saved my butt more than once.
  4. Lord Xeb

    Recover data from broken hdd?

    321 backup plan is the best. BTW, if you wonder by some data recoveries can cost $1500-3000 bucks here is why: Cost of parts (we have to get donor drives) - can cost up to $300 EACH. Sometimes I need 2-3. One drive I needed 5. Firmware issues - Time consuming Mechanical - Requires skill, experience, expensive tools and a clean room. Some drives need 2 or more head exchanges during recovery. Logical issues - Severely degraded surface can take a LONG time. That time means a machine is tied up. Clean room - They are not cheap Electrical - Not bad but can be... challenging. Especially if the ROM is in the drive controller and not on a 8 pin package. Tools - A head comb for some drives costs as much as 500 euros (not dollars) and are custom made. At my old lab I had 14 combs for various drives. PC3000 - Basically the defacto tool used. Cost? $10k PER device including software and hardware. License is $1200 per device per year.
  5. Lord Xeb

    HELP - drive not appearing in bios

    Try a bios update. If not, make sure the M.2 slot is enabled in bios. If that still doesn't work then my guess is a DOA drive.
  6. I am right there with you. When drives start getting into this state they only get worse. I have seen hard drives (Seagate and WD mainly) where if they get too many bad sectors they really can lock up bad. WDs experience firmware issues and Seagate drives can just have full on firmware locks. Better to backup now before it gets even close to that state.
  7. Lord Xeb

    BIOS Not recognising SSD

    If you use a SATA to USB adapter the adapter itself will show up but with no drive connected. Try what Seagate suggested and update the bios (the weirdest things can solve problems). If that doesn't work then it is possible the drive is dead.
  8. Lord Xeb

    M.2 SSD "Bad Block" error in event viewer

    I would recommend backing up. The system doesn't just throw an error for bad block without a reason. Have you tried checking the drive with something like HD Tune or CrystalDiskInfo? Check smart and see if it has any reallocated sectors. If it does, have a backup going. I have had drives with 1 reallocated sector last for years without issues.
  9. Yeah I use to deal with that crap quite often in my tenure as a recovery engineer. We tools that emulate the drive encryption or read the SED module from the drive. Handy but annoying. If you forgot to to enable decryption while you were imaging the drive the decryption process was... painfully slow. Keep in mind even modern WD drives still use encryption and not enclosures use it. Good to see that in the module you have they don't.
  10. Lord Xeb

    Drive ID= unknown.

    Interesting that a Bios update could prevent a drive from being detected. Good work Seagate!
  11. Lord Xeb

    Recover data from broken hdd?

    And don't open the drive I too was an engineer at a data recovery company. Often we turned down drives that were previously opened.
  12. This drive has been in my system going on over 4 years now and absolutely no issues. They were great in their day but I am amazed at how it just keeps on ticking.
  13. This was prior to this mess we are in. Someone was an idiot/incompetent.
  14. Some real bad juju here. Someone is going to be loosing their job and ODS is going to be in a world of hurt. From some other news articles on this. It also looks like this leak basically allowed anyone to download government files. Source ZDNet Original article from Upguard
  15. Lord Xeb

    Reliable 6TB drive

    Toshiba drives are pretty reliable. I have also found Hitachi(HGST) drives to be very reliable too. BTW, a lot of toshiba drives are actually Hitachi drives. There are some differences but they are basically the same drive.