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  1. I should upgrade the RAM before those 5 years, also the SSD is 240GB in size.
  2. Right, so I have this budget PC I had built 3 years ago, and have since upgraded (check sig), however the RAM has remained at 4GB. While it's enough for most games, it seems to be too little for the likes of Killing Floor 2, I tested with an 8GB stick (that was unstable, and it also ruined my framerate down to 30 from 45-60), and it was using 5GB of RAM so it's definitely writing to the page file. Now, there's also the fact that I have an SSD and I'm worried that the system is writing A LOT to the page file which will kill it significantly sooner. While I'm aware the page file doesn't really lead to an SSD's death, most of those people have enough RAM to not require a lot of page file writing.
  3. xFluing

    VSR vs DSR

    What do you mean? I have 16:10 the only thing that's gonna happen to youtube if you record at this resolution is it's gonna pillarbox on the sides.
  4. I just noticed there is a huge difference between AMD's VSR and Nvidia's DSR, namely that anything DSR would consider below 4x scaling is either blurry or jagged, whereas in the same resolutions with VSR it's perfectly sharp, so how can this happen?
  5. Depends, if you can live with turning down some settings (shouldnt affecat a game's aspect at all nowadays) then 1060 works for 1440p 60hz very well, I'm doing 1440p 60 on a gtx 960 so it really shouldnt be a problem for a 1060, but then again i play mostly old / well optimised games
  6. It might very well be dead, I just had this happen to me during the past month with two HD7850s I had bough second hand, it turned out the caps were fucked because whoever had them before the guy had stuck them in the oven, at least that's what we theorize
  7. It was one of those kingston valueram sticks, but I have a cheap Zeppelin kit and that's the 4gb kit that works perfectly...
  8. Yesterday I was messing around with one 8 gb stick (as opposed to my regular two 2gb sticks), and well, my chipset didn't really agree with it running at its rated speeds (1066/1333): blue screens, game crashes, webpage crashes Anyway, I clocked it all the way down to 800mhz and it seems to have stopped blue screening, however webpages and games would still easily crash, BUT that's not what I'm here for. What I AM here for, though, is that running that one stick at 800mhz seems to have heavily impacted performance: I would get half the fps in Killing Floor 2 (maxed at 30 instead of 60), and I was wondering if the Athlon x4 860k is sensitive to memory speeds similar (but not as drastic) to ryzen, OR if it was running like ass only because I was running single channel as opposed to dual channel (though that only happens with iGPUs)
  9. Well 1050 ti is a super cut down 1060 chip, and the increase in cuda / ram just doesn't justify the jump in price from the regular 1050. Sure it could be better in vram dependent games like doom 4, but come on, you can just turn down two or three settings in those games and they will still look as good, and run way better, and I'm quoting this post because it's super relevant to this thread, as well as today, and you will still have a card that will outperform the 1050 ti in the rest of the games, 1050 ti is just a terrible value compared to 1060 3GB or regular 1050
  10. I did just this, because rendering needless frames gets your card hot for no reason, I locked mine at 75, because locking in at 60 resulted in godawful tearing.
  11. Lots of mining cards have had their bios flashed, so make sure to either re-flash or find a card with a non-flashed bios, OR to rub salt on the wound, make the guy selling it re-flash the card.
  12. The reason why it works better with lower refresh rates is that once the fps get ABOVE the refresh rate freesync falls back to vsync, which is fucking terrible IMO
  13. He said GOOD cards to get for ~$250
  14. NO, 1050 ti is a joke, get the 1060 3gb
  15. I'm hesitant to believe my PSU killed these GPUs, they both died in different ways, I was just not ruling out the option of the power supply.
  16. Nah man DDR4 prices are through the roof. I have a friend who is selling his EVGA GTX 960, I'll just get that if I manage to get my money back from the 7850 guy.
  17. Thing is he doesn't know the full history of the cards he gets, a friend of his sends them to him from Germany from an IT center or something On all his ads does say he accepts burn-ins, and we did sit for hours testing the first card I got, so lying is out of the question, again, he was cool enough to offer me a replacement. He may not have gotten around to testing this MSI card though he did tell me it got to him recently, but I like to believe if it didn't happen to me it would have happened to someone else, or even to himself down the line.
  18. That's what I like to believe, too, this second MSI one has the exact symptoms of a cooked card: ok for one week, then it starts artifacting, so the PSU should be fine, I mean, it hasn't killed my r7 250
  19. Well he did test it, we were at it for hours trying to figure out what was wrong with it. Besides, once it's dead, it's dead regardless of the power supply used innit? It's like giving a dead person a heart transplant and suddenly they're alive again.
  20. So about a month ago I bought a Sapphire HD 7850 second hand. It ran fine until a week ago when it was crashing as if it weren't getting enough voltage: no artifacts or anything, just unstable voltage. Since then I took it to the guy I got it from and he was cool enough to replace it for me, with an MSI HD 7850, same model, but only 1gb. Fast forward to last night, not even a week after I had it replaced and it started artifacting. Now I wonder if these things were caused by the fact that my power supply killed them. No power surges or anything, and besides i have my pc plugged into a surge protector. However, my R7 250 is still alive after 3 years, and I'm thinking that either if it were the power supply killing my stuff it would have also killed the 250 or it only kills cards that have at least a 6-pin power. My power supply is a TX550M from Corsair.
  21. I'm just saying, in case something happens to this card, it is 6 years old now, and I just had another 7850 break on me last week, good thing the guy agreed to replace it.
  22. Well yeah, as I said, I mostly play pre-2014 games, and currently the 7850 handles them 1440p no problem, I was only worried that going forward, to a stronger card, but narrower memory bus would have an impact on my performance, because the memory bus is not as wide and could probably not carry all the info to properly render 1440p. It's kinda hard to find benchmarks for a specific graphics preset, since most of them are run at ultra, I can think of guys like RandomGamingInHD, or F2F that would run games at reasonable settings, but chances are they won't have a certain card I want to be looking at.
  23. Recently I started gaming in 1440p and it looks amazing, can't wait for 4k to become mainstream, anyway I was wondering if having a 256-bit bus is necessary for gaming at such a resolution (not talking about modern titles here, talking about pre-2014 games), I found out my HD7850 has no trouble playing these games in 1440p, and I think it's thanks to its 256-bit bus, anyway could I still theoretically play those same games in 1440p even with a 128-bit bus on, say, an RX 560 or GTX 1050 or something?