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  1. I currently have my system inside a Corsair Vengeance C70 case that I love. But i'm tired of it taking up desk space and like the wall mount look of the Thermaltake P3/5 case. But i'm not sure how my hardware would fit inside either the P3 or P5. I have a normal ATX motherboard, ATX Psu, 2 Hard drives and 2 m.2 ssd. I know all of that would fit no problem in either case. Where the worry comes is cooling. I am currently using a h110i V2 for my CPU cooler and a h100i v2 for my GPU with the NZXT Kraken G12 bracket. Does anyone have any insight that would help me solve this issue? I would go to a Micro Center but living in Connecticut, the closest ones around 2-3 hours away. Thanks for the help in advance guys.
  2. I have one from last years run, love the hoodie.
  3. I have a Ryzen 1500x on a MSi X370 Carbon board, CPU is being cooled by a h100i. CPUID is reporting the cpu is capable of running at 3.5ghx but max it runs at is 1.5ghz. Temps are about 37 degrees so its not thermal throttling. If anyone has any ideas of what to try or what the issue is please let me know. HWMonitor.txt
  4. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/no-starch-hacking-books
  5. Rig name: None Cpu: 15 3570k overclocked to 4.5Ghz Gpu: 2x Gtx 960 4gb Ram: 16gb 8x2 sticks
  6. So, I want to get a machine that is I guess an HTPC. I need it to run, Netflix, youtube while running a skype call while sharing my screen. I am not sure if the screen sharing makes a difference, the other thing that would be nice if it could do is Steam in Home streaming (not while sharing screen). I am open to finding older/used parts or machines off ebay (like scrapyard wars). Thanks for the help
  7. Are those really the only differences? O and welcome to the forum
  8. So some LED's are dead on my corsair k70 and it is bothering me so time to go keyboard shopping soon. I am looking at something that is blue switches, has dedicated media keys and wheel, and preferably has back light. I came a crossed the Logitech g710 with blue and the g710+ with browns. I have never used browns before so i dont know what i think of them but, are their any other differences between the two other than color and switch type? On another note if there are any other keyboards out their that you guys use that are MX blues(not sure about the browns yet need to try them out), has media keys and preferably has a backlight than lemme no please. Sop found i found the Logitechs and a DAS keybaord without backlight. (if only the corsair RGBs had blues. Thanks Guys
  9. Hi guys, I would like some help with an error im getting. Im very new to rooting and this is the first ROM im trying to install I am getting "error executing updater binary in zip" as an error and not sure what it is. Looking around places are saying that it needs a Md5 file but again new at this and dont know what that is or how to fix it. thanks in advance for the help, LTT never lets me down
  10. I have the corsair m65 love it wouldnt change a single thing about it. Highly recomend
  11. I would but i only got a 120gb boot drive
  12. Any luck with Wine? as I want to be ablet o play games for example GTAV
  13. Quick question what about gaming on linux?
  14. im going big just wiping my windows hdd and changing to my daily driver
  15. So im getting tired of windows and want to get used to Linux. I have heard that once you switch to linux you never want to go back. My problem is I don't know what distro to use could I get some input on which one? Steam OS, Ubuntu, Debian, ect?????
  16. take he gpu out and see if you get a display. Just use the onboard video to see
  17. I will add you later on today when I get home
  18. It was an impulse thing. Bad move on my part, but should it matter?
  19. if they gave the consumer a heads up that would be ok