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  1. Is there a possibility of a certain voltage being unstable at any particular resolution? I run my HD 7850 at stock (920/1250), and undervolted it and it seemed stable, nothing wrong even in 1920x1200 However, today I was trying 1440p in Shadow Warrior and the driver violently crashed on me (temps were in check, yes), so is it possible that the voltage I set it at to be stable for 1080p but not stable enough for 1440p?
  2. OK so the workaround to this is to run the card at stock clocks and 1050mV to keep it cool enough for the fans to not shoot up instantly when reaching 80c, now they actually start at 65c Edit: however, I think I'll go for the cooler after all, I'm losing a lot of performance if I do this.
  3. It's not getting hot per-se, but it takes the fans a long time to start up (which gets me concerned that they might fail soon), and it just suddenly goes from 0 to 100% and I have to wait for them to cool a bit so they can slow down. I do run a custom profile in Afterburner, but that doesn't help with my situation.
  4. I just did some testing and I found out I can greatly reduce temps if I run it at 920/1250 (stock) and lower the voltage, so far I got to 1020mV and seems stable. Nevermind after restarting heaven it started to glitch However same clocks, but 1050mV seems to do the trick.
  5. Yes, but as I've said, the fins seem sparse enough to not require too much static pressure to get the air moving Techpowerup says the 7850 has a tdp of 130w, but I overclocked mine so I'm not so sure what my TDP is, it's running at 1050 core, 1450 mem and 1155 mV
  6. Well the fan module for the cooler IS one 120mm fan at 1000RPM (though with high static pressure i assume) Like, currently the one fan on the card is doing well enough on its own, but I seriously have to enable v-sync, otherwise the extra fps will just make the card take off, if the card gets too hot THEN the second fan will start spinning (at around 90% regardless of temps, i checked), so I assume a cooler as giant as that and one fan should be enough, hopefully, like with the fan module it says it can handle 200w, not sure about a regular airflow case fan though
  7. I'm pretty concerned about my HD7850, it has the age old "my second fan on this sapphire card" won't spin issue, but that's besides the point. I was wondering if an Accelero S1 + case fan (120mm 1200RPM) can handle the card, seems to me that it's an airflow fan but the fins on the cooler seem to be sparse enough to not require too high of a static pressure. Buying the fan module for this cooler is out of the question, by the way
  8. In this thread we post thumbnails from Linus videos without any explanation.
  9. I tried this, but it just blue screens on me at startup, I have an HD 7850 running on W10 with the latest Adrenalin 18.3.4 driver. I want this because whenever I make the slightest adjustment to anything in MSI afterburner (even just a +/- 1) the memory clock goes all the way down to 150 MHz, and some programs cause it to oscilate back and forth from 150 to 1200 causing some annoying flickering on my second monitor.
  10. I second that, it's worth sacrificing 3 inches on your monitor for the IPS alone, unless you play e-sports 24/7 then a TN panel would be better for those lower response times.
  11. Find some pads of the same thickness, all I can say.
  12. If you run high-ultra, yes, but on low-medium they should do pretty well. When will the press start running games on lower settings too so we can get a much better idea on how they perform on anything but ultra.
  13. kliksphilip ran GTA 5 on low in 4k at 30fps on a GTX 670, so 1440p 60fps should be easily achieveable with a 700 or 900 series card, and not even a flagship one.
  14. I have a Radeon HD 7850, which does indeed support VSR, and have been using it for a while now, however the specs of the card say it can get much higher resolutions, and I am able to get 2560x1440 on my second monitor (regardless if I put it in the HDMI or DVI port), but I can't seem to find any 2560x1600 settings for my main one, and the AMD site does state that on a 16:10 ratio it does support 1920x1200 and 2560x1600, the question is why can't I find it there? Is it a monitor limitation? Yes, I could easily switch monitors but I choose the 16:10 one because it's a much higher quality panel and the colours are way more accurate and look better on it compared to the cheaper TN panel the 16:9 monitor has. Edit: the highest resolution windows sees for the 16:10 monitor is 2048x1536 My monitors are as follows: Samsung SyncMaster 2243NW for my main one (the one on which 2560x1600 doesn't work) Asus VH228 for my secondary display (the one on which 2560x1440 DOES work)
  15. Yeah pretty much what @Morgan Everett said Lowering settings in modern games barely does anything, you'd be hard pressed to find a difference between medium and high in crysis 3 for instance, and old games that do look like shit on lower settings are old enough to be ran at high anyway. Even if there would be an increase of like 5% in graphical fidelity, that sure as hell doesn't justify the 25% loss in performance. I found medium settings (in modern games at least) to be the sweet spot between performance and graphical sacrifice. Sure, if there's plenty of headroom, like 600fps on medium go for high nothing is stopping you, but to outright dismiss medium settings is pretty dumb. Edit: in fact, I found Battlefield 1 (the new one) to look better on medium than it does on ultra, or even high, because of all the useless post-processing those settings add.
  16. That's the problem, you run them on Ultra, if you lower some settings (which shouldn't matter because we're reaching the point of diminishing returns) you can run 4k even on a GTX 670, so this way if you lower settings you can 1440p on pretty much any card that supports it. Edit: I just realised I said it can run Ultra myself, which is my bad, but still, lowering settings will allow you to do 1440p on a lot more cards than just the 1070
  17. That's wrong, 1070 ti can do 1440p ultra sure, but you can do 1440p with a lot of older cards if you turn down settings.
  18. OK good, because earlier I tried running heaven with 825 mV and it instantly crashed leaving my HDMI monitor completely black and the DVI one in artifacts, and even though I knew this doesn't harm the video card, I still was a little worried in the back of my head, but yeah thanks for clearing things out. Edit: the reason I went so far down is I saw someone else supposedly running the card at 825mV but that more than likely (now that I've crashed) was the voltage at idle.
  19. Alright thanks, but for my peace of mind, crashes caused by not enough voltage shouldn't harm the card right?
  20. Besides, it's not running hot per-se, it's just that I set the cooler to ramp up all the way to 100% (dual fan design too) so as to keep up with the temperatures and keep it around the 75 degree mark, and it still gets 75-76 degrees, just wanted to give the cooler an easier time. This only happens in Shadow Warrior, though it stays at around 70 in other demanding games.
  21. Because the overclock I have gives it a huge helping hand, I used to have lots of micro-stutters without it, they were completely gone afterwards.
  22. I'm looking to possibly try undervolting my card because it's already running pretty hot with the overclock in some games (Shadow Warrior 2013) Question is, how do I handle voltages to see if they're stable or not? How big of a step should I decrease in? 1? 10? 50?
  23. Most cards are capable of 1440p if you're willing to turn down some settings, you can 4k even with a gtx 670 this way
  24. Does it still run like shit on medium? If not, try keep it there, there isn't much difference between medium or high these days, even so, the increase in graphics would be too insignificant to warrant the performance hit. Also try to mess around with settings yourself, dont just use the preset, turn off useless shit like depth of field or chromatic abberation or motion blur (really, useless in any non-racing game) Also its ubisoft, their games are notorious for bad optimization, I can run crysis 2 in 100+fps but far cry blood dragon struggles to get 60+
  25. It wouldn't be worth it, it's almost as much as the card itself, and I can't really afford to dump more money into it right now. Besides, I can live with it, the fan is not as loud as you'd think, it's still rather quiet compared to the R7 250's, which was single fan (from sapphire as well.)