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  1. There is no safe smoke. Only benefit of e cigarettes is that it doesn't pass off 2nd hand smoke.
  2. first time gun buying

    Get a BAR(Browning automatic rifle) It can also functions as a heavy machine gun if used stationary with those tripods.
  3. Why the Linux CoC is Bad

    So the most productive Linux contributors must be very nice people then? If that's the case, I guess Linus Torvalds should just quit and get a real job because he obviously is the meanest person in the Linux world. https://adtmag.com/blogs/dev-watch/2014/04/linus-torvalds-rants.aspx?m=1
  4. College or work?

    Really? Your university/college has two deoartments/school and they are either nursing or engineering?
  5. College or work?

    I would be surprised if even half of your school are engineer and nursing students. These ppl not a huge percentage in most schools.
  6. College or work?

    And probably they are working at jobs totally unrelated to their degrees.
  7. College or work?

    Why not both? Get an internship/side job and attend school. If you just want to jump straight into the work force straight out of high school, the first couple few years you will be hard pressed to find jobs that pay above the minimum wage.
  8. Non Engineering Hardware Degree?

    I thought IT is a business degree. It is literally called BS in management of information system in many universities. Sounds familiar to a BS in business management? Well, its cuz they belong in the business schools so no engineering so no hardcore weed out classes in heavy math, physics, and computer science. Technology yes, engineering no, and there is lot more focus on the business side than in STEM.
  9. Non Engineering Hardware Degree?

    A degree in assembling iPhones? you dont get to design, you just assemble.
  10. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Kantai collection 2.0?
  11. Are You a Computer Expert? Take This Quiz!

    mac users automatically fails. we linux users are auto pass
  12. Cool things in Germany?

    Visit McDonald's. They serve the most ethnic German food ever!!!
  13. Apps with Python?

    You can https://www.pycon.it/conference/talks/developing-android-apps-completely-in-python I don't know how feature rich it is compare to the native Android SDK bundled with Android studio however.
  14. Go to opera launcher icon and click on property. It should tell you the command it uses for launching the application. The launcher is in in your home .local/applications or usr/local/applications. You can also use the locate command which is like the most heavy duty locator I see on Linux. If the thing is broken, reinstall it. Use apt purge and auto remove command to get rid of all the system settings for opera. Then go into your home folder and delete any and all opera residue files you see. They can be in its opera folder or be in your .local .cache or .Config folder.
  15. Is computer engineering hard?

    Fast food engineer is a good fallback if computer engineering doesn't work out.