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    Phenom x6 1055t
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    16 GB Crossair Venegance
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    HD 5770
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    HAF 932
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    Seagate 2TB
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    CoolerMaster SilentPro Gold 1000w
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  1. @NumLock21 With only 1 stick it only allocates 48.7 MB, I've checked for any option in the BIOS indicating anything among the lines of that and i didnt see anything, the BIOS is up to date also... I'm attaching the screenshot of only 1 stick in task manager and all the screens of the BIOS, maybe I'm missing something??? I'm going to test the other stick and see how much it allocates. EDIT: Both sticks in both slots behave the same way...
  2. @ShrimpBrime @NumLock21 I'm back, sadly with the fresh install it is still the same... I'm starting to run out of hope..... Did I set the timings for the ram correctly?
  3. @ShrimpBrime Im back! I've tested all 3 CL's and it didnt work I'm going to try up next the fresh install of windows... In case i did it wrong im attaching a screenshot of the CL 24 setup...
  4. @NumLock21 I'm back from reseating the CPU, sadly it didnt work.....
  5. I’m sure you guys are as VIP as anyone else @Dudeinfire99 Sadly I’ve already seen that video and tried his 3 ideas already... @NumLock21 Ok! I’m reseating the CPU and ill report how it goes
  6. Hi! And thank you very VERY much for your answers @ShrimpBrime Yeah it is somethink that i imagined, because being honest im pairing mid-high end ram with literaly the cheapest motherboard that i could find on amazon, can you help me out with the xmp profile? Honestly im not to experienced with it and the BIOS only comes with "Off" or "Profile 1", if i set it to "Profile 1" the PC wont even POST and i have to clear cmos with the jumper... Trying different cpu or rams is out of the question because the pc shops here only sell ddr3 like it is cutting edge, so i have no way of testing differrent hardware... @Dudeinfire99 There is really no way to put them wrong cause the mobo only has 2 slots, idk why it reports as i have 4 slots but the mobo only has 2... Im attaching screenshots of the BIOS and a photo of the PC just in case, once again thank you a lot.
  7. Good afternoon! Sorry for yet another thread asking for help, but so far 3 hours in and i cant find a solution... Sadly my Motherboard died without a reason, since we are all very short on cash i bought the cheapest motherboard i could find, but after getting everything together i cant get the system to use the entire 16 gb of ram.... I've allready tried: MSCONFIG - Untick the "Max Ram on startup" REGEDIT - Memory Management to 1 Swap between slots Boot with 1 stick separately and on all slots Run "Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool" with 0 errors or problems Looked for any possible setting in the bios regarding memory sharing with graphics At the back of my head is the feeling since this mobo is super basic maybe i need to manually set the timers or something like that to make it use all the 16 gb... Here is my full system specs and ill attach some screenshots for you, thank you very very much! CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Motherboard - Gigabyte A320M-H-CF (BIOS F32a) RAM - Corsair Dominator 16GB 3000mhz (2x8gb) (CMT16GX4M2C3000C15) GPU - EVGA Nvidia GTX 1080Ti Soundcard - Soundblaster Z ***Old Motherboard that died - Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming*** CPU Z Full Report.txt
  8. Im gonna be full honest with you, getting crossfire to work properly its a pain in the back and that dosent do justice to how difficult it is, sometimes people are really really lucky and get it working kinda easy, but comming from experience i totally recomend get 1 super poweful GPU
  9. Hello! Im picking out a new AM3+ Mobo right now, my budget is kinda high so i want to get the best of the very very best, ive looked and I only see at online stores the Crossair Formula V and the Asus Sabertooth R2.0 as the most priced ones but i know than in this world high price =/= the best, im allready 90% into the Sabertooth but I just want to be sure... Thank you all!!
  10. Ye i know, i just tried again literally the mobo+24 pin+8pin cpu power and it does the exact same thing i dont see how the problem isnt the mobo its obvious it's dead.... welp time to go for a new one, Thanks to all!
  11. Trust me, here in my town i cant get any other mobo than mine for testing, my frend is a intel guy so he dosent have any kind of AMD mobo arround, i just did something, i striped literaly everything, the only thing conected to the MOBO is the 24pin and the 6pin conectors, tried with both PSU, the exact same thing is hapening....
  12. I just finished that, it seems like i did nothing, same issue... Just done that, please red the end of this The wattage isnt a problem, my sistem uses 700 watts i did that research time ago and i safechecked with a 1000 psu, tried every outlet than is within reach.... However... I borrowed a PSU from a very cheap frend, its a 1200w XCASE its cheap as it can get, i plugged everything in hoping for the best, the exact same thing hapend and now the clicking comes from the cheap PSU, im really thinking the problem here is the mobo... is there a way to verify this? The PSU is SOOO cheap than i even unpluged it and the clicking and flashing kept going on lol
  13. Sadly my Mobo dosent come with a debug display only the buttons, i just noticed something important, the PSU does a little and very silent clicking every time the leds on the MOBO flashes........ the PSU is dead??? in less than 3 months??? a CoolerMaster Gold dead in less than 3 months!?!?!? Going to try striping off everything and see how it goes, thanks!
  14. Hello! I just came back from work, rutine same as usual hit the power button and change clothes, suprisingly the PC didnt booted up, i open the case and i see than the led's on the debug button's (power on, reset and reset CMOS on board) are flashing in less than a second at a time, i just had a hearth attack. I did some googling but i didnt find anything related to this, I allready checked and everything is normal it dosent seems to be a electrical charge or something, and even if it was i have a power regulator with a 1,700w capacity so i dont think it suddently failed since all the other stuff is working.... the PC is right now unplugged and hoping for a miracle, Any ideas?? D: Thank you very very very very much!! --- SYSTEM SPECS --- - Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 rev 2.1 BIOS E6 (Latest) - AMD Phenom x6 1055t - XFX HD 5770 x3 - 16GB DDR3 1833mhz - CoolerMaster SilentPro Gold 1000w 82A - 3 Seagate 2TB SATA 3 - Coolermaster HafX As i allways do on anything than i ask for help, if someone hits the problem ill gift u a steam game
  15. Thx for the answers: 1.- No the cards are at stock clock's 2.- Just checked that, here are the results. Card 1.- Card 2.- (113-HD577AZNFA6-113-AC35000-100-XF) Card 3.- (113-HD577AZNFA6-113-AC35000-100-XF) It looks like the card than i allready owned has a different BIOS, shuld i try to rewrite the BIOS? still why with the cards 2 and 3 is BSOD.... 3.- Every single cable doublechecked, everything is on the correct shape and spot