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    I7 8700K
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    MSI Z370 SLI Plus
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    16GB DDR4
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    2xHD7950 Crossfire
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    Milk Crate
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    1x500gb SSD 5x4TB HDD
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    32" Cureved Samsung
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    NZXT x42 V2

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  1. Nothing I do is long term lol, I go threw computer parts faster then my family of 5 goes threw toilet paper lol. As it stands my rigs pushing the 6-7k mark
  2. I agree it's usually due to vrm temperatures, not only was I throttling due to CPU TJMAX, the vrms were also throttling down due to a toasty 110c at stock clock speeds even at 1.29 volts. Once I updated the bios to the newest version, vrms with my overclock of 5.0ghz dont exceed 60c. Theres aperintly been two new bios releases for my board since the upgrade which allowed the 9900k to be used on the board. I was originally using that version. Msi for some reason has had weird bios versions that spiked temps even some older ones when I was still using the 8700k there was widespread complaints about overclocks no longer working due to stupid temp spikes on certain bios versions... So if u have a msi board even if using a 8700k try different bios versions and even Google it to see which ones people found to be best.
  3. I thought I would give a shout out in regards to my experience upgrading from an 8700 k two a 9900 k. While staying on a z370 bord. At first I experienced extreme CPU temperatures even with it 360 all in one cooler. Even at stock clock speeds the CPU was throttling and hitting over 95c. NOT TO WORRY After nearly pulling on my hair out and almost going to my local Memory Express to upgrade to a z390 motherboard I took one last stab at it and realize there was a newer bios update which team to solve everything. I'm now sitting at a comfortable 77 two 79c when stress testing with prime with a over clock of 5.0 in all cores at 1.33v My exact board is a msi z370 sli plus. So to anyone out there that is having trouble controlling there temps on a z370 check for a newer bios version as that is what fixed mine. Good luck and may your temps be low. Cheers
  4. LangleyNerd

    Cannabis in Canada

    Now that it's legal your allowed to walk around with it all you want. "Regular smoking bylaws"are still in effect tho. So no smoking within 20 meters of a public doorway or some crap like that. I smoke it before I go to bed
  5. LangleyNerd

    Where is everyone staying? Looking for places.

    I'd love to say just stay with us but there wouldnt be enouph, only got one bed left. "My daughters room" which is very small. And my SUV sits 7 but have promised some underage kids and there parents I'd drive them to the convention center so I wouldnt have enouph seets.
  6. Are you a VIP ticket holder? Want to hang out with other VIP ticket holders, share accommodations in my townhouse in Langley BC. (5 Minutes from LMG offices) We will be splitting travel costs to and from the event. Currently, there's only 1 other person that is staying with me,(hes driving from the Seattle area) were both respectful and eager to meet other like-minded geeks. myself as well as the other person both are VIP ticket holders and would make sense to have 1 more person that also has a VIP ticket. only have room for 1 other person. My place is nothing fancy but its clean, (No need to worry about hardware going missing at a hostel ) My wife will be cooking breakfast and dinner for us. my 3 kids will be staying at the Nabors for the duration of LTX. If you're interested please send me a private Msg and i will get back asap with details. Thanks!
  7. LangleyNerd

    My GPU is starting to get hot to the touch

    don't tell him that! he's likely to try it lol..
  8. LangleyNerd

    1070 upgrade to 2080

    Amen brotha!
  9. LangleyNerd

    1070 upgrade to 2080

    No problem.. it will be years before 4k at a high refresh rate will become feasible for the moderator enthusiasts.. Right now even at 1440p with the 2080 I will see frame drops below 144.. Just for the love of God leave ray tracing off lol.. Otherwise u will be down to the mid 50s
  10. LangleyNerd

    1070 upgrade to 2080

    Let me put a few things straight since I'm In your shoes.. I had a 1070 g1 I recently upgraded my monitor to 1440p 144hz and let me tell u I'd be lucky to be around 80fps at 1440p. So I like you got a 2080 Fortnite for example at max settings at 1440p I get average arou d 140fps It goes up into the 200's but also drives below 120fps when massive fights are going on. At 1080p on on my 2080 I get a steady 200ish fps So I'd say if you want to actually utilize a 144hz monitor to its fullest withought lowering settings. KEEP IT! I love mine and with a 144hz monitor u need it.. Linus did a video recently about 4k gaming where u would actually need two 2080tis to run over 144hz at 4k. And for now I believe my system is pretty much future proof until 4k at 144+fps becomes mainstream Btw I'm running a 8700k @5ghz 32gb ddr4 3200mhz M.2 Nvme drive Water cooled rtx2080 Just for anyone thinking I'm getting low framerates due to a old computer lol
  11. LangleyNerd

    Timespy Results help

    If i look at the results it shows what all those clock speeds are.. my 1800Mhz boost was overlocked to 2055mhz while his was at 1965mhz my ram clock was also overclocked much higher than his. all those numbers are shown in the screen capture.. thats why i dont get how his scores so much higher.
  12. LangleyNerd

    Timespy Results help

    Need some help understanding why comparing my score VS this other much larger score why my score is so much lower... same hardware pretty much from what i can see.. I have a higher GPU clock speed as well as memory but yet on the same card he blew mine out of the water with his scores .. Im hitting my head against the wall trying to figure it out. I have attached the side by side comparison
  13. LangleyNerd

    1080TI or RTX2080 Time to Buy

    Really you think so? I thought the 2080 was a really thick card compared to the gtx series. Then again that might not be an issue as long as nothing gets in the way of the bracket. I should look at the bare PCB of the 2080.. thanks I think you may be right Mounting holes may be different tho
  14. LangleyNerd

    1080TI or RTX2080 Time to Buy

    I love Some eye candy lol
  15. LangleyNerd

    1080TI or RTX2080 Time to Buy

    That's true assuming they put out a new bracket for NZXT. Currently, I'm using the NZXT Kraken G12 bracket. as of right now i dont think one exists.