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  1. What is wrong?

    Yeah i just refunded it, thank you though!
  2. What is wrong?

    Yeah that didn't work... and i tried ctrl+alt+del and the blue troubleshoot screen didn't pop up it just turned black then it said no signal. So i had to hard reset again. But i did check the task manager and it said NTW was running in 32 bit, is that significant?
  3. What is wrong?

    If i change the resolution settings in the Radeon driver would that do it?
  4. What is wrong?

    I cant seem to play Napoleon Total War. I just downloaded it over Steam and have never played it ever and its all vanilla game with all the DLCs. It will play the opening logos like Saga and Creative Assembly but as soon as that is done the monitor goes black and shows no signal. The computer will still be running though so i know its not a psu problem. The only thing I can do is hard reset my computer because it doesn't accept any other inputs. I have put my dxdiag in the link. I have tried clean booting my graphics drivers and even reset my pc and wiped everything, also I have tried running it as an administrator and no result. I'm about to return the game if i can't find a solution. PLEASE HELP. DxDiag.txt
  5. Is this a good system?

    So would a 550w work then? I did some research and some sites said the r9 380x hits like 290w on full load
  6. Is this a good system?

    My system Hey guys, i was wondering is my system okay? I know with these ridiculous gpu pricing i just went with an older card till i get enough money for a better one. Also my psu is that enough wattage for my system? Or did i over do it. I know they say to not skimp on your psu so i got a 750w just in case. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/pmdBQV