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    Need of networking setup advice!

    That is kinda what I was thinking, the old AP had all of our Lutron/Phillips Hue bulbs going through it and it makes sense that it could have just been not able to handle everything. I picked up a 5 port switch last night also, ran the Lutron/Phillips Hue items through it and then 1 to the AP. Hopefully this resolves it! Thank you for your input @Lurick That is what I am thinking also, but I have no way of running it through the walls/I have never done that before...Only option I see is to run some sort of powerline adapter to the second floor. I would love to be able to put another AP up there if possible, also thank you for your input also @Levisallanon
  2. Rbv

    Need of networking setup advice!

    Ended up going to my local electronics/pc store and picking up an Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Pro this evening...Setup was overwhelming at first but once I got it figured out it seems to be working well. I have it sitting where the old AP was sitting in my basement. So far things seem more stable. Going to attempt to test for a few days. Signal is still a bit spotty on the top floor directly above the AP (2 floors above) but opposite from the router (complete other side of the house, and on the middle floor)
  3. Rbv

    Need of networking setup advice!

    Quite a few actually. The network probably has 50-60 individual devices connected if you count all of the Phillips Hue Light bulbs and what not. I can not seem to find any correlation to anything, I sat around for about an hour last night in my kitchen and couldn't get it to drop connection. The fiber box is broadcasting a 2.4 and 5 ghz signal, both under the same SSID. The repeater and AP also share the same SSID. I believe it is possible to set the fiber box to not broadcast. Let me see what I can come up with and would probably like to stay around $400-450.
  4. Rbv

    Need of networking setup advice!

    It tends to be random. I have seen it happen mid to late afternoon, sometimes during the evening. I tend to leave my ipad in my kitchen and check it in the morning and it will have no internet connection. This seems to be stemming from the AP that is in the basement but I can't figure out why.
  5. Morning everyone! I have been fighting networking issues for the past month or so and have been a long time lurker of the forum and figured why not sign up and see if some of the geniuses here can assist me. Start off with a little background. My home is roughly 5500 sq ft and we have Google Fiber. The Fiber Network box is quite literally in a room in the absolute corner of the house. To combat this I have setup an Asus RT-N12 D1 in AP mode in the basement on complete opposite side of the house and an Asus RT-AC53U in repeater mode on the top floor basically in between the 2. Now the issue I am having is the network keep dropping connection at random times. The devices show that it is still connected to the network but no internet connection. To combat this I made sure all the firmware updates were applied and adjusted channels accordingly to make sure there were not any of the devices broadcasting on the same channel (except the repeater and google fiber network box). At this point I think it may be a good idea just scrap everything and go with a different solution all together. My ideas are either look into a mesh setup, something like an Orbi AC3000 setup or purchase 1 new top tier router and a new access point and see if that would help. (The RT-N12 D1 and RT-AC53U are roughly 3-4 years old at this point). In the end I think I would be satisfied if I could get atleast 100 Mbps up and down on any wifi device... EDIT** Everything is also broadcasting on the same SSID