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  1. Appreciate It Man, But Cooling Isn't Really The Problem. It's That If The 180w Power Supply Can Handle Something Like The i7-7700? I Would Like It To But My Hopes Aren't Great.
  2. Appreciate The Help Guys. Cooling Really Isnt The Biggest Issue Here. It's Will The 180w Power Supply Be Enough To Support Something Like The i7-7700?
  3. Hey Guys, So I'm Pretty Savvy With PCs But Not Really In The TDP Aspect Of Processors. So My Question Is: I Have An All In One With A Desktop Grade i7-6700T. It Is Rated At 35 Watts. That Is There Compatibility With Something Like An i5-10400 Or i5-9400? They Are Supposedly 65 Watts Base TDP. The Power Supply On It Is Only A 180w Max But I'm Unsure Due To Different Websites Saying Different TDP. I Stick With Ark But Just Wanted A Second Opinion.
  4. Hey Guys, Quick Question. I Have An Old Asus ROG G20aj With The Stock Motherboard Which Is An ITX Or Mini ITX Custom Board I Believe. So My Question Is: If I Bought A Cheap Test Bench Case Off Of Amazon, Would The Motherboard Be Compatible To Make A Cheap Test Bench Or Am I Wasting My Time And Money Taking Apart The Prebuilt?
  5. Hey Guys, I Have An ROG G20aj and I Saw Somewhere That When Using Two Power Supplies That You Must Enable It On The Motherboard. Any Idea On Where I Can Do That? I'm Unsure On What To Do To Enable It.
  6. Yeah, Something Internally Is Blocking The Heat In It
  7. Apparently HP Sent A Bunch Of Beats Laptops With Heatsinks That Stop Transfering The Heat About Halfway Through And Not Getting To The Fan To Cool It
  8. I Just Had A Quick Question Guys. I Have A Beats Laptop With A Dead Heatsink And Ordered One From Ebay. My Question Is How Well Does Stainless Conduct Heat And Would This Work?
  9. I Use Intel XTU To Stress Test But It's Usually Only For About 3-5Min Sessions.
  10. I Use It For Temp Management While Playing A Game
  11. I Like Afterburner But Something Is Wrong With Their Website, I Have Tried 4 Different Computers And All Of Them Freeze On The Site
  12. So Far Not Really Noticing Any Drops, It's Performing As Expected And Just Really Gets On My Nerves Knowing It's There...
  13. Hi, I Have An Asus ROG G20aj. I Am Using All Original Parts And Have Kept The Inside Very Clean. However My Motherboard Sensor Apparent Says My Motherboard Is Hitting 110 Degrees. At First I Thought It Was The GPU Power Issue Because It Has A 240w Power Supply Running A GTX-750 2Gb. Well I Took Out The GPU and Booted And The Temp Is Now 118 Degrees. I'm Pretty Sure This Is Just An Error, But Any Considerations Would Be Appreciated.