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  1. @dilpickle yeah I read it on reddit as well that C9 users were experiencing screen flickering with 3080 running games at 4K120hz on HDMI 2.1, looks like it might require driver update by Nvidia to fully test 3080s
  2. HI, I was really looking forward to LTT's 3080 review to get more info on Nvidia's implementation of HDMI 2.1 on it's 30 Series cards. A Reddit Post by Nvidia says that 30 Series' HDMI 2.1 is full 48 Gbps, means it can do full 4K 120Hz 4:4:4 12-bit. Now what remains to be known is IF Nvidia implemented the full specs of HDMI 2.1 or not, including VRR (in addition to their proprietary G-Sync), ALLM, QFT & QMS etc. Maybe LTT, Linus or Anthony can test the 3080 on their LG C9 and check the new HDMI 2.1 features. BTW LG downgraded their HDMI to 40 Gbps on 2020 CX as compared to the 2019 C9's HDMI being 48 Gbps. While it's a seperate story that LG left out this "downgrade" detail and the CX owners were outraged, but maybe 3080 + C9 can make a good informational video. Although, some C9 owners have reported on Reddit of screen flickering while running games on 3080 at 4K120hz on HDMI 2.1 and might need a Driver update from Nvidia. The 2019 C9 has full 48Gbps ports capable of 4K 120Hz 4:4:4 12-bit. The 2020 CX only has 40Gbps ports capable of 4K 120Hz 4:4:4 10-bit. oh and the upcoming Xbox Series X also has 40Gbps port.
  3. If hitting the silicon lottery matters to you this much then run it, OC it and check, then return it, most of the OC community looking for silicon lottery does this, but I don't recommend it tho.
  4. That's NOT an OEM, Intels sells it as box package or as a tray with multiple chips in it, it's the same chip, just packaged as single or multiple. It's a K so you have equal chances for a Silicon Lottery.
  5. Each drive is built for a certain work environment. Desktop drives are different from NAS drives, similarly Enterprise & Datacenter Drives are different. For NAS, WD Red series or Seagate Ironwolf have a good track record and like @Morgan MLGman said you don't need the most expensive drives like these GOLD & ExOS Series drives, if you want to spend more than look for RED Pro or IronWolf Pro.
  6. I've seen some people have those ants or flies as avatars and it makes you swipe your screen like there is an actual bug on your screen, well you have that, kinda. But you can take it to a maintenance shop if you don't feel like opening it up yourself, and they'll service/clean it up for you.
  7. Also, The 2019 C9 has full 48Gbps ports capable of 4K 120Hz 4:4:4 12-bit. The 2020 CX only has 40Gbps ports capable of 4K 120K 4:4:4 10-bit.
  8. Thank you @Stahlmann , now lets hope its full specced on the features side as well, would have been interesting if LTT ran 3080 on thier LG C9 and tested the new ALLM, QFT & QMS features if it has and also 4K120hz, at lower graphic settings of course. BTW seeing those 4K benchmarks of LTT's 3080 review, unlike Nvidia's claim of 3080 being 4K60 card, on FS2020 it got 41 FPS and on Metro Exodus it got 35 FPS on average with 99% min being even lower than this. I'm waiting for more reviews and in-depth analysis before I pull the trigger and sell my 2080ti, pre-orders & stocks are already a mess anyways.
  9. Hi, I'm looking for more info on Nvidia's implementation of HDMI 2.1 on their 30 series. None of the reviews mentioned HDMI 2.1 specs on the 3080 reviews including @LinusTech & @Anthony. There are reddit posts people having flickering with 3080 on LG C9 at 4K120hz. Since HDMI consortium doesn't make it necessary for OEMs to pack all HDMI 2.1 features in their device. OEMs can pack any select feature and be qualified to slap HDMI 2.1 badge on their device. And the fact that Nvidia held out VRR in 20 series also over their propriety G-Sync, would be interesting if 30 series HDMI 2.1 supports VRR in addition to G-Sync and most importantly ALLM, QMS & QFT etc.
  10. https://youtu.be/6sZMYK9laME Posting this here for inspiration of Linus and Alex on their next DIY cooling project.
  11. Do a UHD playback As Fast As Possible, covering how to get all the bells and whistles to work. 4K (HDMI 2.0b), Dolby Vision / HDR-10 bit, meta data passthrough etc... Local Files playback (Nvidia Shield or PC with Kaby Lake or GTX 1030 & higher) MPC-BE standalone or MPC-HC with madvr or PoweDVD Netflix 4K PC HW requirement or capable devices NAS media server Plex HW Transcoding (Apollo Lake or Coffee Lake HW Transcoding 4K HEVC HDR 10-bit to 1080p) P.S. i just got through to updating a lot of HW & SW to get UHDs playback on my 4K OLED, a lot of tech has changed & still changing but not a lot of information out there, maybe make a LTT episode out of it, its time.
  12. Dolby Vision Vs HDR (HDR Pro, HDR 10, HDR Plus.....