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  1. Ip adress for the Asus router is (did that automatically with the AP function) Regarding your further tips I greatly appreciate them, however I don't seem to be able to set an "end adress", only a start) My DHCP settings for my ISP are: Start Local Adress ( / Amount of Devices (245 atm) and Lease Time.
  2. Thanks for responding. ISP > Router / Modem combo Ethernet cable into WAN port Asus RT-AC66U I did in fact select "get automatic IP" and it went from to (if I want to login to ISP router/modem its I don't know where I can check the IP range? I don't think I had to select it when I put it into the automatic AP mode.
  3. Ipv6 thing is not a setting I can access whilst the Asus router is in AP mode. I've tried flashing it to Tomato and ran into some IP issues I didn't understand. Small update. Back on normal Asus Firmware I noticed the WiFi works fine in normal Router mode. It only starts to malfunction as soon as I change it to AP mode. Does this mean anything to you?
  4. Thanks for the source, very interesting! Would be so kind to explain how sometimes my phone will connect (and stay connected, till Im out of range), whilst most of the times it'll fail to connect (and crash my router)? What does IPV6 have to do with that? EDIT: The question comes from my cunfusion. If its a IPV6 issue, shouldn't my phone never be able to connect to the router? Whilst in few (random) occasions it can now.
  5. Asus is set to AP mode, which should automatically disable DHCP as far as im concerned. I've been a bit silly and managed to test the No password thing - no different results I've looked at the Wireless Logs before, but do not know what the look for when it comes to crashes. (Tho I did just try it again, but the second I connected to the WiFi my internet crashed again, and the modem appears to have restarted itself) I have attached the Wireless Log after the modem restarted itself. Connecting on my Honor phone again and it doesn't crash anything and has instant access to the internet (and stays connected) (What does HTTPs and HTTP change in my scenario, willing to test it. But I made a small mistake so I require another factory reset. Didn't get to export the certificate, so I can't seem to login to my AP anymore) WirelessLog.rtf
  6. - Its transmitting SSID - MAC filtering is disabled - I cannot set no password on the router page, it'll defeault to "0000000" if I leave the page blank
  7. Thanks! I will be testing this now.. I'm going to throw in another thing that I have noticed (and notice atm during testing and logging into the Asus page). Every now and then when I try to troubleshoot and see if I can find any logs, I try to connect to the AP Wifi and login to the Asus AP... It'll crash my internet on my PC and the logs read that it has probably just restarted. I've had this happen multiple times when i've tried to unsuccesfully connect my phone to the WiFi. If that means anything to you then please let me know. I'll be testing your point for now, but it just happened again when I tried to login to the Asus AP on my PC. For future reference (Asus RT AC66U, Firmware / Xoami Mi Mix 3 MIUI 11.0.4 (Android 10) / Other Phone tested that always worked on the AP WiFi Honor 8 Edit: Crash from log says this.. I have no clue what this stuff means. May 28 08:41:17 LAN network changes (%s/%s --> %s/%s). : May 28 08:41:17 rc_service: udhcpc_lan 373:notify_rc stop_samba May 28 08:41:17 rc_service: udhcpc_lan 373:notify_rc start_samba May 28 08:41:17 rc_service: waitting "stop_samba" via udhcpc_lan ... May 28 08:41:17 Samba Server: smb daemon is stoped May 28 08:41:19 rc_service: ntp 481:notify_rc restart_diskmon May 28 08:41:19 disk_monitor: Finish May 28 08:41:19 disk monitor: be idle May 28 08:42:01 crond[381]: time disparity of 1085856 minutes detected
  8. Thanks for your reply. - isp router is in normal router mode. - router and ap are using new SSIDs (different) - they're set on different channels (I've tried both auto switching and static, both with the same connecting issue) - Firmware is updated to the latest version Thanks again, but those solutions don't seem to do the trick for me.
  9. Dear reader, Im having the strangest thing happening to my phone WiFi, and I do not understand what is happening. Firstly I'll try to sketch what my network situation currently is: house, 3 floors. Base floor has modem/router. First floor has a Asus router that I have configured to an access point. Before this I had a different modem /router. That had bridge mode on it. Therefore my Asus router was in normal router mode. My phone WiFi worked fine. Because of work at home and relative weak signal I managed to convince the ISP to send a new modem /router. I removed bridge mode and started using that WiFi downstairs. To remove complications I then enabled AP mode on my Asus router upstairs. Ever since then my Xiaomi phone has been acting up. I would connect to the AP and it stays connected for 5 seconds (full signal strength) and then disconnect (2.4 and 5ghz)..when it disconnects the said would also then dissappear from the WiFi menu as if they no longer existed. (after a while they come back) And sometimes I connect and they stay connected(very rare). For as long as I like. Till I go outside and have to reconnect again when I get back. Then it might refuse again. I've tested on an old phone that has yet to fail to connect to the AP. Works every time. Connecting to me new modem / router works a charm on my phone as well. Tried factory reset on AP twice. Reseting network settings on phone multiple times. Problem keeps coming back, just in this phone. After switching to AP mode. Help. I am not technical enough to understand what could be causing this... If you need more info I'd happily provide it. Thanks in advance, Daniel
  10. Hey! My dads computer has been having some issues lately. When his PC is running it is performing just as expected. However, whenever it goes to sleep mode / you turn it off, it usually refuses to boot back up for atleast a day. I have found that whenever the PC does not turn on, the Motherboard lights are on, but the top and back fans do not spin, same goes for the CPU fan. Sadly I do not have the equipment to test, lets say, another PSU and all the repair shops he has been to say its the mobo and he needs a new PC. Anyone else familiar with issues like this? It just seems odd that the PC won't turn on for an entire day before working ''normally'' again. If you need any further information from me, please let me know! Kind regards, Daniël