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  1. Hey all, Is it possible to share the LAN from the wifi over ethernet and not just internet? I'm trying to connect an IP camera to the network and i cant connect it to the network with the normal share network option on Windows, or am i missing something?
  2. i am sure it isnt MineOS (turnkey) because that menu looks diffrent and has no preenabled firewall that blocks the minecraft server port
  3. Dont know if jake is ever going to read this but, will you use some kind of server managing software or not, i would use something like MineOS.
  4. I am sorry meant to post this in windows how do i delete this?
  5. Hey all, Does anyone know how to hide the WindowsApps folder on an second hard drive, i find it kinda annoying. Thanks (the screenshot says acces denied)
  6. Yes it will I used to have it installed on my hdd moved it to my ssd it was flawless does it especially happen when someone sprays a graffiti?
  7. Vooralj NVidia drivers en GeForce experience voor de nieuwste drivers want, Windows update doet vaak slechte of oude drivers Mainly NVidia drivers and GeForce experience for latest drivers. Because Windows update delivers crappy/old drivers
  8. Hello LTT forums, I wanted to start refurbing/building pc’s to sell on marktplaats (dutch 2nd marketplace). Is there a way to install the drivers during installation and not after. (Like how prebuilt’s from dell, hp, etc do) Thanks
  9. I mean with that Ali-express quality
  10. fun fact: i had once an (small) fire because i bought an cheap laptop power adaptor, Ahhh china makes always great quality
  11. coaxial is here in the netherlands pretty much everywhere and you can get here about 400/40 mbit and the netherlands (KPN) doesnt really care about fiber. speedtest on my 200/20 connection: http://www.speedtest.net/result/7047881913
  12. It doesnt matter how crap the rest is but DONT CHEAP OUT ON YOUR POWER SLUPPY!
  13. I had this issue on an older 1080p TV after an unexpected power outage.