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  1. Thing is I'm not just doing gaming on this machine, I'm also doing video editing, and I would really benefit from the extra threads, not as hardcore as daily youtubers, however, and I would like to play around with the idea of streaming as well.
  2. An RX560 2GB (full-sized one) if I want the R5 1400, otherwise if I were to buy a 1050ti for instance, I'd have to step down to R3
  3. I don't have access to Amazon, I don't think they ship to my country. I have no issue running most of my games currently, KF2, Serious Sam 2017 etc. The issue comes with The Crew, where I can't run it in 1050p even on low settings so I have to pull the resolution down to 1440x900, I'm looking for a card that will let me play all these on at least 1920x1200, even on Low, I don't care, however I'm afraid that if I buy the 4GB DX11 moving forward with DX12 becoming more and more mainstream I'm going to find a game I like that I won't be able to run because it will be running on DX12. I could shell out a bit more money for a 1050Ti, I guess, but I don't want to steal from my CPU budget, because I would like to have at least a ryzen 5 1400 (that multi-threaded goodness), and besides that I've heard that nvidia can't run DX12 natively
  4. I'm making a budget gaming build, and I would like a 4GB video card, the issue is that all my stores are simply out of stock for DX12 4GB video cards, I can only find 2GB versions however I could buy an older, DX11 4GB card and call it a day, but I'm not sure which will be better for the future, seeing as 4GB would be good, but I won't be able to play any DX12 games, and on the flip side, I will be able to play DX12 games, but the card will run out of VRAM sooner than the 4GB version.
  5. No, that's not what I'm saying don't put words in my mouth, I'm not saying AMD is a saint, I'm just saying I don't like where nvidia is heading, simple as that.
  6. Dude, I know, as I said it's a matter of principle, not whether I can run them or not, because I know I can't run them, I just don't want to contribute my money towards these business practices nvidia is doing, not for me, but for everybody else, specially since (even though it's only the higher end ones) they flat-out forbade factory OC
  7. I know, but it's about the principle, not whether I can make use of those or not
  8. I plan to get the Asus RX560, the 2G version, not O2G, seems like a reasonable clock speed
  9. What I have against Nvidia is the fact that their g-sync, hairworks, and phys-x technologies are proprietary as opposed to AMD's open source counterparts.
  10. First of all, the reason I'm considering an RX is because I don't really want to give my money to Nvidia. Just wanted to know if the power usage difference between the two is enough to warrant buying a GTX 1050 over the RX560 (!!!the full sized 1024 stream processor variant!!!), I heard they perform very similarly to one another, just worried about that power consumption and my electric bill, I'm worried It's going to skyrocket if I go for the RX
  11. Yeah, I won't go past 4GHz, as Neliz pointed out, my mobo has poor VRMs so it's best I leave it this way
  12. Alright, thanks for the help, I do plan to upgrade to ryzen actually so it works out nicely
  13. Isn't boost sort of a gimmicky thing though? Like doesn't that only raise the clock of some cores only if the rest are free? Like say I have heavy load under one core, but the 3 are free, so it boosts the clock of that particular core, but with all 4 cores busy, it wouldn't do that anymore
  14. No, it's 3.7 Granted, it would indeed reach 4GHz with boost, but ofc I disabled that for overclocking
  15. I need a bit of help with some overclocking stuff with my CPU So, first thing's first, I run it on an A68HM-E33 motherboard from MSI, I want to know if this motherboard has any voltage spike issues when cold booting the PC for the voltage that my CPU is currently running at Now, I already overclocked it this morning up to 4GHz, running at 1.4V, I just want to know if there would be any issues if I'd try to go even further, like 4.2 or even 4.5 if I'm lucky, and if I would need to mess around with the voltage so that it won't blow up on me next time I turn on the computer. All of this was done in the bios, by the way