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    I like to code. I LOVE to code!!! I code for leisure.
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    I was borne on the northern tip of Antarctica. I had study in the National University of South Pole and majored in Aviation Engineering before volunteering for active service in the Antarctica Penguin Army (APA). Now I hope to combine my expertise in aviation with military service to help establish the first ever Antarctica Penguin Air Force. I just need to figure out how to get our wings to fly in addition to swim. Our navy is robust enough. An air force would ensured my nation is unassailable.
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  1. iphone x = apple logo + shiny metal + shit software + $1000+ price tag I lost hope in humanity
  2. Help with Java FX application

    mind showing me all your imports as well?
  3. hm... well, prefixes seem to be unimportant, you can probably leave it the way it is. You do need a token from discord which i have no idea what it is. What is discord anyway? oh, get python IDE and install the dependencies like the ReadMe said.
  4. Do I take the job?

    75k what? gold nuggets? Ask them about the benefits. Any paid vacation and perks like free lunch?
  5. how?? and will lte gonna work if i do that?
  6. I just realized the xz1 has no finger print scanner. This is a deal breaker. I am getting the essential phone. Sd 845 seems to have much better gpu but oh well. I don’t think any of the phones will be around $400 when they launched anyway.
  7. Okay, seems like the consensus is the that essential phone is the better buy so essential phone it is. no, I won’t be selling it.
  8. Because it is birthday gift from my parents so I will be returning it to them.
  9. got a redmi note 3 pro the previous year, i lost it I was a real big fan of their MIUI. it looks just glorious and have loads of features.
  10. Hi, I am looking for an android phone to replace my iphone x with My budget is only $200 USD but I have $200 dollars best buy gift card which puts me in range of sub $400 android phones. The phone has to be a flagship devices which means a snapdragon 835 so that means either this https://www.bestbuy.com/site/essential-essential-phone-4g-lte-with-128gb-memory-cell-phone-unlocked-black-moon/5973000.p?skuId=5973000 or this https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sony-xperia-xz1-compact-4g-lte-with-32gb-memory-cell-phone-unlocked-black/6045200.p?skuId=6045200 i have never used a handset from either companies so does anyone know which is better? oh, these are last years flagships so do you think i should just wait for snapdragon 845 phones instead?
  11. Don’t use YouTube then. You should be doing youkou and Weibo instead of twitter or YouTube.
  12. How to ask out my crush that likes me?

    Ask her out dummy. Straight up ask her out in a romance relationship. If she rejected you(why would she if she says she liked you?) just say okay but you will always be available if she changed her mind.
  13. you seem to suggest that if i wish to get 100% best experience out of apple products i have to fully invest in their ecosystems. No thanks. Google drive is superior to icloud, macs are overpriced, i do not wish to use the former and i have no desire to purchase the latter. I am very annoyed by the apple's you have to use our products and services or else you cant do sh*t closed walled mentality.
  14. You can’t move files on windows either if you have no iTunes installed. For me iTunes is bloatware and I remember I usually uninstalled it immediately after transferring files with it on a windows machine. android can transfer files on Linux(heck, I develop android apps on Linux), my camera can transfer files on Linux, why can’t iphone? Inconvenience is inconvenience . Downloading iTunes and logging into iTunes is an inconvenience itself.
  15. yeah, it didnt work. i was able to get the file on icloud though