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  1. Thanks dude, i actually used the safe settings, and that was 14-14-14-14-32, and all other values like tRAS tRDRD, and such, everything. But it was not stable, haven't tested speed yet
  2. So i have this kit of CORSAIR vengeance RAM https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Memory/VENGEANCE-LPX/p/CMK16GX4M2A2666C16 Wondering if i can succesfully push it past 2666Mhz. I know that you obviously can,but i have heard some CORSAIR kits don't place nice when trying to overclock them past there rated speeds. IF not the speeds, what about the timings? What number can i expect, or should i just use DRAM calculator? Thanks Y'all
  3. So i love the look of this card, and as the card naturally screams to be interested into a Vertical GPU configuration, that's what i'm going to do. However, i'm still gonna be careful Before buying this card, I have heard that it has slightly worse thermal performance then other cards, and unnecessarily high idle temps, but on the + asides it's supposed to be lighter better performing and a better overclocking then other cards, to an extent of course. Now i'm after previous experience with this card, good or bad experience? If' there was an issue with it. OTHER then the aforementioned i want to know about it, thanks y'all.
  4. Yeah, that essentially proves what i'm trying to say and hey.. If it's RAM thats benefiting ryzen, i'm all about it
  5. I don't think they ever said that 16BG wouldn't be enough, i mean it is for almost every gamer that intends to only game or occasional stream as such. You reaised a couple of good points, further more i guess that it would be appropriate to buy the 4x8kit anyway. Nice, thanks fr the input... also hatred towards G,skill much I get what you saying though, i get it.
  6. Yeah i think that essentially proves what i'm trying to to say, + in terms of stability and working to the set standards, i just checked the RAM configuration and under the tested speeds and timings the specific set of ram i want is there, sooo i'm hoping it will run at it's rated speed and timings?!
  7. Yeah officially speaking quad channel isn't supported my bad, but what i was referring to is that essentially from the graphs shown is that, as long as you have four ranks of DDR4 at 3600 ( Or there abouts ) your all good, and essentially that can still be achieved with Four Single Rank DIMMS apposed to Two Dual ranks DIMM's.
  8. Obviously you didn't read and the whole paper on toms hardware, how about you do that before drawing to a solid conclusion
  9. Thanks, and i think i'm using a pretty solid motherboard so i should be good
  10. Ok that didn't really answer my question but thanks enough, and so basically you agree?
  11. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/amd-ryzen-3000-best-memory-timings,6310-2.html SO this article shows that Four single rank DDR4 sticks of ranks can match and in some tests provide a significant upgrade over a Dual Channel Dual rank set of RAM at the various speeds shown. Reading the current tests show that there are gains for a Quad channel Single-rank configuration on 32GB configs, so i'm honestly thinking of going with that. Do y'all concur? BTW how has changing the command rate for y'all gone with Ryzen 3000? Shows to be good and bad for both 1T and 2T on this graph chart. Any feedback? Oh is this is the kit of RAM i was thinking of defaulting to https://www.gskill.com/product/165/326/1562839114/F4-3600C14Q-32GTZN-Overview Are the advertised CL timings doable? in a Quad Channel SIngle Rank config? thanks!
  12. I had thought about a thermal take P series case, but i wasn't sure what i wanted, but thanks for that. Ill consider that as a definite option.
  13. Thanks for the info ,but that not quite what i meant, i mean i know that nearly all cases internal vertical GPU mount that is actually apart of the cases design won't fit a 3slot GPU any time. i meant as in an external vertical GPU mount like a riser, more so than an integrated one from case manufacturers. For example Lian Li, has there own Vertical GPU riser, that comes with the case, and is externally connected, but is apart of the cases design.
  14. SO i'm looking for a case that either has A. An included vertical GPU bracket that has space for a 3 Slot GPU and adequate spacing between the glass and Card for cooling, OR contains an extra purchasable bracket that you can buy later or separate B. A decent GPU vertical bracket that won't sag the minute i apply a planned to include Gigabyte Auros RTX 2080 super RBG XC on it. Thanks yall!
  15. So i have taken a look and as it seems, the TUF is a good option, shame there isn't a RBG version of it, but it seems pretty good without it. WOuld that be however, you standalone recommended choice?