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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600
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    ASUS Crosshair VI Hero
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    G.Skill Trident Z RGB F4-3200C16-8GTZR x 2
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    EVGA GeForce 1060
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    Thermaltake Overseer RX-1
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    Samsung 850 EVO 500gb SSD x2
    Seagate 2TB 5900rpm SATA-III
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    Thermaltake RGB750 ToughPower Grand
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    Acer S271HL (27" LCD LUWAA0058535)
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    AMD RGB Wraith Spire
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    G. Skill RipJaws RGB Mechanical Keyboard MK780R
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    Logitech G602
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Hey everyone: So been watching a lot of tech vids on YouTube lately and one I came across was making my own custom back plate for my graphics card. I like this idea but I also wanted to take it a little further by doing some other light modding. Now I want to use addressable RGB lights but I see that most are a 3 pin design. Wanting to use my board (Crosshair VI Hero) as the controller I run into the problem that my RGB headers are 4 pin. Is there a way I can modify something or is there some hardware to make these more compatible? Thanks for any help you can give.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I have looked into this case and it does seem good. I can say it is in the running but I am trying to find something more flashy. I little more RGB'ish.
  3. So right now I have the Thermaltake RX-1 Overseer which is 4 to 5 years old and I am looking to change out so I can see the RGB lighting better. I have been looking over cases and a lot look good to me but I would like to ask for help I picking one. Some of the things I am looking for is being able to see inside my case, good airflow, either an atx or full size, and able to have good to excellent cable management. Pre-installed RGB would be a major plus but not a deal breaker (yet). Oh and price is a factor I got about 100 dollars saved up at the moment. If you all can tell me what you like and let me check it out. Thanks
  4. I am not saying that I need to get more RGB things (although I do like RGB things) but changing out my Current CPU for a more up to date CPU would be considered an upgrade would it not. Say going from a Ryzen 5 1600 to a ryzen 5 2600 would be a move up would it not? Or going to a different motherboard that has more features than my current, would that also not be an upgrade. Now since I am the sole supporter of a family of four on my paycheck, it is hard for me to save money to get what you would consider a worth while upgrade. I have to do mine in small increments on a budget I can only really afford once a year. So I have to pick and choose what I want to change. So let me ask you this question. With the budget I stated above, and you had my rig but only could change 1 thing, what would it be?
  5. To Everyone: If I have to put a price to something, I would like to keep it under 300 dollars. To Jurruino: Sorry about the memory. It is 2 sticks of G.Skill Trident RGB 3200 1600MHz DDR4 (16-18-18-38). The CPU is a Ryzen 5 1600 at 3400MHz. So going to an APU would not be a good idea, then maybe a newer generation Ryzen would be better. To LogicWeasel: Right now my card runs everything I play so I don't really need to upgrade that, mostly because of the price of cards now a days. Yes I can save the money to do it but like you said, I am mostly doing it for the sake of some thing new. I like the looks of some of the newer RGB thins out there, yes I like RGB, and I want to go over to those things.
  6. Hello All: It is coming tax refund time in a couple of months and I am thinking of upgrade at least 1 component in my computer (see signature below) minus the Graphic Card because that is something I cant afford to upgrade, Unless I can find a better one at a cheap price. So I am asking for suggestions as to what you all think I should do to make my system a little better. Please do not ask what I am willing to spend because at this time I don't even know. So things I was looking at is going from a CPU to a APU. Another is maybe changing out the ram from 1st gen G.Skill Trident Z to Trident Z Royal. Or maybe even changing the motherboard although I think my current one is still pretty good (just recently upgraded to latest BIOS). So what do you all think I should do. And let the suggestion begin.
  7. Again thanks for responding. I thought that some one out there might have gotten one or knows the specs better than I can dredge up so hence to question. I just wanted to make sure that I get something without wasting money on trying to find the right one.
  8. Thanks for responding but you really didn't answer the question. I just want to turn my corded phone into a wireless phone.
  9. Hello Gang, I usually ask computer question but today I need help in finding one of the best/fast type c wireless charger receiver. I have tried googling it and looking up YouTube videos but I can not find anyone say what would be considered to be the best/fastest receiver. So I come to you all, those who know all, to guide me to what I am looking for. So please help a fellow geek out. And if you are wondering, it is for a Samsung Galaxy A20 (T-Mobile Version). Thanks!
  10. I was leaning this way so thanks. But would have gone better if it wasn't to much more. I am not worried about the blinking and the frequency for the small area I am planning I do not think will matter but I think I will stick with the WS2812B's since I am on a budget. Thanks for the help guys. Is there a particular company or brand you would suggest because all the ones I see on eBay and Amazon seem to have the same ratings from customers.
  11. With that being said, what would you suggest. Would you suggest one over the other?
  12. Yes budget is a factor. I do not want to put to much into it but I also want it to look nice. I was probably going to go with the WS2812b family. I want to go around the room I am in most of the time for a little extra lighting and to change it for the particular holiday and some cool effects. I recently bought a couple of Tingkam 32.6ft RGB light but turned out to be non-addressable. That was before I really researched it. Those lights made it most of the way around the room so I know I will need at least 6 16.4ft lights. I will most likely need a couple of power supplies as well but I might be able to get away with 1 if I get the right ampage and wattage and that is if I can string them all at once instead of adding extra power along the line. Oh and by the way, thanks for the quick reply. You are the first to reply with a day let along and hour. So any more info you might need please let me know.
  13. I am now starting to sound like a broken record and I hope I got it in the right section this time. I have in 2 different sections with very little answers with my question not answered although I found out the answer to one of my questions myself. Anywho, to my point. I am wanting to string up some addressable light strips inside my house so I can change the colors according to the season or just for the hell of it on non holiday days. So I would like to know, in ya'lls opinion, which lights should I buy. I have already bought a Ardunio Uno R3 so I can control the lights but I am finding it difficult to find the right lights. I have looked at a few so far but just can't make up my mind. And reviews are no help since most put addressable and non-addressable together. Can some one point me to some good lights? Preferably 5m with 60 per meter or more and a kit as well. Thanks for any help that might be given.
  14. It turns out that they are not addressable so I have been looking into it more. So now I have to buy more light at a greater price than what I paid for 65.6ft. Which is ok cause my daughter want lights that are single and not addressable. I on the other hand want lights where I can control each led to a specific color. I am finding it hard to find what I need in order to do this and the best lights to do this with. If you have any suggestions, it would help out a lot.