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    Ryzen 5 1600
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    MSI X370 Krait Gaming
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    16Gb DDR4 2400mhz
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    2x GTX 960 (Ftw & ssc)
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    Cooler Master Haf X
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    1tb Toshiba 1tb Toshiba 500gb No Name
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    Evga 600watt
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    144htz 1080p Acer
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    Stock Cooler
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    Corsair Strafe
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    Stock CyberPower Mouse
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    Monitor Speakers/Headphones
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    Win 10 64bit home

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    Why do you need to know my location?
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    Computers what else do you expect
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    My life, wake up at 4pm play csgo sleep
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    I’d tell my job but I don’t care

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  1. Cant dual boot windows

    No both hdds DO NOT show up in bios
  2. Cant dual boot windows

    Yes win 10 64bit and win 10 32 bit are on same hdd I have win 7 on another hdd tho too (not to confuse you)
  3. Cant dual boot windows

    Also bios only have 1 option for hdd when both are plugged in
  4. Cant dual boot windows

    The “choose an operating system” does not show up for me
  5. Cant dual boot windows

    So I have 2 things... I have an hdd with both win 10 64 and 32 bit and it boots off 32 bit also I tried my win 7 hdd and win 10 hdd for dual boot and whenever I go into the control panel click system and security and do all that in the menu for the dual boot it just says windows 10
  6. My FIRST PC Gaming Rig

    Idk how well the 1060 does with vr but you need a certain framerate or youll feel like shit after you take the vr off, maybe a 1070? maybe a 980ti
  7. What are some good, silent 140mm fan options?

    Noctua is silent almost so get a noctua fan
  8. Do I need to change my voltage? I can get 3.4 on stock voltage
  9. Every HD 6000 series gpu

    It’s literally an informative post... I just made it so all the cards in right there
  10. Every HD 6000 series gpu

  11. Every HD 6000 series gpu

    Hello, I wanted to make this thread for people who wanted to know all the gpus in the 6000 series. HD 6350 HD 6450 HD 6570 HD 6670 HD 6750 HD 6770 HD 6790 HD 6850 HD 6870 HD 6930 Hd 6950 HD 6970 HD 6990
  12. Every HD 6000 Series GPU

    HD 6350 HD 6450 HD 6570 HD 6670 HD 6750 HD 6770 HD 6790 HD 6850 HD 6870 HD 6930 Hd 6950 HD 6970 HD 6990
  13. External hdd not working

    Already contacted support, im going to return it soon
  14. External hdd not working

    Yeah but idk how to take the hdd out of the enclosure... this is the first external hdd ive owened
  15. External hdd not working

    again used it on many pcs, how do I take the hdd out of the enclosure? Link me a video its a seagate hdd