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  1. My goof up on the GPU thing. I meant to say the 2400G, thanks for the help though everyone
  2. So I've got a boot drive from a Windows system with a ryzen 1700 as it's cpu and it was running a 580 for graphics. I'm currently looking into building a low budget computer and I want to use a ryzen 2600 as it's cpu and graphics untill I can afford to upgrade. I'm wondering if you guys see any problem with using that old boot drive without being able to get onto it and update drivers or anything like that. If I don't have to buy a new boot drive it will save me some money.
  3. kmatt

    G203 prodigy oddness

    Hi all! So I've had this mouse for a while, used it with a laptop before but recently upgraded to a desktop. The mouse still works great with the computer when its turned on. The problem is that when the computer is off, and if you bump the mouse, it will start with the lighting effects like it's turned on. I'm wondering if anyone has delt with this. I figured the motherboard still had power going to that particular port but I switched it to a different port and it was the same. My keyboard does not act like this. Any thoughts?
  4. So i built a computer for a buddy of mine and loaded up windows 10 so i could bench mark some games before i handed the computer over to him. well come to find out that he dosent want windows on his system but wants a clean slate to build a Linux setup off of. I figure if i format the ssd that has the windows 10 os on it using Daariks Boot and Nuke tool it should do the trick of cleaning the operating system and any games and other data that has been stored to the computer. i just have never used this tool and don't know if there will be unintended side effects like bricked motherboards or hard drives
  5. kmatt

    New PC

    alrighty, well, i really appreciate the input, I'm gonna shuffle some things and do a bit of waiting i suppose
  6. kmatt

    New PC

    do you expect the price to jump from what it is now significantly?
  7. kmatt

    New PC

    meaning that there will be a new ryzen 7 chip?
  8. kmatt

    New PC

    Already built my first computer but I did it for someone else. This will be my second build and this is going to be my personal rig, what do you guys think about the specs as a gaming rig as well as 3d modeling and work station. peripherals are not included as i already have a mouse and monitor and such. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/6XywtJ
  9. Hey everyone, Im getting set up to build my first gaming rig! I've got all my shiney new parts and i want to start slapping things together but i want to ensure that I won't short out any components, I have a wood bench and hard floors so im not to worried about carpet but i am still slightly paranoid about putting this thing together. I guess more than anything I'm wondering if I'm being paranoid or if I do need to invest in a mat or a strap or something like that. Also, my workbench has a big tv on it. if I don't have to take it off I'd rather not but if that would make things way worse please let me know. Thanks everyone