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  1. Quit gaming

    1. I have no friends except for the 2 at school. 2. Sport sucks. 3. None of my friends play sports because they are "gamer's"
  2. Quit gaming

    It's not that I can't be bothered getting a job it's the fact that I can't find one
  3. Quit gaming

    I can't stop playing for like an hour and if I am then I am sleeping or looking at games.
  4. Quit gaming

    I get B average and I game until about 3 in the morning....
  5. Quit gaming

    I get where you are coming from but someone could have a good reason for me to continue. Idk
  6. Quit gaming

    If you were to read the whole forum then you would have read that I put Tell me if I should (With a reason) or not (With a way how to quit). Just saying
  7. Quit gaming

    I ain't old enough, Plus that would just make it worse because I would have money and nothing to spend on so I will go back to games.
  8. Quit gaming

    Not so easy when there is a thing called addiction.
  9. Quit gaming

    Plz help me quit gaming. I have had enough plus it is a waste of time. Tell me if I should (With a reason) or not (With a way how to quit)
  10. $700 gaming pc

    No need for a 1050 ti when you got the Vega in 2200G
  11. $700 gaming pc

    Would this be over kill? https://nz.pcpartpicker.com/list/QZw6hy
  12. $700 gaming pc

    Only one problem... NO GOD DAMN STYLE POINTS!!! That is depressing
  13. $700 gaming pc

    I wouldn't mind being able to run Minecraft at 30fps on lowest res and settings lol
  14. $700 gaming pc

    I am looking for something that I can buy for $1000NZD ($700USD). The reason for this is because my dad could have $15k and I get about $1k from it. I am looking to play csgo at highest everything with maybe 4K, because reasons. ALERT STYLE POINTS NEEDED (RGB).