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  1. Ttnuagmada

    Radiator Fan Question

    Thats similar to what I did, i bought 5 different kinds of fans to test out. Also keep in mind that dB doesn't tell the whole story. Sound signature is just as important. For example, EK Vardars and NIdec GT's sound really bad once you go above 800-900 rpm even if their dB isn't bad.
  2. Ttnuagmada

    Radiator Fan Question

    I can give you some anecdotal evidence on the SW3 performance vs the ML120's. When i was trying to decide which fans to go with for my SMA8 build, i bought a bunch of several types just to see what their real world performance was, and see what they all sounded like, because dB doesn't tell the story. Some fans have a sound signature that you might not like even though they are "quiet". As far as that goes, EK Vardar F3's and Nidec GT's have a distinct motor/bearing noise that can be heard much above 800 rpm, and i thought they sounded awful even if they are technically "quiet". Anywho, the ML120's actually performed noticeably worse than the SW3's in terms of Delta T on my EK 360XE cooling a 3770K. I had to run the MLs at 1000 rpm to get the same cooling performance as the SW3's at 800 rpm. The SW3's also had no sound of any kind other than air movement (on the 1400rpm ones at least) even at max speed. The ML's were quiet too, they just performed worse. Airflow and SP measurements don't tell the whole story apparently.
  3. Ttnuagmada

    Radiator Fan Question

    You will not be disappointed. They are top notch.
  4. Ttnuagmada

    Radiator Fan Question

    Be Quiet! Silent Wings 3's all day every day. They are fantastic.
  5. DDC pumps are mostly the same. The pump top is usually more important that the pump itself and that's already included with your res. The question is whether or not you want one with PWM or not. I've used an EK pwm one for a few years in one of my builds and had no issues. You also want to get a heatsink for it.
  6. There's nothing apparent that you did wrong as far as I can tell. I know that some coolant mixtures can break down if the water/coolant ratio is wrong or if there is acidity in the loop (usually from cleaning with vinegar etc). It didn't happen nearly as quickly as yours did, but I had EK Cryofuel break down on me 2 different times slowly over the course of 2-3 months, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why. Switched to Mayhems X1 and have been problem free for over a year.
  7. What coolant was this? Was it something you haven't used before? What is your method for cleaning your radiators? What kind of tubing do you use?
  8. NP. As others have said though, you generally want the Res to have gravity flow to the pump. Looking at your setup, I can't really fathom how you would have gotten water to the pump.
  9. I figured out your problem You are using 2 inlet ports on the pump top. From your picture, it looks like you have water running to A and D. Those are both inlets.
  10. Ttnuagmada

    Need some advice with my airflow

    Your airflow isn't the problem. You either need to re-seat block, or the pump in your cooler is faulty.
  11. Ttnuagmada

    EKWB Radiators

    I've had Vardars, SW3's, NF-F12's, GT's and ML120's on my 360XE at some point using the EK screws. Never had any problems.
  12. Ttnuagmada

    EKWB Radiators

  13. Ttnuagmada

    Silent 120mm fan for 360mm radiator

    Be Quiet! Silent Wings 3. They will perform better than the ML's at lower fan speeds, and they are quieter anyway. I have personally tested this. At 700 rpms in P/P on an EK 360XE the SW3's netted me a 2c lower Delta T under load cooling a 1080 ti and 3770K. Had to run the ML's at higher fan speeds to match the SW3's performance. I did this with several sets of fans actually. Vardar 3's, NF-F12 industrial 2000rpm, Gentle Typhoons, ML120's and BQ SW3's. The SW3's, Nocuta's and GT's all performed similarly at lower RPMs, Vardars and ML's were worse. Vardars and GT's have an awful motor sound that becomes apparent once you go over 900 RPM. NF-F12's were probably the best overall but they were much more expensive than the SW3's when I bought them. I have 22 SW3's in my setup. Excellent fans. I will always recommend them.
  14. Ttnuagmada

    Radiator with push/pull fans choice

    If you go Corsair, get the ML's they are better radiator fans.
  15. Ttnuagmada

    FPI vs Thickness for 360mm radiator

    The GTX and SR2 perform similarly. The GTX will probably perform the absolute best in p/p, but the SR2 has a lot more flexibility due to the multi-port design.