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    Why do you need to know my location?
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    Computers what else do you expect
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    My life, wake up at 4pm play csgo sleep
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    I’d tell my job but I don’t care


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    Ryzen 5 1600
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    MSI X370 Krait Gaming
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    16Gb DDR4 2400mhz
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    GTX 770
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    Cooler Master Haf X
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    1tb Toshiba HDD
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    Corsair RM650
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    144hz 1080p Acer
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    Stock Cooler
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    Corsair Strafe
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    Redragon M601
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    Monitor Speakers/Headphones
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    Win 10 64bit home

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  1. Alright, I was thinking about an air dryer but I wasnt sure
  2. Wrong topic if a mod could move it to cooling idk how
  3. So i bought a cheap cpu cooler and it has ugly stickers on the fans how fo i remove them?
  4. Im really confused on the naming on these cpus Was Phenom the "good" processors of the bunch and Athlon is just budget cpus that have been around forever? Is phenom a series like the fx or ryzen?
  5. Then whats the point of a $170 p600? I thought it was built for stuff like that?
  6. Well, which is faster in video rendering a P600 or gtx 770?
  7. Yeah, but more expensive. I asked "Is it worth spending the extra $50 for the Quadro? All I do is video rendering " Ancient?
  8. A Quadro P400 is $120 A Quadro P600 is $170 Is it worth spending the extra $50 for the Quadro? All I do is video rendering
  9. So I was doing a few test (rendering the same video) and when I chose 1080p 59fps nvenc it was slower than just 1080p 59fps... Isnt nvenc suppose to speed the render time up or?
  10. Yeah I could afford one, so it will give me good render times?
  11. What about like a cheap quadro p400? for rendering