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    i5 6200u
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    Laptop OEM bios and motherboard
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    8 gig DDR4
  • GPU
    Intel HD 520/GTX 950m
  • Case
    laptop case
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    1 TB 5400 rpm & 128 Samsung nvme ssd
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    Laptop psu
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    crappy 1080p TN display
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    crappy OEM laptop cooling solution
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    Laptop keyboard
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    Logitech wireless mouse
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    crappy laptop speaker
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    Deepin Linux 15.5

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    Penguin's Republic of Antarctica
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    I like to code. I LOVE to code!!! I code for leisure.
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    I was borne on the northern tip of Antarctica. I had study in the National University of South Pole and majored in Aviation Engineering before volunteering for active service in the Antarctica Penguin Army (APA). Now I hope to combine my expertise in aviation with military service to help establish the first ever Antarctica Penguin Air Force. I just need to figure out how to get our wings to fly in addition to swim. Our navy is robust enough. An air force would ensured my nation is unassailable.
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    Soldier of the Antarctica Penguin Army

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  1. What would you like seen a reality in years to come?

    I like to see life like sex robots
  2. Edit: from what you said, Linux is clearly not for you. You seem to demand convenience over everything else, even if that means forsaken security like password during login and software installation. Stick to windows because Linux does things differently and you don’t seem to have the willingness to unlearn windows and adapt to Linux.
  3. My kid loves Linus

    Yeah totally. I taught my sister high school algebra and trigonometry when she was only 9. Now I am planning on teaching her calculus before she attends middle school.
  4. My kid loves Linus

    Toddler warms my heart. Although kitten is cuter.
  5. Why is savage jerky so good?

    I love human jerkey....
  6. people like small, shiny metals that look nice in an office building or easy to carry around. it is a status symbol. Its not because the consumers are tech illiterate and dont know what internal hardware they get for the money as most like to presume. case point, over 60% of the computer science and engineering students on my campus use macbooks as their primary laptops and so are over 80% of my CS professors. It doesnt change the fact that they are overpriced shiny metals with medicore specs though.
  7. Learning to drive ( poll )

    Asian here, my people like to learn driving by watching youtube or trial and error.
  8. Shortening code in visual basic

    No, just do bunch of GOTOs. learn from this guy
  9. How Much Fans in Your PC Build/Case

    2, excluding the cpu and gpu fans
  10. Help running a jar file

    never mind. I fixed the issue. i uninstall the open sourced openjdk and install the proprietary java jdk 9 from oracle. Everything now works out of the box. I am pretty sure the issue is that javaFX and its dependencies libraries are not install by default. I really am not gonna bother install these dependencies for the openjdk when oracle jdk9 packs in everything.
  11. What could we do? (getting Blackmailed)

    Not sure about you but the police department in my area sucks. I can call the cop one day and they arrive like one week later if they even bother to come at all. Sometimes the community just needs to band into vigilantes group and seek their own justice. Authority is often times unwilling and incompetent.
  12. Someone keeps asking for my stuff

    Say no, fck off but let’s still be friends.
  13. Ebay question

    Bad use unlike transaction with physical money, digital transactions can have decimals.
  14. Help running a jar file

    But the programs relies on the javaFX library so if I am to recompile I’ll have to install the dependencies and configure it in the IDE all over again. I don’t even remember the steps.... Can I somehow force jvm to use main class or something? yeah it does look sick. It’s the main reason I install it on the first place. Hehe. The distro tends to babysit you a lot though. It is very user friendly, more so than Mint so a lot of the advanced features are disable by default on the os. One example is the nvidia driver. You cant install it manually from third party. You are forced to use bumblebee from its driver manager which installs proprietary driver by default . The downside is there pretty much nothing you can configure in nvidia setting page. I don’t even know what version of the driver I am running on.