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    I am a PC builder, Linux user, Android lover, and hobbyist coder.
    I was borne in the penguins Republic of Antartica, at its northern tip.
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  1. How hard is it to get a job without experience?

    Maybe you should like ah, finish high school first? I know kids your age have raging hormones and usually don't think too clearly in the head about your first love. The point is that your parents still have legal authority over you. You can't just pack up and leave without your parental consents. If you talking about plans like 8 years from now, you may or may not still be with her so don't worry about such things now. Oh, use protection, don't transmit or catch STDs, and forgodsake, don't impregnate her.
  2. How hard is it to get a job without experience?

    Tell her to come to your country and live with you instead. What kind of man moves in with his gf? If anything, after marriage, your wife should move in with you. Woman marries into a man's family, not the other way around.
  3. POLL: Do you keep your PC on the floor or desk?

    mini atx case pc will go on desk otherwise everything goes on the floor
  4. Borrowing books

    Yes. You can borrow a book from me in fact.
  5. Just don't dress like the wedding is an orgy party. What is the wedding like? Conservative church style or is it like one of those wild party style in which people dance to oppa gangnam style and party rock anthem?
  6. bored

    I'm not saying you should as well. Workaholic like summer isn't for everyone. I did list other things like porn watching and camping in my suggestion
  7. It is also a status symbol. No, I don't mean those jerk Linux elitists who thinks they are computer gods just cuz they have Slackware, Arch, or Gentoo running on their machines. I mean you can actually theme your desktop darkish, install a terminal application like Hollywood, and scare everyone around you into thinking you are a top notch world class computer hacker.
  8. bored

    I gotta repeat a few classes too because I failed writing. Still no debt thankfully. And it isn't like all it is spent on tuition. I usually have a few thousands left over to spend on whatever I want. I usually work 20 hours during the semester to pay for rent and food and then buckle down and grind my way through 70+ hours work week during the spring and summer break which covers my tuition. It ain't difficult if you are willing to sacrifice your social life and you have a strong work ethics 😃 The key is to know your limit and able to balance the burden and time.
  9. bored

    True. The business that employs me doesn't make any more money for opening longer. In fact, they actually loses profit because they have to pay me for longer hours. But the customer expects the store to open at least 12 hours a day so they didn't have any choice. I work two jobs btw. Most business is not willing to give you 40+ because of the overtime rate.
  10. bored

    If it means no student debt then hell yeah. I will be junior this fall and currently my student debt is a big fat $0. Work hard now so I can relax later is my Philosophy.
  11. bored

    It used to be much easier. You just need to travel to China first and then go the young pioneer(a tour agency) and sign up for a tour to north Korea. However ever since warmbier died there for stupidly stealing north propaganda poster, the tour agency had banned all American nationals. Travel there is still possible if the American traveler has fuel citizenship and uses his other none USA passport to travel.
  12. bored

    1) Work 74 hours a week like me. 2) watch porn 3) weight training/ fitness training all day. After the summer you will be very fit, assuming you eat well. 4) travel around the world. The cheapest country to travel to would be North Korea. If you are American, pretend you are Canadian there. 5) read a novel. Spend 1 hour each day reading. It can be for leisure or nonfiction you are interested in. 6) Go camping. By that I meant pack up stuffs in your van and just drive to the yellow stone national park and stay there for a week or two. (Applies if you are American) 7) go to the beach. Remember to bring a camera to photo all the pretty women. 8) volunteer in your local animal shelters if you are an animal lover or hang around in your local butcher shop if you like to see them suffer instead. And the list goes on and on. I will update it when I get more free time.
  13. i9 in small laptop is stupid. Mac and i9 is stupid. Apple the company is stupid.
  14. Windows on Chromebook stuck on "Please wait" screen

    Can I know what you need windows for?
  15. Should I Buy The Google Pixel Right Now?

    Get xiaomi from gearbest. Check your carrier bands.