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  1. Get a vertical mount bracket if it’s bothering you I think there like 30 pound on. Amazon right now
  2. I know that’s why I didn’t list the name or how I did it ty il try the free one
  3. I found one to use but I had to use somes code to make it work so I have to dc from the internet to use it
  4. Windows 10 8700k davinchi resolve 2gb ish 1280x720
  5. Hi guys please can someone explain to me how to make a dvd I have mp4 and mvk files and all the burners I tried say I need to make a dvd iso or dvd playable files I’m confused and google and YouTube are not helping
  6. Depends if u have a glass panel and look at ur pc lol
  7. Yep my maximus x does same, go bios and select show cpu temp after boot and it will stop it
  8. Since they all perform within 5 percent of each other just get the cheapest one that looks nice to you
  9. What clock speed is it running at at +50mhz ? my 2080 is hitting 2070mhz with only + 70
  10. It’s in the settings somewhere random I saw Valkia search for it on stream but I don’t remember where
  11. On top of that it’s really a sit back with a controller kind of game, and when ur using a controller 40+ FPS is fine
  12. Get rid of ur negative power offset on the card and try it
  13. Red Dead Redemption 2, one of the best optimized games to be released on pc. after watching digital founder video they showed a list of comparable graphics settings to match the ps4 and xbox settings, the pro and the xbox one x settings are the same but at a higher res. So my system is 8700k 5 ghz, 16gb ram and 2080 at 2050mhz and 16ghz effective on the memory. to match console settings and achive 120 fps 1080p is hell of an achivment. it makes the game play as responsive and as fast as a competitive fps shooter. the games does start to run into cpu bottle neck around this point for me 1440p and at matching console settings 97 fps, i mean come on thats danm good and plenty fast enough to enjoy with keyboard and mouse on a high refresh panle. 4k 60fps thats the sweet spot right for 4k ? id personally play with a controller at 60 fps if u took any game from console and got it to run at 1080p 120 fps 1440p 100fps and 4k 60 fps on a high end pc you have done a good job this game looked great on consoles and is in now way potato at these settings and rockstar have given us so much more with the settings to increase to make it look even better. the game is demanding and rock star deserve some respect for making this game basically future proof. they could have capped the settings all at high and taken some of the features out and it would have ran hella better than it does maxed out. and we would have been non the wiser thinking that max settings looked amazing when realy they have given us so much more. yes i know the launcher is broken and there are issues and you can ignore the minimum fps i have recorded because they vary from run to run. all in all rockstar have done a great job lets show them the respect they deserve for this game
  14. U want to power mod a founders card ? Are u insane ? they do it for benchmarking only not long term use just oc ur card to its max and leave it