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    Cars, Computers and Music ♪♫.


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    Intel Core i7 7700k @ 4.2 GHz Stock
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    Asus TUF Z270 MARK 2
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    HyperX Fury 2x4GB DDR4 @ 2400MHz
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    pcyes Polar Bear
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    Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB + Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM 64MB Cache
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    Corsair CX 750M 2015
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    Deepcool 240T
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    Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1 USB
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    Windows 10 Enterprise 1903

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  1. i'll give my brother 2048Kbps of speed for upstream and downstream.
  2. Guys, I'm thinking of buying a new router to install here at home because my current device has no bandwidth control, so every time I'm playing a game someone from my house downloads something and f*ck me up w/ the ping. My current device is a AIO wifi router modem, which makes ADSL connection with my ISP 25Mbps (Yes I still use it, my parents pay so I don't argue here... It's f*cked I know). The question: My device operates in the 10.0.x.x range, and the router will probably come in 192.168.x.x range as default ... I was wondering if I should leave the two of 'em in the same IP range or should I leave it separate. Obviously I will have a DHCP conflict but I can disable DHCP from one of 'em. Thanks. Note: I won't have more than 15 devices connect to the Network, so I don't have to worry with subnet mask and bla bla bla.
  3. Anyhow, thank you both @Martin2132 and @Jurrunio
  4. Oh and btw Yeah thank you Gigabyte. My one year warranty way over dead already.
  5. Yeah, just the vrms and Vram. The GPU itself I got Kryonaut for it.
  6. I know, that's why I got new ones, And I'd like to know if they will get the job done on being "satisfying" pads in my case...
  7. 'cause they were dry, "brittle" and kinda old. i'm on thermal paste rn.
  8. So, I bought Artic 1.5mm Thermal Pads and I'd like to know if they're gonna get the job done... Can you help me?
  9. So here’s the thing. I tried changing m2 slots and the problem stopped for that moment. Then, I put the sidepanel back on when it hits me: I never tried to check the temperature properly. So, after I changed m2 slots I just removed everything from the casemod (grills, panels, etc) and turned the AC on 21ºC (70ºF). Outcome? Nothing happened. No freezing at all. I played Formula1, BF5 and NFS Heat. And just to make things even interesting, I started making copies from files that were in my old Sata SSD to the nvme device… Nothing happened, again. I even recorded the screen as you can see below: video.mp4 Once I did that, I put everything back on, turned off the AC and tried the same tests. Results? PC Freezing as I showed before. So I guess that’s it. I’m gonna invest a few bucks on better airflow for my casemod and get a m2 heatsink + artic thermal pads (a few of them I’m gonna use for my GPU which deserves some love as well). I guess that’s it. Thank you everyone who helped me here. @JoostinOnline
  10. Hello everyone. I'm cleaning my GPU and I noticed that my thermal pads were pratically destroyed. (dry, full of dust, brittle, etc). I'm getting new ones for them next week. But I want to know how thick they are... It seems like they are 1.5mm so that's the thickness I'm getting. What you think? The GPU is a GTX 1080 TURBO OC.
  11. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate. Man, I'm almost giving up. I just wanna make sure that everything is ok and the SSD is the only thing broken here. Either way, I'm kinda down =( What should I do? This doesn't happen when I'm playing on my HDD barracuda, I tried Atto's benchmark = no problem; Tried Aida64 test = no problem. Why only games? Why on SSD only? God...
  12. For some reason I couldn't write a text uphere. So, there you have it. The screenshots. The quality is low cause I used an ThirpartyApp to use my cellphone as 2nd screen, since I only have 1 monitor. I took the screenshots from there. Check the timestamps. I was playing GRID 2019.
  13. I'm goin' to check it out tommow and I'll let you know. I'm gonna sleep now cuz tomorrow I got a test @ college.