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    Salt Lake City, UT
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    PC Building, Gaming, and graphic design.
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    Intel I5 3330
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    Gateway DX4870
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    2 x 4gb
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    Geforce GT 640
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    1 TB WD
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    HP 2311x LED Backlit LCD monitor
  1. did you try to send it in.....if so what happened?
  2. there is always going to be the "MAC" guys and the "PC" guys, so its all opinions, including mine, i'm just sharing people that i know and there experiences with MAC...I'm not bashing MAC, i have used MAC in the past and they are very good computers. I know two people with MACs that have had opticle problem thats why i shared my opinions.
  3. MAC charges you way to much for there lack of durability I have 2 friends with broken opticle drive on there MacBooks
  4. So wtf is with the prices for this game, my kids love the game and I need to get a new one but it's showing $100+ for it.....WTF
  5. I have hd 4000 and a gt 640 and you are correct a gt 640 is a lot better...the reason I bought the card though was to support 3 monitors not the gaming power.
  6. Before i had 12.67Mb/s Download and 0.71 Mb/s upload.... These are the result after i used a powerline. not very significant but its something.
  7. PDF doesnt work....atleast for me. Is anyone else having this problem?
  8. this is a good example of what to do until you can afford it. way better solution than stealing.
  9. if you cant afford windows then get a job. The money we pay for the software helps for the future of OS's. The more people that steal windows the slower we advance. In other words don't be a LOSER
  10. im pretty much the same but going to get a MSI Z87-GD65 MOBO
  11. LOL same for black ops 2 but BO2 is way worse.
  12. ALL COD titles....when i played on xbox 360 i broke 3 controllers......lol