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  1. Gpu bottleneck

    I can hit 100fps on lowest and 480p on csgo
  2. Gpu bottleneck

    I get 60fps in 480p lowest.
  3. Gpu bottleneck

    I use 480p
  4. Gpu bottleneck

    Can you tell me how to get more fps please?
  5. Gpu bottleneck

    Alright. You guys got me.
  6. Gpu bottleneck

    I could use an eGPU but I will lose performance doing that. By that I meant the GPU won't be reaching it's full potential.
  7. Gpu bottleneck

    I have been bamboozled.
  8. Gpu bottleneck

    Fair point. But my CPU is just sitting around doing nothing while my GPU is about to catch fire.
  9. Gpu bottleneck

    But there are GPU intensive games and CPU intensive games though.
  10. Gpu bottleneck

    So I can have a core i7-7700K and use a GT 210 and my fps will be good? I don't think it works like that...
  11. Gpu bottleneck

    Isn't it the other way around?
  12. So I have an Intel Core i5-7200U and Intel HD 620 integrated graphics. My gpu bottlenecks my cpu If I maybe slow down my cpu speed so my gpu won't be a bottleneck, will I be getting more fps?
  13. Help with the HP 430 G4 with eGPU?

    It was a school laptop but now that I have broken the screen and there is no warranty I use it like a desktop now.
  14. Help with the HP 430 G4 with eGPU?

    I don't have a camera either and I don't really need (want) a phone because it would pretty much have no use if I am just going to sit in my room and play games all day.
  15. Help with the HP 430 G4 with eGPU?

    I don't have a phone to take a picture with o_o