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  1. @Ddtruth Like others have stated, try reinstalling the components to make sure they are in securely. The fans stopping on the gpu is normal when the card isn't under load. Same might be true for the motherboard one. I would also double check the manual to ensure the memory is in the correct slots. Maybe worth trying with just one stick. Also check if the board can do bios flashback. Might be worth trying that.
  2. Yeah I asked them a few times and they told me it just stayed in the corner of the desk where I put it and it is out of the way. Nothing bumped it per what they say. The previous PSU that was in that system is still being used and doesn't seem to have any issues. Tried it with another system and it booted that without issue. No substantial dust build up or anything like that I was able to find. And yeah, I don't have another board or chip to try sadly.
  3. I rebuilt it here and stress tested it and it was fine. It was relocated to the parents and was tested again while there and it was working fine. It was in service for a few weeks, then this happened. They say the computer wasn't moved or bumped at all. CPU and cooler has been removed, cleaned, and reinstalled and no help.
  4. Hello All, I have a system that was rebuilt for my family that was based on a P8Z77-V Pro motherboard and a i7-3770k processor with 16 gb of ram. Everything was working well when we delivered the system. It is not having a problem when pressing the power button, the fans spin for a second and it turns right back off. I have tried the following: bench testing with another power supply only booting with cpu and ram in machine cleared the CMOS only one stick of ram (tried a few different sticks) flashed the bios (board has bios flashback ability) reseated the CPU and cooler looked over the board to see any visible defect (none found) all of the above and the machine will still not boot up even to bios or anything. I have attached a video of the behavior I am seeing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking that either the bios chip or board possibly died. Can't really think of anything else.
  5. Forgot to add it has a 1060 6gb in it for converting video. I don't do more than 2 streams though.
  6. Just my two cents as I do similar work on mine. Granted I have thread ripper but I would go either 3900x or 3950x I have one drive for host windows os that runs plex and hyper v Then one vm with 6 hard drives passed to it for storage. That runs iscsi host for further storage for vms and media storage for plex. Runs like a beast and can run 10 vms at the same time with no issue.
  7. @nejc780 I have a 7520 that has a m1200 quadro in it. I have gamed on it and no problem what so ever. Just don't expect amazing performance from it.
  8. @ShadowChaser I absolutely love my aero 15x. Dropped in my own extra stick of ram and another 1tb ssd. Runs great. Since I do development in the ms world, I even run 4 vms on it at the same time and it handles it without issue. My work issued Dell precision 7520 that cost 1000$ more can't keep up.
  9. With that budget I'd build a dedicated gaming machine and buy an ultra book. My water cooled 2080 can't hit those frame rates unless things are all at minimum. I have a aero 15x which is a great portable machine that I also use with an egpu as a dock. Might be worth looking into something like that so you have a more portable machine.
  10. Hello all, I am working with a friend that is also looking to setup 10 gb network for a workstation, vm server, and nas. I have 10gb network cards that are rj45 that I direct connected to. He also wanted to be able to connect it to the reset of his network though so his use case is a little different and also didn't want to spend 100 for each network card. Would three of these cards: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mellanox-MCX311A-XCAT-CX311A-ConnectX-3-EN-10G-Ethernet-10GbE-SFP/324083467781?epid=2235104335&hash=item4b74e14605%3Ag%3AaUUAAOSwA5ReVFiI&LH_BIN=1 three of these cables: https://www.amazon.com/10G-SFP-DAC-Cable-SFP-H10GB-CU2M/dp/B00U8BL09Q and this switch work okay?
  11. What if you put it back in the Linux system you ran granted with?
  12. So dp wasn't working on the previous card? That might be a bad cable or something with the monitor then. Austin Evans had a problem with display port cable being bad causing a computer to reboot and not work. Jay had an issue to.
  13. Not always. Do you even see the bios screen or can get in the bios? If you can't see that, then the driver isn't the problem. Did it work right with the old graphics card? Might try another pcie slot. And also hdmi if you can.
  14. Try booting into safe mode and see if the screen comes up. They will allow you to try a clean ddu of the driver and install again.
  15. Option a you can't really do with a regular soldering iron. If you have a hot air station then sure. Personally I would go with b even though I have a pretty good iron.