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  1. Thank you, guys. So the process will be like this. Install the m.2 ssd, migrate the windows on it and set up the m.2 as my boot drive. Am I right?
  2. Hello friends. I recently bought a m.2 256gb ssd. On my current computer I have a 120 gb ssd which is 2.5 inch connected with cables. My question is that if I can make those two run in a Raid and should I do it at all. Thanks
  3. Hi, friends ! Currently i have a 120 gb ssd , but it is not enough space anymore for my apps and games. My question is if i get another ssd which is 250 gb , will i be able to connect them both to work as one disk space on my computer . Thank you
  4. Hello, friends ! I have this kind of a disturbing problem. When i start my PC, at random times instead of the homescreen, it goes directly to the BIOS and the mouse does't work in it . Otherwise, if i start the BIOS by my own , everything is working properly. The motherboard is a ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer with 8GB of HyperX RAM and a i5-4460 CPU. I don't know how to fix it. Thank you !
  5. Hello guys . I have an issue with messenger . I reinstalled the app and now it wont log in . It says " unknown error (1) " after i try to sign in .
  6. Yeah it is confusing .. when i was building my pc 3 years ago with lga 1150 it wasnt that complicated ?
  7. I3-8100 , asus rog strix b250 , gigabyte 1050 ti , be quiet system power 600 , samsung evo ssd , wd blue 1tb
  8. Yes it is . I tried with two monitors . One brand new and one old which is working ...
  9. Hello guys . Yesterday i built a new PC , but when i plugged it into the monitor there was no signal . I tried few troubleshooting tehniques . So here is what i have tried : - i changed the monitor - i changed the video card with another working one - i tried to use the onboard graphics on the motherboard - i tried changing the hdmi cable and also tried with DVI cable - i tried changing the ram stick places and try with only one , because i have a dual channel memory - i tried turning off the pc , unplug the power supply and hold the on button for one minute I thought that the problem could be the power supply , but all the components are getting powered and if it was the power supply it should work with the onboard graphics . Can you help me with this issue . Thank you
  10. Hello guys . Can you set the starting point of the song wherever you what when you are making it a ringtone on an android device . I mean not just to select from the beginning of the song or from the point that android gives you , but to make your custom one . Thanks
  11. Genezi1

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    So they arent stored automatically , do they ? Do you know which folders google chrome use ?