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  1. Hey. I can't boot in the Bios even If I select it in the Advanced Startup Options it just turns off the Video feed to my monitor and doesn't restart at all. Is there any way to get into the BIOS? As stated before it's an Asus ROG Strix Z390-F I can't access the CMOS right now cause I use a vertical GPU and that blocks the access. Thanks!
  2. They are denying this bullet-proof evidence?
  3. It only detects the sizes RED actually sells. So 1TB as long as it's the same drive RED uses would work. And the Housing has no logic in it so you can just buy the same Micron SSD with 1TB that RED Uses and put it in the 512GB Housing.
  4. RED Mini Mags are a huge ripoff Jinni.Tech which also sells their own Mags exposed them in their most recent video. They really just buy CONSUMER mSata SSDs from Micron(aka. Crucial) and convert them from mSata to a so-called Dock Connector. And that's how to increase the price by 10 times. You can even upgrade them yourself If you really want to. What's even sketchier is that the Mini-Mag has an acclaimed capacity of 512Gb but If you look on the actual SSD it only says 480Gb. (Isn't that fraud?) What's also kinda shady is that they call it "Made in USA" "Custom Firmware developed by RED" "Special Drives". 1. Made in USA: Not true Micron produces their SSDs in China/Singapore. The casing might be produced in the USA and the Parts assembled in the USA. 2. Custom Firmware developed by RED: jinni.tech bought the same Drive with the official Micron firmware on it and it worked flawlessly. He even reflashed the firmware on the one that was in the Mini Mag 3. Special Drives: Yeah, Micron mSata SSDs aren't really special drives just because you put an adapter on them. They also have the Retail SKU addition "AB" which stands for Standard Feature Set and "YY" which means "Standard Customer Designator" So Linus, yikes I remember that post where you bought 6 960Gb Mini Mags must hurt to know how much you overpaid for them, but hey as long as they work.
  5. So my CPU was on 1,5V for less than 2 hours. Ive set it back to Stock now because my cooler isnt powerful enough. Its an i5-9600k Is there any damage now? It never went above 1,5 the frequency was max 5,2 Ghz and Prime95 obv crashed the PC multiple times (BSODs) I hope no damage occured. The Prime95 Extreme test works without a hitch on stock frequency. Thanks.
  6. Its not overheating around 50C and it doesnt go down. No matter what I do. AI Suite 3 didnt help either.
  7. So heres my problem: If I boot into Windows the CPU Fan goes all the way up to 100% (At least it sounds like that) I did not have this issue before and the PC is not even a week old. The processor is an i5-9600k but i do not think that is relevant. I resseted the whole PC with the integrated Windows Tool and selected the "deep clean" method and the CPU Fan still spins up like crazy. Already restored the BIOS to the defaults. Thanks in advance
  8. Yes right above the CMOS Switch is a "Bios Switcher" since the Z87 Extreme4 has two Bioses. If i remove it completely which means none is selected it works with the official Power Toggle and it solved another Problem I had earlier where the Fan only started spinning for like half a second. Found a Swiss reseller for a BIOS Chip aprox. 7 USD
  9. It does post there. So how can I fix this dead mobo? Could it be the BIOS since if i remove the BIOS SWAP Switch it also boots.
  10. I have another ASRock Mainboard Z97 Anniversary and I use 1333 Mhz Crucial Ballistix Sport so should be compatible. Weird thing is that the fans are spinning and there is no error code
  11. There is no HDD connected. Also I tried it with and without the GPU There is no HDD connected. Also I tried it with and without the GPU
  12. Yes. I have tried changing the MoBo Battery. Also the RAM is from my other System which Works fine. I actually have a Motherboard speaker going to connect it now. I also tried switching RAM slots. OK so I dont seem to find the little SPeaker.