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  1. I've already contacted the seller with no avail, he will not respond i will go to a local shop and even try to get another cheap gpu and pull the screws off of that
  2. I recently purchased a used gtx 1080 Ti SC2, it came with the original air cooler, and also evga's 1080ti hybrid cooler (purchased separately). The issue i have is that it came with the liquid cooler installed, and i want to use the air cooler, BUT the seller did not include the screws for it. i have tried using the screws from the liquid cooler, and all fit (maybe not the best but they fit) except for the 4 spring screws, which are too long. I have contacted evga, and they will not send replacement screws. What are my options? I have been looking on ebay and found some M2 7mm 316 screws but am unsure if they're the correct size.