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  1. linux is open source free works on IOT, phones, laptop, pc, server, old pc customizable (see r/unixporn) so many distros and desktop environments android best option for developers just to name a few things
  2. I was looking more for a normal tower
  3. I was looking for a dual system case but could only find the evolve x, I was wondering if there were different case. Also in a new video from BitWit he mentioned that the Phanteks p400s is a dual system case but I could not find if this was true.
  4. it should take less then an 1 h to make a bootable usb, and manjaro is not good for beginners.
  5. I am planing to buy a nokia 3310 dose anyone know if I can get spotify on it? thanks
  6. I was wondering how phones like the Xiaomi mi mix 3 have 10 GB of ram using a Qualcomme Snapdragon 845 cpu, according to Qualcomme the SD845 has a maximum of 8 GB of ram. If anyone know please tell me I'm confused. thanks
  7. dose anyone know how to add a guest user with temporary files in Ubuntu 18.04. thanks
  8. do you think Samsung will use roman numerals like apple and have the s 10 be the s x? this is just for fun please don't get mad and aggressive
  9. 1080p, and 4k video from an action camara. and yes it's for fun but i do need a new pc
  10. @Finwillwin @Electronics Wizardy and use integrated vega graphics?
  11. I'm going to build a pc for video editing for around $500 CAD or $400 USD. Can someone please help, what is the best cpu for my price mange? Thanks