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    i5 8600k
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z370-HD3P
  • RAM
    Corsair 2933 @ 2933
  • GPU
    470 8G
  • Case
    Corsair 730T
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    EVGA 750 G2
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    SyncMaster 997MB @75Hz
  • Cooling
    H110i GT
  1. Working out? (Exercise)

    use the bike to go everywhere, if you need to go somewhere close then walk, don't eat junk food or bread with lunch/dinner, avoid sweets I do that not because I want to be in top shape but because transport is expensive, food is expensive and literally being alive is expensive.
  2. Motorola Under Fire For Copying iPhone X

    Don't fight, both are equally horrible
  3. Does anyone here have a i7 8700k?

    I don't have the 8700k but be sure it'll work, I know because my NAS can run that game and has a 12 year old cpu lol
  4. Can I move windows 10 to my ssd? without loosing files

    NICE the old method never fails
  5. Can I move windows 10 to my ssd? without loosing files

    You can do it but first there are some steps. Also, the SSD has to be empty 1. Head to Disk Management in win and select "shrink volume" in your HDD partition, and create a new 580GB volume (that's the free space) 2. Move everything that's not part of the OS to that new partition, libraries included (music, pictures, documents, etc, you can restore them later) try to move large folders like games or movies too. 3. go back into disk management and now shrink the partition where Windows is installed to be smaller than your SSD (let's say 64GB?) 4. format the SSD as NTFS and also move the files you have there to the 580GB partition in the HDD, create a folder named ssd or something, rename "this pc" to "windows" or something you know 5. download and set up a bootable Clonezilla install (there's a guide on their site on how to do this) 6. boot the computer to clonezilla and select the "device-device" mode and then "part_to_local_part" clone, it'll ask you to select the SOURCE partition, select the one that has windows on it, then the TARGET partition, select your SSD there, confirm everything and let it work, it might take a while (1hr) 7. if everything worked correctly you'll have two identical windows installs and the PC won't be able to boot, do this, after clonezilla says the cloning was successfully finished turn it off and unplug your HDD data cable (not power), this way it'll boot from the SSD now 8. after windows loads, plug the HDD cable you removed so the drive works 9. go back into disk management and DELETE the volume containing windows in the HDD, you'll end up with even more empty space you can use to resize your other 580GB partition 10. profit hope it works to everyone else: never use "imaging" programs that run under windows, they're highly unstable and tend to fail or even destroy the partition table rendering the hard drive useless, using clonezilla properly is a lot safer, not to mention most of these programs like acronis or macrum have stupid speed or partition/drive limits that you can only lift by paying ridiculous amounts of money (hundreds or even thousands of dollars in case of "workstation" versions) the companies behind them just take advantage of novice users that are looking to clone a hard drive, real IT guys rely on different standalone utilities to create drive images or clone partitions/drives, clonezilla is one of them
  6. Im new to this, i need some advice.

    you can use normal components for it, it doesn't has to be a xeon, you could use I don't know an AM1 CPU or one of those Intel onboard CPU boards I built mine from discarded parts and performs pretty good, it rocks an E4300 with stunning 2GB DDR memory, I also have some old Athlons around and also an AM1 sempron but the Intel remains faster despite being older electricity is very expensive where I live so I enabled all of the power saving stuff and remote WOL in case it enters sleep mode prebuilts are too expensive compared to a DIY system (mine was literally $0)
  7. Case Fans?

  8. Why is there so much competition?

    (X) Doubt a true fanboy would never get AMD
  9. Imagine being able to play fallout 4 and the new doom on linux oh wait Bethesda hates it.
  10. X5670 - Which AIO?

    take a look at the H100i V2 (not PRO)
  11. Intel 8700K cooling

    Cryorig is sold only in the united states and a few countries in Europe 212 EVO is still the king of cheap coolers in south america and india, basically because there are no other options
  12. Alienware Aurora R7 really bad heating issues

    Alienware in a nutshell, users care about the looks, I mean if you designed a case with a rear spoiler just like a car users would think it's faster just because of that lmao
  13. Optane hate speech

    My laptop had that RST thing and it was the worst shitware ever, corrupted my OS twice for no reason knowing I have to mount a fucking circus that involves removing the hard drive and plugging it into another computer to install the OS then remove it and put it back into the laptop and assemble 100 different pieces because the rotten dickheads at samsung designed it so you can't access the drive just by simply removing the keyboard just like in every normal laptop
  14. a) well yes you can use them, I don't know the 780T in full detail but from pictures it looks similar to my 730T so here's a trick you could do: (with the bare front) mount the radiator inside the case using the 120mm fan mounting holes and the included short screws, then add the 140mm fans using the long screws that come with the case, that if you're lucky and the tubes are long enough to reach the CPU b) that's for small 120/140 AIOs only, they perform better if you mount them at the bottom c) as long as there are components inside the case the air temperature will differ from ambient my case gets mildly warm during long gaming sessions, front 280mm AIO in push-pull cfg at about 600RPM and a single 120 exhaust