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  1. Hello, I want to install a surround setup in my room. The problem is: Soooo my room looks like this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZIVFvQOsg1Z_-rxoPCk5kDdSjfloScSLTTSBOXnTDa8/edit If i install Surround sound speakers, how do i change the "front" speakers to be different for my pc and tv, so that my setup functions properly with both? THX
  2. Hello folks, i wanted to get into music production, but since i am a poor pleb i dont have enough money to get a second pc for Fruity loops alone. All 3 outputs of my gtx 750ti are taken and i wanted to ask if i could maybe add a gtx 710 and use it just for the monitor (1920x1080 60hz) with fruity loops. will this work, and if yes how well? tyty, xoxo, Papa bless, Lukas
  3. Is one 120mm pull Radiator aio cooler enough for a non-overclocked i7 8700?
  4. If i want two 1080 tis in sli, can i run them in adjacent slots? Will the temperature be ok? Also blower or fan cooling? Thanks! (I want to build in the lian li pc 011 and have 4 vertical expansion slots. i wanted to place both gpus there but idk if that will work)
  5. Hello, Im a 1st time system builder and wanted to build said 1st system inside of the inwin 303c. My question is if i can use a 360 mm radiator that draws air in from behind, as well as a 120mm fan in the back (that also draws in air) without fans at the bottom. I want to use the CM vertical gpu bracket so i can't mount fans at the bottom. Will i achieve acceptable temperatures with this?
  6. Could this system keep low temperatures? all important parts arre listed in the picture. Thanks! UPDATE: im going with a i7-7700k and with a gtx 1080. Is the Water-cooling loop ok? And do you have any advice for a first time water-cooling build?