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  1. Well I don't really care dropping down the mbps on torrents.. My main concern is to have a stable connection overall.. It matters to me for example to have let's say 4 devices streaming 4k video on YouTube and be able to utilize all of the available bandwidth that I'm paying. If I understand the situation correctly, with torrents I connect with so many computers acting like little servers that saturates my router's capability of handling those connections, but if I download let's say Android studio I will be able to download at 120mbps from one "big" server so my router will not crash. Am I correct?
  2. My provider told me that in order to use bridge mode on their modem (it is a fiber modem) I have to choose another connection plan. So I guess that just connecting another router on my main one and connecting my computer to the second one will do nothing.
  3. So plugging a router (like mi router 4A or tp link tdw8970 which I have) on the ethernet port of my main modem/router and then connect my computer to the second router will it relief my main router? I thought I had to set my main router to bridge mode to stop using its router capabilities.
  4. Whan I try to download a torrent, after a while downloading with high speed (about 100mbps) my modem/router crashes. I don't have internet connection and I can't get into my routers setup page unless I reboot my router. The device I'm using is JM-FIBRE AF511-TV. My connection is 120mbps up/down. What do you think is the issue here?
  5. On wikipedia it is stated that delay = duration of the switching event. So how do I calculate the delay factor? Is it correct to say delay = 1/(2*operating frequency of cpu)?
  6. Does anyone know if I can upgrade the display on the laptop I mentioned on the title to an IPS one?
  7. Lets all demand a video from Linus about that!!!!
  8. Videoblocks needs money, im looking something that is free Yeah youtube is not what im looking for, but its a good idea. I will wait for other answers.. It doesnt seem to be popular as an idea, but i think it is really cool, even the low bitrate fireplace from netflix changes the whole living room.
  9. Are there any videos at 4k and high bitrate to be used for decoration mode on a big tv like the fireplace at netflix?
  10. I dont know if i could utilise all of the 867mbps bandwidth but i think i could get something like 300+mbps via 5ghz band. It seems like in a case like that only 200mbps of wifi bandwidth could be utilised.
  11. What is the point of a router having 5ghz band with peak speeds 867mbps when it features only 2 ethernet ports @100mbps? It seems like a waste of bandwidth to me.
  12. Got it used and the person that sold it to me forgot (??) to include this in the box. Anyway I will just buy one cable and everything will be fine
  13. I dont have one right now and if my hdmi could do the job why to buy one..? Mostly im asking just to know that information. 120hz to 144 is not noticeable to my eyes. Thanks though
  14. I could suggest a samsung c24fg73 (which I have). The colors are amazing,the blacks are really good, the monitor is beautiful and it can do 144hz. I think it's worth checking it out. Everyone that sees the monitor is like "wow what a picture". I am sure you will be satisfied.
  15. My monitor allows refresh rates up to 120 over hdmi and 144hz when connected via displayport. Is there any "danger" overclocking my hdmi connection to 144hz? I tried it works but i wonder if it could harm any of my components (cable/monitor). My monitor has an option to select my refresh rate and 120hz is selected now (i cant select 144hz over hdmi).