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    Forum Penguin
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    hell, no. Their games suck balls
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    Why? sony should just declared bankruptcy and sold their shares to Nintendo
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    I don't game on consoles, especially ones made by microshaft.
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    Huh? Is this star wars sequel?
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    Penguin's Republic of Antarctica
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    Coding, PC building, Linux Gaming, Android Gaming, Microsoft and Apple bashing.
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    I am a PC builder, Linux user, Android lover, and hobbyist coder.
    I was borne in the penguins Republic of Antartica, at its northern tip.
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    Full time college student.


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    Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 6.0
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    Radeon R9 380
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    Vivo Case
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    1 TB 7200 rpm HDD & 256 GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD
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    600 Watt Corsair
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    920p Acer monitor
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    Hyper 212 Evo
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    EagleTec Wirless keyboard
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    EagleTec Wireless mouse
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    Logitech Z130
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    Fedora 29 Workstation, Linux Mint for my laptop for school reasons.

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  1. The thing is, cops can be a dick to you in return and unlike him, you cant bend his arms and body slam on him.
  2. If your phone is stolen, you can still tell your carrier to blacklist the imei or if you really wanna get your phone back, get the carriers to report the geographic location of the phone with that IMEI numbers when it connects to a cell tower. I seriously do not understand why people like to steal phones in a day and age when location tracking and privacy is such a concern. The government and law enforcements can track you phone thieves down.
  3. You get trollish lvl 1s that endeavor and quick attack as well as annoying stalker that stun, disable, encore, and toxic or Pokemons that will just OHKO in one turn in these hack roms. The base game as well as the story remains the same, all these hacks do are jacking up the difficulties. Just Google up something like star sapphire or supernova sun. Trainers have Pokemons that are Max in their EVs and gym leaders all have Pokemons natures, abilities, characteristics EVs, and dual typings that are meta in competive matches.
  4. Yeah, I literally have a faulty harddrive that would failed time to time. Linux would boot up fine and report it as faulty or erroring while windows would give me bsod on boot up.
  5. wasab

    Baby Yoda...

    Gorilla warfare, I am so scare.
  6. Try the rom hacks. In these games, NPC trainers will troll battle you like in this video
  7. for making the base game challenging. No one wants to wait until post games for challenges. I just want an elite 4 with max 100 lvl pokemons and gym leaders that will throw 6 maxed ev trained Pokemons at you. Fire type gym leaders will have a balacne team that can one hit ko even water types and ground types that are levels higher than them in these battles. They are modified to use strategies, moves, Pokemon, and battle items that are meta from competitive matches. Beating them are a real accomplishment.
  8. Because all based games are design to be easy. Heck, no Pokemons are even max levels, not even elite 4. Post game materials are where Pokemon actually challenge you competitivly. You have access to battle frontiers and multiplayers by this point in which you need to know all the tricks and strategies of Pokemon to succeed, not just throwing higher lvl Pokemon with type advantage at something. You can legit send a legendary fire type against a lowly grass type like Bellsprout and your opponent will either one hit KO it at first turn or use stalling moves that will disable your stronger Pokemons and wither its health until it dies. It isn't uncommon to see one fast Pokemon boosted by 3 sword dances that just sweep wipe your entire 6 poke teams. Not just a game of rock paper and scissor by this point. Real competitive players spent vast amount of time ev train Pokemon and breeding them from eggs with the proper iv values as well picking battle items and egg moves.
  9. You obviously never play rom hacks in which trainer team often consists of level 1 studry Arons that will sandstorm, endeavor, and murder your lvl 100 legendary.
  10. Aerodynamic won't matter after we invent antigravity generator.
  11. Best gen is gen IV. The game then goes downhill from gen v and onwards. Recently I have been playing Pokemon ultra sun and moon. I did not even make it pass the 2nd island. They literally threw away the entire formula of Pokemon. No more gyms, no more HMs, and gym bosses are replace by oversized Pokemon sourronded by growing aura, z moves are stupider than the entire concept of mega evolution. What the hell is game freak thinking.... Gen 8 is even more radical. Encounters are no longer by chance and you ride bikes on top of water in addition to gigantic 3d Pokemon in trainer battles. What the hell....