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  1. Had this pc for a month, and it didn't have that problem, does it just beging to happen?
  2. My gpu is buzzing when it is under load,I don't think that it is coil whine, or the fans. I have tried just spinning the fans up with no load, and the noise is not there. I bought this PC used, the gpu, cpu and motherboard are from 2018, but I don't know the age of the PSU, and can't find its release date. Only thing that I can think of is that the psu is maybe delivering dirty power to the gpu, either because its going bad, or because maybe my ac is dirty. Here is a video of the noise. https://youtu.be/j9wOO2pouTY GPU is EVGA 1080 ftw 2 PSU is Cooler Master GX 750W