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  1. Resolution performance

    Well Warframe has no problems since it is cpu intensive and only uses 10-20% gpu, So Warframe can run at a nice 30fps on max res low settings or 800 x 600 medium which makes me sick since the AA is overwhelming.
  2. Resolution performance

    I don't only play csgo. I play games like Warframe, ARK survival evolved, and a little bit of tf2. I also need discord open for csgo and Warframe.
  3. Resolution performance

    All I am trying to find out is if I run my background things like Discord and steam at 800 x 600, will I get more fps. I know all about refresh rates and fps, I just want a yes or no answer.
  4. Resolution performance

    Oh please, I play csgo at 480p just to get 60fps
  5. Resolution performance

    I can run the monitor at 800 x 600 and run my games at 1280 x 1024 resolution.
  6. Resolution performance

    I didn't mean just the ingame resolution I mean't the pc resolution .
  7. Resolution performance

    I wanted to know that if I were to run my laptops resolution at 800 x 600 at 85Hz would make my gameplay better nice I am degrading the resolution of the things running in the background as well as the game I am trying to play.
  8. My RIG 4VR Headset as been playing up ever since my laptop wanted to update my conexant ISST Audio drivers. I updated them and it didn't change anything. Please give me some advice on what to do.
  9. Gpu bottleneck

    I can hit 100fps on lowest and 480p on csgo
  10. Gpu bottleneck

    I get 60fps in 480p lowest.
  11. Gpu bottleneck

    I use 480p
  12. Gpu bottleneck

    Can you tell me how to get more fps please?
  13. Gpu bottleneck

    Alright. You guys got me.
  14. Gpu bottleneck

    I could use an eGPU but I will lose performance doing that. By that I meant the GPU won't be reaching it's full potential.