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  1. Monster.plays

    Molex to PCIe adapters

    Yeah I know it's not really a popular brand, I really only hear it in my country. But I thought it was decent sense people said to not buy cheap 20$ power supplies, I thought this one was good sense I paid 60$ for it and it's 80+ gold sooo.. But either way I'm looking into getting a different one anyways. Thanks for the suggestion btw
  2. Monster.plays

    Molex to PCIe adapters

    Right lol. Ignore the shitty case and cable management, I got a new case, just waiting on the new motherboard and CPU so I can build it in the new case. Anyways This is the PSU https://www.conrad.com/ce/en/product/972397/PC-power-supply-unit-LC-Power-LC6550-V22-550-W-ATX-80PLUS
  3. Monster.plays

    Molex to PCIe adapters

    Also hey just btw I just have one question and I'll just ask it here real quick sense I don't get replies anywhere else lol. My 550w power supply has only one 6 pin connector but I wanna get a GPU that needs two 6 pin connectors, is this molex to 6 connector okay to use or not? I usually just see these with two molex connectors but they each have 2 of those lil pins in them, my molex end only has 3 pins in there. And also in general idk if they're okay to use, some people say yes, some say no
  4. Monster.plays

    Help - GTX 780 Ti SC

    Yea true I do give you that, it's not really worth it rn especially with the 10 series cards the pricing is shit rn. I guess the best option is still to go SLI in the 780 ti. I mean who am i to say what better or worse that setup is still way better then mine, I got a gtx 750 lol. So yeah if he can find another 780 ti for a decent price then go for it, it'll still bring you amazing performance
  5. Monster.plays

    Help - GTX 780 Ti SC

    Well I don't really have much experience in SLI bit yeah the 780 ti is pretty expensive so I'd suggest to just save up for something else and more new, but the thing is you'd end up spending even more money on that tho then if you just got another 780 ti so i really don't know, what do you need SLI for tho?one 780ti is plenty powerful enough, but if you do need more power and if you have a CPU that can handle the power, I'd suggest just upgrading to a better GPU in general, getting one of the 900 series or 1000 series GTX and just using that, and later down the line SLI that if you need or want. I just personal don't see a big gain of SLI'ing such a card unless you're using a 1080 ti or something. So idk my best suggestions is just wait and save up to get a single good card like a 900 series or 1000 series GTX cards and then SLI that later down the line when they get cheeper and when you'll need the extra horse power.
  6. Hi  so I just have a real quick question regarding the 6pin connector, my PSU only has one but for my new graphics card I need to use two, is it safe to use one of those molex to 6pin connector or not? And what should I watch out for regarding my PSU specs? It's a 550w by the way 

    1. samisntdead


      What kind of graphics card do you have? As long as you have enough wattage you should be fine. 

  7. Monster.plays

    Gigabyte Z370-HD3 or MSI Z370-A pro?

    Yeah for me personally I think it does seem like a better option plus yea I really wanna overclock it and I know all about the boards now, I've been doing my research haha and I know to go with any kind of B350 chipset. Really the only thing that's bothering me rn is ram cos I haven't done all my research on it complitely haha, but as you said I'll get something low that I can overclock (ASSUMING I can actually get it for a decent price .-. lol) But anyways I'll still see how things go, till the sumer prices will change and probably new stuff will come out. The cheeper boards for the i3 will come out so I'll see how that will go price wise to an AMD system then. And if I do still wanna build an AMD ryzen system then, I'm sure there will be other processors out as well(????)idk But I'll see and hey if I'll have enough money, I'll go for the R5 1600/1600x cos that's honestly goals and plenty enough to keep me safe for the future with 6 cores and 12 threads, that's honestly goals (if the money will be there ofc haha) if not then I'll go for the R3 1200 or of something elsecomes out in the meanwhile that's in my budget haha. But seriously thanks so much for explaining and helping and making me see the full pic haha, really thank you so much^^
  8. Monster.plays

    Gigabyte Z370-HD3 or MSI Z370-A pro?

