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  1. Borderlands 2 runs poorly

    Specs are in sig Yes, yes "welcome to the BL2 runs poorly club" so here's the deal: It runs very well most of the time, I'm only having issues in large areas like Thousand Cuts and Tundra Express (and though large, The Highlands run smoothly) (and oddly enough in Sanctuary even though the city is small), so I have another theory: I'm having trouble when there's large areas with lots of stuff happening. Before, I'd have PhysX on, and in Thousand Cuts it would drop in the low 20s, I've since disabled it and performance has improved, it drops to 45 now but still not perfect. I've also disabled the cell shading which also boosted the performance by a lot, however I'm still getting these drops, which makes me suspect it's a CPU bottleneck. I tried fondling around in the config files tweaking every single setting I could think of, but still did not have much success. So I've come to the conclusion that this may very well be a CPU bottleneck at this point, even though my CPU is way beyond the recommended settings.
  2. Borderlands 2 runs poorly

    Those CPUs you have in your sig should not bottleneck the game, unless there's something odd about that xeon
  3. Borderlands 2 runs poorly

    Physx is disabled, so yes I have that off right now. Yeah I thought my CPU would bottleneck, also I play at 1440p since I saw no difference between it and 1080p, so I thought might as well run in 2K
  4. Borderlands 2 runs poorly

    I don't know, it may very well be a possibility, maybe I can set rivatuner to tell me if it starts writing to the page file, 4GB of RAM is starting to be limiting, however I'll soon change the whole platform so buying ram right now would just be a waste.

    That's wrong, the 1060 3gb is a cut down version of the 6gb, so 6gb version is 1060 and 3gb is 1055 TI or something (1055 as in something between 1050 ti and 1060 6GB)
  6. With the recent Intel trends, I would really like to see direct die cooling make a comeback, there's just something about seeing a bare CPU, granted you won't see it when the cooler is on anyway, it's just an aesthetic thing I like. Now, there's the risk of cracking the die with uneven pressure like GN pointed out, but I think that could be fixed with pads to take some of the pressure off the die, like you'd see in old Athlon CPUs
  7. Direct Die Cooling

    Exactly @Enderman these are the pads I'm talking about
  8. Time to Upgrade?

    Dude a card like that with games like that you can run them no problem in 1080p, even an RX550 is made for 1080p in those games (except maybe fallout)
  9. GTX 1060 (6gb) can't handle Battlefield 1

    An RMA is available throughout the whole warranty period. Edit: which is different from returning. You return the product to Amazon, but you RMA it to EVGA themselves. That's my understanding of it anyway, if someone knows any better feel free to chip in.
  10. GTX 1060 (6gb) can't handle Battlefield 1

    When you RMA something you send it back to the manufacturer because of an unforeseen issue so that they can replace it for you.
  11. GTX 1060 (6gb) can't handle Battlefield 1

    Then either the video card has some serious issues and needs to be RMAd or he got scammed off one of those e-bay chinese video card scams
  12. GTX 1060 (6gb) can't handle Battlefield 1

    Useless stuff like motion blur, chromatic aberration, film grain etc. It's just stuff that makes the game look worse AND drain gpu power.
  13. GTX 1060 (6gb) can't handle Battlefield 1

    Yeah, Ryzen is very sensitive to memory speeds, you might be bottlenecking your cpu with that kit.
  14. GTX 1060 (6gb) can't handle Battlefield 1

    Turn off post-processing stuff too, those are useless anyway.
  15. Naming your build?

    No offence, but I personally think naming your computer is kinda going overboard to the point of being dare I say "cringy", then again that's probably because most of the names I've seen were edgy 12 year old names like "PROJECT: X" and stuff like that, nothing wrong with just calling it "my PC" or "my rig".
  16. Did my DIMM slot just die??

