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  1. So i have a rtx 2080 super with R7 3700x. I'm currently gaming at 1080p 60hz and i wanna upgrade my monitor. I was thinking 1440p 144hz and i know the hardware that i got can keep up but is it really future proof? Let's say at least 5 years but i know the games are going to get more demanding so idk. Maybe i should just get a 1080p 144hz? I'm up for suggestions!
  2. Thank you guys so much for the info!
  3. Is there a difference between razer viper and razer viper ultimate (besides the cable)? I mean they look the same... maybe the switches or dpi idk, because the price between them is over the top
  4. My cpu of choice is 3900x, but i'm not sure if i need to pair it with a powerful gpu for purely premiere/photoshop/effects etc. No gaming involved. So my question is: Is it gonna be any problems if i'll pair a powerful cpu with a less powerful gpu? Will it be some sort of bottlenecking (i know in gaming will be but i'm not sure for just pure work)? I'm open for suggestions.
  5. So you suggest to stay with the stock cooler or should i get a better one? If i need a better one, i’ll gladly appreciate some recommendations.
  6. I'm from Romania so here the nh-u12s is $98 and the nh-u12a is $120. But the problem is... i can't stand the brown puke lol. My case of choice is Meshify C dark TG and i'm gonna buy a second fan for the front (exact same fan as the stock ones) for more airflow. The ram i want to use is trident z neo so i want some ram clearance from the cooler to see the rgb So i was wondering if the brown ugliness will be visible in the dark tempered glass? If not, then i'll go with the nh-u12a
  7. I said i want to get the most out of that CPU so yes, i want to overclock let's say 4.3-4.4 Ghz
  8. Is the ryzen stock cooler on an OC 3700x enough for gaming and a little bit of video editing? I wanna get the most out of that CPU, so if the stock cooler is enough then i can save some money to spend on something else. If it's not good enough i'm open for suggestions on an aftermarket cooler.
  9. Oh sorry, my bad. Well i can get to $120 something like that.
  10. 2000$, Meshify C (i'll buy a second x2 gp-12 fan for the front to get more airflow)
  11. Can you give me some examples of other brands?
  12. Well i heard the 3700x is not very hot so i just want a good performance air cooler (not really into the liquid). I did some research on the u12s and i saw that it can cool a 3900x with a second fan install with no problem at all. So on a 3700x is more than enough with only 1 fan i guess. I don't like the wraith prism that much so yeah.
  13. Maybe if i install a second fan on the u12s will be better? Like a push/pull config.
  14. What's better for an overclocked 3700x? Noctua nh-u12a or noctua nh-u12s?
  15. Thank you guys so much for the info. I'll do some research on the Gigabyte and Asus ones and see which one i like.