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    My girl and my rig


  • CPU
    R7 1700 @4GHz
  • Motherboard
    ASUS X470-PRO
  • RAM
    2x8GB Corsair DP @3466MHz
  • GPU
    MSI RX 480 8GB Crossfire
  • Case
    Corsair 730T
  • Storage
    Crucial MX500 250GB / 4TB Barracuda
  • PSU
    EVGA 750 G2
  • Display(s)
    Viewsonic G90FB4
  • Cooling
    Corsair H110i GTX
  • Keyboard
    DasKeyboard professional 4 (Blue)
  • Mouse
    $2 A4Tech
  • Sound
    Quadbeat 3
  • Operating System
    Windows 7

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  1. aezakmi

    Is this 117.98 USD GTX 1080Ti Legitimate?

    That's a quite expensive coal filled box
  2. aezakmi


    I dunno, is the card throttling? the bracket seems good, I was thinking of getting one for one of my cards but it's not compatible with the Corsair H80i
  3. aezakmi

    can signs of static damage be identified?

    damn what are you, palpatine? lol
  4. Install Windows 7 so you don't have to install any additional programs to get the Windows 7 look
  5. aezakmi

    What's considered old for an hdd?

    Toshibas never miss
  6. aezakmi


    avoid ID cooling, it's crap I doubt a single 240 rad with a weak pump can cool a high TDP cpu and gpu
  7. aezakmi

    FX 8350: OC Debugging

    if you're trying it keep the memory as close as 1333 or 1600 as possible, only add the amount in % of your FSB overclock to the memory speed like, 240 FSB = 200+20%, so 1333+20% = 1599, knowing that, force the memory frequency to be 1333 on your setup, the overclock will take it to 1599 automatically. If you know the RAM works fine up to 1600MHz don't go over it, you can still overclock the CPU as long as you downclock the memory In an ideal scenario in which the FSB is set to 300 you'd need to set the memory speed to 1066 so it's also gets overclocked to 1599, get it? might be complicated at first but all you need to know is to calculate percentages to compensate the overclocking ps. I know the GD65v2 is able to hit 300*16.5 as I had it, but now my sister has it and well, she uses it at stock clocks because she doesn't play games, I should warn you to avoid going over 240MHz with the stock cooling on the northbridge, the ghetto solution is to mount a small 60mm fan over the heatsink so it blows the heat away, the right solution is to get a bigger heatsink, after 280MHz the VRMs will get scorching hot so you'll also need cooling for that
  8. aezakmi

    A gpu for 240w psu

    Some 1050s too, as long as it doesn't needs extra power from the PSU yes, those cards use less than 68W
  9. aezakmi

    FX 8350: OC Debugging

    VRM could be the problem, but after years of having one I found out stability problems start after hitting a x22 or higher multi setting, the ideal is to keep it under 20, dunno how, dunno why but it works like a charm remember to tune the HT frequency too, keep it under 3000MHz you'll gain performance by rising the FSB frequency and lowering the CPU multiplier, for example, a 200*23.5 config is worse than a 250*19 config despite both having similar CPU clock speed, I was able to hit 275*18 (4950MHz) on my 8350 at 1.48V with both the Sabertooth R2 and an MSI GD65v2 problems with this kind of overclock are memory speed, if you don't tune it and the latencies you'll get instant BSODs northbridge temps, starts to skyrocket to 90C after 240MHz HT frequency, anything over 3000MHz will make the CPU fail any floating point test
  10. aezakmi

    A gpu for 240w psu

    Sup. A low power 1050 (non-ti) maybe, or an used 750Ti which would be cheaper
  11. aezakmi

    External power button?

    in the users' mind everything can be done with an USB port, I wonder why you could go into the BIOS setup and enable the "power on via keyboard" option, that way every time you press return or click the mouse it'll turn on
  12. you'd see smoke at that voltage, it isn't an i486 lol
  13. Nokia made them too Back on topic there were a lot of bad things about windows mobile but the ONE really good thing was the way the developers managed to optimize it, W8.1M and even 10 could run smooth on a device with 4GB storage and 1GB RAM, there's literally no Android device can do that without hanging and crashing every time you try to run a program, Google itself and the manufacturers just keep adding more and more stuff over an already poorly optimized base, and they just "solve" the slowness problem by adding more RAM and putting faster CPUs on the things that lead to having to ask for bigger batteries to power them, instead of trying to solve it by optimizing the code, I guess at this point that would be impossible anyways, Google would had to create a whole new OS which is way too expensive Kind of what happens with PCs anyway every time a new OS version is released except a quality PC can last 10+ years and an Android phone less than 2, even less if it's a low end one. The Lumia 6XX phones were aimed at the low end market but still performed perfectly even if you shoved a ton of programs and files into them, I personally have a 640XL, thing's a beast and costed me, read this, HALF of the price of a similar specced Android based phone (5.5" screen, quad core, 1GB memory, 8GB storage, and 4G although the network doesn't even exists in my country yet) bought a 128 gigs card for it and use it almost like a second computer when I'm studying or at work, originally came with 8.1 but I've updated it to W10 and works even better, I could even overclock it in the future since it has that option. Haven't tried iOS since, well, the prices.. I don't want to end up like that chinese boy who had to sell a kidney to buy an iPhone, even if I sold one and got the iPhone I'd probably end up hanging of a bridge or cut into tiny little pieces because of it if some thugs or drug dealers find out. Good idea and good OS that came out too late when Google already had over 90% of the world market because let's be real, iPhones are just popular in the US/Canada and Europe, after all you gotta sell a kidney to get one outside these two regions. F Windows Mobile