    Yes, only turned it off and then trying to power on the PC to drain the caps.
  17. Here's all the info beforehand: I came home today to install this 8GB dual channel kit, to replace my old 4GB one, while I took off the 4GB stick I think I felt a sting, I probably shorted something or touched a charged cap idk, but after installing the 8GB one and turning on the PC, I would get 6 short beeps (which MSI says it's "memory issue", just as I suspected). It only did this a couple of times, then it stopped. However, the PC would still not POST with both sticks on, so I tried with only one in the slot closest to the CPU and it did indeed work, after plugging in the second one as well, it still worked but would need more convincing to POST consistently, but the BIOS still saw only 4GB out of the 8 total, even though Windows says I have 8GB total (4 of which being "hardware reserved", setting 8GB from MSCONFIG did NOT help), and CPU-Z telling me that both slots were occupied and read all the metadata from the stick, the BIOS's board explorer told me both slots were occupied; turning on XMP did not help, nor did setting the timings manually. When I went back to install the 4GB kit that I knew would work, it suddenly also stopped working, just refusing to POST, again, only one stick in the closest slot would work, but this time a stick on the other slot would just cause weird artifacts on the monitor instead of just being a black "pre-post" one. I KNOW FOR A FACT THOSE ARTIFACTS ARE NOT CAUSED BY THE GPU because I'm writing this from the PC in question (and because they only appeared in a fixed region on the screen as opposed to covering everything up). I haven't tried re-seating the CPU, but I doubt that's the issue, I will try, but not now because I've been at this RAM thing for hours trying to figure it out and I'm just tired of it. Now I'm currently running in single-channel off that one 4GB stick, and I suspect that slot to have died, but if it did then how could have CPU-Z and the board explorer told me what was in it? And if it did not die, then what could have happened?
  18. This guy started arguing with me about Far Cry 5 and ubisoft being unoptimised and he kept insisting that the reason I don't like FC5 is because I'm "jealous I can't run it", even though I kept bringing up arguments on why I didn't like the game he kept insisting on his idea that I'm "jealous" and the only way he "won" the argument is I just had to let him "win" so he would leave me the fuck alone, so if you see this guy either stay away from him or for the love of god DON'T start a ubisoft argument with him, he will suck ubisoft's dick so hard I'm surprised he hasn't imploded yet.
  19. He's written paragraphs on how much he loves ubisoft and fc5, i fear he might not be a troll.
  20. Yeah guess I could report him, but a block is still unwarranted, I've grown to hate that feature more and more over the years, because it allows people to create glass bubbles and echo chambers.
  21. Alright, so for the longest time I've been using AMD cards. For about 3 years I've been using an R7 250 I had bought in desperate need for an upgrade (PC couldn't even run half life 2 on high without throttling), recently I bought two HD 7850s second hand, but I had to take them back because for some reason they've been cooked, and about at this time I've become more enthusiast than ever: I'd mess with contrast, brightness etc. in the driver settings, even was running overclocked off two monitors However, it was only after I got this Nvidia card that I realized how limited Radeon Settings was in terms of image calibration (brightness / contrast sliders would only affect anything in increments of 5 which is so coarse it makes me sick) and video settings (90% of games couldn't have their settings forced), but with Nvidia, holy shit NVCP is my wet dream: the monitor calibration is so fine, and forcing video settings actually works. So my conclusion, in the endless Nvidia vs AMD war is this: If you're just a casual gamer, looking to just play games and not dabble into the nitty gritty of image calibration, just get whatever is in your budget. If you're a tweaker / enthusiast, definitely go for Nvidia, this seems to be their target audience, at least until AMD fix their messy Radeon Settings.
  22. My personal experience with Nvidia and AMD

    Windows's gamma setting is a fucking joke, I mean it does the job right, but it has no steps on it, no marks on it, just whatever, and getting those dots to disappear every single time is a pain I would have calibrated properly if AMD allowed me to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Seriously now, all jokes aside, the AMD calibration did do its job well enough, however Nvidia just does it better.
  23. My personal experience with Nvidia and AMD

    OK so, moving around the sliders would do nothing, not in +/-1 neither in +/-2 +/-3 OR +/-4, it's only at +/-5 that I see any change happening, and it's very big, however with nvidia it's much more granular, a +/-5 on nvidia does not look as drastic as a +/-5 on AMD. I would record a video for an example, but I don't have the AMD card on me currently, besides nvcp also comes with gamma, something completely missing from radeon settings, setting which I've used more than once on both my monitors. Edit: and yeah this AMD issue happens with both of the monitors, so the monitor being the issue is out of the question.
  24. My personal experience with Nvidia and AMD

    Those "increments" of 1 do jack shit, the only steps they do anything in is "5"