    Wow now you've blown me out of the Watterson haha thanks for the details and explanation on all that really! And well tbh I know that there's WAYYYY more to it then just frequency, but i just don't bother going that deep into it but I know that there is more to it and just cos lest say my ryzen might have a higher frequency, doesn't mean itll do better then an Intel processor at the same or even lower frequency. I know that and I even saw it with my own eyes when I did some research after I posted that comment haha. I saw a comparison between the ryzon R3 1200/1300x and the new intel core i3 8100/8350k. And the new i3 smoked the ryzon R3's. But anyways that's besides the point lol My budget isn't that high (hints why I'm looking for 100$ CPU's) so now these new i3 processor are really giving me second thoughts on what I should get? But then at the same time I'm not a power hungry user, I just need it for gaming and maybe some light editing, and sense I'm using a GTX 1050, will I even see a big difference between them? Yes the new i3 seems like a better deal but I'll just need it for some gaming and light editing as I said, so would I even see any difference between them? Should I still just go with the R3 1200 cos it's a lil cheeper and plus the boards are cheeper, and call it a day? (As long as it keeps me over 60 FPS in games I'm happy and these both would without a doubt, but but do you think one might be better down the line, like let's say 5 years from now? That's the thing that's frustrating me )
  9. Monster.plays

    Gigabyte Z370-HD3 or MSI Z370-A pro?

    Ah okay, so technically that R5 1400 is basically just a slightly better R3 lol. Idk why they didn't just put it in there to start off. Anyways I've been doing some research and damn I'm actually starting to get more impressed with the R3 1200, people are overclocking it to 3.8ghz (sorry if I spelled that wrong I always mix it up lol) anyways you get the point, and then if I get an aftermarket cooler I can get it to 4.0 or maybe even 4.1 if I'm lucky And honestly that all I need, just for gaming and some video editing. But again I'll see what my budget will be this sumer haha. And thanks for the help btw
  10. Monster.plays

    Gigabyte Z370-HD3 or MSI Z370-A pro?

    Yeah but thats why I'm trying to see if it'll be faster if I overclock it. Yea I have the 2500k but it runs stock cos the board I got rn doesn't let me overclock .-. and I won't buy a new board for it cos that'd be a waist of money lmao so I'll just save up for something new reathet lol. But anyways hey one last question. In the R5 line up the loved one is the R5 1400 and it's a 4 core with just a lil bit taller clock speed then the R3 1300x right? Cos in that case the R5 1400 is trash sense I can just overclock the 1300 to that lol. Or is there something else to the R5 1400?
  11. Monster.plays

    Gigabyte Z370-HD3 or MSI Z370-A pro?

    Ohh nice thanks man, I'll look that up! And yeah I agree the R5 1600 seems like the best and honestly I'd love to get it cos future proofing but idk how my budget will be tho, it'll probably be enough for the R3 1300x or something. But the thing is I have an i5 2500k and I'm having a really hard time deciding if I shouldn't get the R3 1300x cos it's on par with what I got rn, so idk if I should spend that much money just to basically have something I got rn, just with the difference that it'll be rayzen and all brand new and ddr4 memory instead or ddr3 thats all the difference I'll see. UNLESS i overclock the 1300x, at that point itdbe worth to upgrade to it. But hey if I'll have money in the summer, I'll go for the R5 1600! Anyways sorry for the rant hope you can follow what I'm trying to say
  12. Monster.plays

    Gigabyte Z370-HD3 or MSI Z370-A pro?

    Oh shoot sorry I didn't even see your reply sorry, ignore my other message / question about overclocking then and dw don't be sorry haha, I don't have any experience with it either, that's why I'm looking around and asking around to find stuff out so I'm if it's worth upgrading or not but anyways thanks man!!
  13. Monster.plays

    Gigabyte Z370-HD3 or MSI Z370-A pro?

    Also I don't mean to bother or be annoying or anything haha, but just asking if you might know, what's the cheepest AM4 board that can do overclocking?
  14. Monster.plays

    Gigabyte Z370-HD3 or MSI Z370-A pro?

    Hey sorry this is so random and off topic and probably a really stupid question . But I just need somebody that knows more when it comes to ryzen CPU's and this is the first chat I came across lol. But its regarding overclocking the ryzen CPU's I'm looking to get an R3 or R5 and I hear alot of people talking about overclocking them sense they're unlocked, but I can't find anywhere if that voids your warranty or not? I know it's probably a stupid question but I'm just making sure at this point
  15. Monster.plays

    Fractal Design Define R6 fan hub

    Nice thanks how the suggestion and help haha, that really helped and made me relax cos I didn't know what to do. I only have 1 HDD so immgoid then, I'll move the fans so it cools the rest of the pc. But I'm also looking to order new fans online so I'll have everything covered, but thanks again man